The ghosts of marketing, past, present and future…A Marketer’s Ghost Story

The ghosts of marketing, past, present and future…A Marketer’s Ghost Story

As the days grow shorter and the nights grow longer the opportunity for a ghost story by the fireplace presents itself. Ghost stories aren’t just for Halloween you see, Charles Dickens did a masterful job of turning the ghost story into a holiday tale as well, with his wonderful book “A Christmas Carol”. Grab yourself a warm drink and sit down as we talk about our very own version of a marketer’s wintertime ghost story.

Mary the marketer has worked hard the past few months. She recently joined the Acme company, who has had Eloqua for many years and has been sending email with abandon since it first launched. Mary spent the last few months understanding her customers, learning her market and planning a path to nurturing nirvana, and today she is ready to build, test and launch! Mary carefully builds each email, landing page and form, places them on the campaign canvas as she should and spends the next few hours testing each and every piece. This evening Mary will go home, enjoy a nice glass of wine and think about what an accomplishment it will be to finally launch this big program tomorrow.

As night falls and Mary drifts off to sleep and dreams she is at a trade show, people are stopping by the booth and angrily talking about how much Acme spams them, how many times a week they receive untargeted, poorly segmented emails from Acme and how, as Acme’s current customers, they are irritated by receiving messages that aren’t relevant. Mary wakes abruptly in a cold sweat. “Work dreams? Really?”, she thinks to herself that maybe, just maybe, that last glass of wine was too much, and looking at the clock she realizes she has only been asleep for an hour. So she calms her mind and drifts off to sleep once again.

Mary’s adventures are not over for the evening however, and as she settles back in she dreams of the day to come, and hitting “Activate” on her epic marketing program. While Mary has tested and re-tested, leading her to believe her program is flawless, she still has that nervous, nagging feeling as she activates the canvas. “That’s normal right?” she thinks to herself. Within a short period of time Mary is receiving angry calls from Sales and Customer Service. They want to know who would send out emails with personalization that says “DEAR NO LONGER THERE” and why on earth a customer would be sent an email from Acme, introducing who Acme is, when they clearly already know.Mary wakes abruptly, and tries to sort out what is causing these awful dreams about work. She is starting to worry about the big launch tomorrow, thinking and rethinking about what she has built and how it will resonate, until she finally falls back to sleep.

Poor Mary isn’t asleep for long before the next of her vivid dreams hits. This time she has a more peaceful dream, thankfully. Now Mary is dreaming of a future that is better, more integrated and streamlined. A future where her marketing programs have the right data, provide it to the right person and the right time in their journey. In this future she is sending MQLs to Sales in great numbers, they are converting and her marketing attributed pipeline and revenue numbers are solid. When her alarm sounds in the morning, Mary wakes up determined to lay to rest all of her terrified dreams of misalignment, bad data and spam. Mary commutes to the office and before hitting “Activate” on that new nurture program she begins to do a bit of diagnosis. Mary gets her handy copy of The Pedowitz Group’s DIY Guide to Eloqua Maintenance and combs through each recommendation to validate the condition and quality of her Eloqua instance. Once she has fully reviewed her instance, Mary prioritizes some key fixes (things that would ruin her marketing program) and gets to work making the necessary changes. As she finally completes the work needed, Mary knows she can hit “Activate” with a sense of calm and feel secure that now her programs and her Eloqua instance are free of the ghosts of the past and present that would hinder her efforts and ruin her march towards Marketing KPIs.

The moral of our cautionary tale, don’t be Mary; do not wait until your program is about to launch to validate that your instance is clean and ready to go! Whether you turn to someone like us to help you or you conduct your own audit, monitor the health of your instance of Eloqua, know what is there, what is running and what could unintentionally sabotage your efforts. When you inherit a system you have no way of knowing what has been done to it in the past. Our DIY Guide can help you gain an understanding of what is in there and prioritize your fixes today.

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Lauren is the Oracle Practice Manager for the Pedowitz Group. She is an Eloqua Partner Certified Consultant, Certified Administrator, and has nearly a decade of wide ranging sales and marketing technology experience.

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