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★  Over 1,500 Successful Engagements
★  50+ client awards supported
★  Experience with 600+ technologies


Expand ROI.

Our experts are ready to help every step of the way. 

We assist with Marketo, Eloqua, Pardot, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Google Analytics / Tag Manager, Oracle Marketing Cloud, and over 600 other related technologies. With expertise in both B2B and B2C spaces.

For sustained excellence, our Managed Services are the perfect, manageable solution with long-term success for your team (and goals) … without the hassle of adding permanent headcount to your payroll.

Propel Your Campaigns Into The Stratosphere

Our proven strategy will impact the way you generate leads, set appointments, produce ROI. We help you keep revenue rolling in month after month.

and boost pipeline value to new heights in a few short months.

efforts and leverage high-converting landing pages that increase appointments and long-term customers.

using superior email marketing strategy.

to convert customers more efficiently.

and acquire more accounts with an enhanced content marketing strategy.

First, we understand your goals and create a plan for execution.

Next, we optimize your resources, and give you total access to our pool of experts.

Finally, we build with you an automated system that allows you to deliver repeatable, predictable, and scalable income.

This strategy produced over $2 billion in revenue for our clients over the last twelve years. And we’re ready to implement it for your company’s success.

Are you ready to take your marketing up a notch?

Our Marketing Experts Collaborate With You

We’ll share in your vision, understand your MarTech, and build you a roadmap to success. On top of that, a major contributor to our successful collaborations… is that our solutions aren’t one size fits all! We listen to you and customize to your business environment.

We want to hear your new ideas and innovations, and we’ll plan with you how to go about executing them.

and take full command of your MarTech.

that support your company objectives.

and package it into meaningful insights.

from a cost center to a profit center

to take bold actions that produce greater rewards for your company!


Work with a support team that thinks beyond a single piece of technology - and understands your software and needs.

Let’s Build Your Roadmap To More Revenue

With over 600+ Technologies we can help you better than any other consulting firm on the planet.

World-class assistance that solves your problems once and for all.

We offer assistance beyond what any vendor can dream of delivering. Since we take your marketing problems as our own, we solve it faster (and right the first time).

Customized strategy that provides guidance and direction for your salesforce, management, and team.

We’re not a “cookie-cutter” fix operation. We recognize every company comes with their own unique set of challenges. So we first take the time to learn about your company, team, and operation – and then work on providing a solution that fits your exact situation.

Augment your automation strategy to get more done with less manual inputs.

Have an organized and intelligent MarTech work flow that performs all functions under less and less manual labor.

Bring your vision and goals to life.

We believe in clients for life. Unlike most businesses, we invest in our partnerships.

We create a strategy that supports longer-term objectives. And we even offer an unparalleled Quality Assurance Program with every engagement (ask us about it).

Marketing Strategy

  • Account-based Marketing
  • Campaign Design
  • Marketing Ops
  • ABM
  • Reporting


  • Adobe/Marketo
  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud
  • Pardot
  • Oracle/Eloqua
  • Salesforce CRM
  • Microsoft Dynamics


  • Google Analytics
  • Google Adwords
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • Instagram

Executive Advisory

  • Digital Transformation
  • Customer Experience
  • Business Accountability
  • Organizational Change
  • Sales and Marketing Alignment

Marketing Service Provider

Try our one-of-a-kind service
for meeting all your marketing needs

The phrase “Marketing Service Provider” means we work closely with you, meet your needs, and ensure results on a daily and weekly basis. Purely at your convenience!

Bring us on board and here’s everything you get…

Access a world-class team

Equip your team with expert assistance to help you take command of your marketing and get on the path to more revenue.

With certified experts in your platforms, you know you’re working with best each and every time.

“Hands Off” Automation

Augment automation systems so there’s less manual labor. Increase your production on different channels to reach more audiences with resonating messages.

You’ll increase production without adding more manual inputs

Email marketing execution

We help you deliver on email marketing, with email drip sequences that get opened and actually read.

Plus, you’ll get a segmentation strategy that helps you better target messaging and produce higher conversion rates.

Advance reporting framework

Report data in compelling and insightful ways!

Now you can illustrate the strengths and address weaknesses in any marketing effort. You can better track bookings, growth rate, sales, profit, expenses, and more.

Campaign Execution.

Let us build up campaigns for you! We offer creative strategies to increase the performances of your advertising.

Find the Ideal KPIs to Measure in Plus get Omni-channel execution services that increase productivity, increase performance and unlock business value.

Customized Assistance

All our solutions are tailor-fitted to your needs. There are no “cookie-cutter” solutions to give you.

We take time and extra care to understand your unique goals and means for achieving them.

All-Platform Assistance

We assist with Marketo, Eloqua, Pardot, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Google Analytics, Oracle Marketing and over 600 other related technologies to date.

So we won’t simply point you to a system we prefer. We’ll work with YOUR systems.

“Better-Than-Vendor” Support

This means our services are superior to 3rd-party companies … on any level!

You won’t call and be put on hold for hours. We won’t bounce you from ticket to ticket.

We take a proprietary attitude in your problems and solve them fast and correctly the first time.

Scalable strategy

When campaigns are profitable and ready to scale, we’ll provide a team asap. We help you scale up (or down) as dictated by demand.


We’ll help you discover your keywords you how to climb your business up some of the most reputable search engine rankings. Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.

Full CAMPAIGN management

We come in, set up shop in beside you, fully manage your campaigns. Let us analyze your data and come up with ideal responses to boost performance.

