Inbound Marketing Operations

Sophisticated challenge? Meet tailor-made solution with hands-on help.

Have an inbound problem you can’t seem to solve … or multiple roadblocks stopping progress?

Engage our most senior resources to track down every single item preventing bottom-line impact from your marketing … and build world-class solutions.

It could be a content gap for your ideal customer profile, a change in market trends on where they’re spending time, a misalignment of inbound channels, or something completely out of the blue. No matter what, we’re with you to drive more wins!

Our inbound marketing operations consulting drives greater efficiency for your team and processes while optimizing your tech stack
Nail down your ROI for everything your marketing operations is involved in

Inbound Marketing Operations Support

Assess the Pain

We start with analysis of the foundational systems you’re using, looking for vulnerabilities across traffic, MarTech, SEO, campaign, content or other strategies.

Tame The Tech

After assessing the pain, we find the technological answers which might include customized dashboards, Google Analytics setup or Tag Manager configurations.

Attract. Capture. Engage. Win!

We fix the issues, then we optimize them, or provide the solution for your team to implement. . Leveraging our deep expertise, we provide solutions that endure and scale to permanent improve all process within your demand generation operation.

Solve common challenges and upgrade your inbound marketing operations with expert help


Solve this Common Source of Anguish Now!

Set up or audit your Google Analytics dashboard so you can make informed decisions about your website.

Join Jonathan Searle, our Senior Inbound Marketing expert, in this short video series to help you optimize your Google Analytics. It’s just a quick preview of the kind of audits, insights, and actions that come through Inbound Consulting solutions from TPG.

Is Your Data Trustworthy?

If you’re not 100% sure your Google Analytics dashboard was set up and configured properly to collect clean data, this if for you.

Our quick Analytics Self-Audit walks you through key settings and common errors + if integrations are setup properly (and more!).

Need To Highlight Your Wins?

Marketing has to bang its own drum!

Click below to build an on-point dashboard and enable the right metrics / dimensions into a simple, clear report you can use to showcase progress.


When we were considering partners, several things made The Pedowitz Group stand out.

TPG started with a diagnostic and roadmap, providing insights on where we were and how to move forward – adding value before we even started. They did extensive homework about our company and our industry, building credibility and showing that they care about us and understood us.

Lisa Agona

CMO, Ensono


We were able to do so much more by partnering with the experts at The Pedowitz Group than we could have done without them. It has helped us generate top of funnel leads and nurture a large percentage of them through to MQL status with high-value educational content.

With this highly targeted persona-based campaign, we have been able to generate leads for a service offering that positions our sales team as problem solvers, not just sales reps. We are excited about the potential for revenue marketing within Xylem.

Bryan Gassler

Director of Global Marketing Communication, Xylem

Solutions to Your Questions

Our Inbound Marketing Operations Services will support your efforts to help questions such as:

Not sure of which traffic channels are bringing the best overall visits and clicks to our website?

We ONLY want to target a specific persona/location, but we are getting clicks from android games, and websites which are not ideal?

Analytics data may or may not be trusted, how can we find out if our analytics is setup properly to ensure tracking of our events and goals?

Cross domain and advanced tracking – how do we ensure our multi-channel campaign is reporting proper analytics to our CRM and marketing automation platform?

Our lead ads on LinkedIn are setup but not working properly?

How do we setup a new analytics account and view with specific tracking requirements?

Ready to Work with

Strategic Consultants that Get Results?

Let’s discuss your campaigns and platforms and the optimizations we recommend to get better results.


Competitive Analysis around keywords, ads, landing pages, and more


Errors and issues around website crawl, content, image, links and semantics fixed


Multi-channel integration


Analysis and improvement recommendations for paid, organic and social platforms


Advanced Analytics


Road map to increased traffic, conversion, engagement and results

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About TPG

Learn about TPG and meet the team.

Case Studies

See how our clients succeed through increased marketing capability to deliver and prove value.


Learn about some of our Partners.

Introducing: The Loop


Revenue models are outdated. Here’s your update.

About TPG

Learn about TPG and meet the team.

Case Studies

See how our clients succeed through increased marketing capability to deliver and prove value.


Learn about some of our Partners.

Introducing: The Loop


Revenue models are outdated. Here’s your update.