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Written by The Pedowitz Group (TPG)

May 10, 2019

The Pedowitz Group launched a new webinar series last week! “The Revenue Marketing TechTalks” is a monthly webinar series geared towards helping marketers understand how technology can help you go digital, engage customers, and grow revenue. Each month we’ll dive into a corner of the MarTech universe with an expert in the space to discuss how these technologies are used and what problems they are solving.

Our first webinar in this series featured Uberflip. Uberflip is the world’s #1 Content Experience Platform. With tools to aggregate all your marketing content, they empower B2B marketing and sales teams to create personalized content experiences to engage accounts, nurture prospects, and convert leads, without the help of IT. Their companies’ mission is to put control back in the hands of marketing teams to deliver high-converting experiences that put the customer front and center.


During this month’s webinar, we talked to Uberflip about how you can create a digital content experience that generates revenue. We touched on the following points:

  • Creating customized experiences 
  • Personalizing content at scale 
  • Connecting your digital content experience to revenue


To start the webinar off, we introduced what Revenue Marketing is and the 6 Pillars of Revenue Marketing. Revenue Marketing is a proven methodology that enables marketers to go digital, engage customers, and grow revenue in a repeatable, predictable, and scalable way. The 6 Pillars of Revenue Marketing are Results, Customer, Technology, Strategy, People, and Process. Today in the Technology Pillar, we are seeing a lot of technology, and we are finding that marketers are having a hard time staying on top of what’s available and how to use it.


The presenter from Uberflip, Jason Oakley, Senior Product Marketing Manager, started with a big statistic from SiriusDecisions: “70% of buying decisions happen before speaking to sales.” A lot of companies use content to influence and shape the conversation, but Jason made the point that churning out content isn’t the answer.

He believes that it’s really a matter of how well you leverage content to shape and influence that buying decision. He sees most consumer brands influence a buying decision through Customer Experience, which is the product of an interaction between an organization and a customer over the duration of their relationship.

Jason then asked the question: “What does a good content experience look like?”

  • Environment: Placement, Design, Display, and Visual Aesthetics
  • Structure: Organization, Navigation, Tagging, and Curation
  • Engagement: Personalization, Relevance, Consistency, and Contextual CTAs


The next point covered during the webinar was “How can I create personalized content experiences at scale?” Jason laid out a Content Experience Framework:

  1. Centralize Content
    1. Videos, Blogs, Ebooks, Infographics, and Slide Deck
  2. Organize Content
    1. Audit Content, Tag Content, Organize by Context, and Define Recommendations
  3. Personalize Experiences
    1. Resource Center, Nurture Campaigns, ABM Campaigns, and Prospect Outreach
  4. Distribute Content
    1. Email, Organic Social, Paid Advertising, and Direct Mail
  5. Generate Results
    1. Capture Leads, Score Leads, Drive Engagement, Gather Insights, and Prove ROI


Jason married these frameworks to Revenue Marketing by showing how Content Experience ties into the Revenue Marketing pillars: Results, Customer, Technology, Strategy, People, and Process. For Strategy, Jason talked about organizational readiness and setting a foundation for creating great campaigns. Then Jason hit on the People pillar: how you align your departments and how do you make sure everyone in your company can access your content and create great experiences around it.

Jason then talked about the Process, Technology, and Customer pillars. When thinking about Process, Jason pointed out all the processes and steps associated with your campaigns. The Technology pillar made its own point – what with all the technology being used to execute on the campaigns and strategy. Lastly, the Customer pillar – how you can keep content consistent and create a good experience every step along the customer journey.


Join us on May 21st as we chat with the experts at 6sense about Revenue Marketing in an account-based buying world where buyers are anonymous, fragmented, and resistant. You can view the Uberflip webinar recording here and download the PowerPoint deck here.


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