Marketing Tech Management

We manage and optimize your tech stack so you can tap into its fullest potential and reap the rewards of your investments.

Social Media strategy

Grow your presence on social media with a proven strategy that helps you target and reach your ideal customers. We’ll show you how to funnel your ideal prospects into your sphere of influence.


Work with a support team that thinks beyond a single piece of technology - and understands your software and needs.

Our Favorite TPG Customer Successes

“…highly recommend TPG internally and to other companies.”

I am very pleased with the service and the team we worked with. The attention to detail and work product far exceeded my expectations. It was as if we were working with our own employees. I am looking forward to engaging with the team again. Both Lorena and Amy represent your organization well. I would highly recommend The Pedowitz Group internally and to other companies.

Kevin Strange

VP Global Sales and Channel Enablement

“…crucial to our success in implementing Eloqua”

Working with the Pedowitz Group was crucial to our success in implementing the Eloqua system. Not only were they helpful with the software integration, they provided strategic insights and effective training.

Brenden Burke

Director, Corporate Partnership Activation

“…a springboard to our marketing automation…”

Given the short lead time, and our inexperience with On-Demand Marketing (ODM), TPG clearly showed their experience as marketers that know the tool well. The overall experience, in general, was really eye-opening and provided the foundation for what we hope is a springboard to our Marketing Automation efforts going forward.

Nelson Contreras

Manager, Marketing Technology & Business Intelligence

Increased revenue over 200%
Shortened sales cycles by over 50%
25% Improvement in MQL > Won conversion rate
$5M Increase (+11%) in pipeline value over 3 mo.


Work with a support team that thinks beyond a single piece of technology - and understands your software and needs.

1,500+ Clients and Counting


Why do I need a Marketing Service Provider?

After you solve your tech problems, you’re still tasked with bigger marketing objectives. Revenue accountability, digital transformation, customer experience enhancement — these require strategic planning that our experts can help you with. If you’re in charge of generating leads, booking more appointments, and attributing all your efforts and reporting the data, then we can be a life-saver. And our success with you will build credibility to your marketing.

Who is it for?

MaaS is for CMOs and Marketing executives who are in the hot seat of executing through process and resource optimization, and delivering repeatable, predictable and scalable revenue. It’s also for the salesforce, to better equip them with MarTech they actually understand and can make rational decisions in making campaigns profitable and boosting ROI.

When Do I Need it?

When your operation lacks organizational ability to carry out tasks, we can help you build a step-by-step plan that establishes order in your workflow. We’ll help you build up campaigns and when it’s time to scale, provide a team ready to help you. There’s no reason to wait until your shorthanded, or wait till there’s so much data that’s not being analyzed or put to use. That’s when you should call on us for a helping hand.

How does it work?

Once you’re onboard with us, we’ll introduce you to our team of experts and break down the details of your account and what we’re prepared to to do for you. One of our experts will learn about your operation, your goals, your MarTech, and establish a plan of action and expectation over the next months. We’ll identify your revenue goals and what needs to be done on a timely basis to achieve it. We’ll determine growth objectives and your branding strategy, for attracting more customers and engagements.

What do I get?

Total relief from technical problems, and a roadmap to steady revenue. We’ll help you build a strategy with your martech in mind, create an execution step by step plan for your team.

Earn A Seat At The Revenue Table

There’s an open chair for the marketer who delivers on the promise of marketing and paints the best picture of what’s going on in the business. We understand the urgency to produce results and have answers to questions, sometimes on the fly! If you’re in the hot seat, let us help you meet the pressure!

Let Us Help You Deliver On The Promise Of Marketing
We’ll help you make sure leads are flowing to the right departments, all landing pages are functional, and all codes are firing.

We’ll simplify your data, and package it into meaningful soundbites that anyone can understand and get motivated by.

Be the trusted deliverer of results and innovate new processes for attracting and converting leads.

Avoid the “passive” posture of getting comfortable in your Martech and meeting routine objectives. Instead actively look at your digital channels for new revenue opportunities and leverage the help of experts to help you take bold actions that produce greater rewards


The Pedowitz Group

The Pedowitz Group (TPG) is a marketing consulting and engineering group that helps marketers connect strategy and technology to revenue. We provide strategic, technical and execution services for the entire marketing function. Learn More >

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Turn Strategy Into Action

Lead Management

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Marketing Operations

Increase efficiency. Remove roadblocks.

Customer Experience

Wow Your Customers

Marketing ROI

Prove Your Power

Experts On Demand

Stop Troubleshooting

Inbound Marketing

Right Channel, Right Message

Account-Based Marketing

Accelerate ABM Success

Custom Training

Tailored Learning Solution


Get the skills you need to drive more revenue with On Demand and live, virtual classrooms

Marketo Engage

Marketo Platinum Partner


Accelerate Leads to Revenue

Microsoft Dynamics

Optimize Your Instance

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Salesforce Certified Silver Partner

Salesforce CRM

12 Years of Integration Experience


Additional Technology Platforms

Oracle Eloqua

Oracle Platinum Partner

Adobe Experience Manager

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Learn about TPG and meet the team.


Explore our award-winning history.


Learn more about TPG’s Partners.

Ready to transform into a digital revenue machine?


Learn how TPG empowers digital revenue delivery through a blend of strategy, technology and execution.

About TPG

Learn about TPG and meet the team.


Explore our award-winning history.


Learn more about TPG’s Partners.

Ready to transform into a digital revenue machine?


Learn how TPG empowers digital revenue delivery through a blend of strategy, technology and execution.