Customer Experience Consulting

Impress New +
Current Customers

There are brands that stand out, build loyalty, and engage both new and current customers with zeal.

The most envied brands have one thing in common: an authentic connection and easy-to-use experiences with their customers.

The Right Person

No, really … who’s buying what you’re selling? Or, more commonly … do you have a full idea of what they prefer?


The Right Time

Once you know who you’re speaking to, creating the right content ignites conversation at the exact moment of need.

The Right Place

The right go-to-market strategy builds relationships, not just transactions.

No, dropping leads into a six-month nurture sequence doesn't drive revenue.

Do you struggle with:


Understanding the business needs of your customer?


Knowing when to engage with your customer on the customer journey?


Serving prospects content that speaks to their pain points?


Distributing content on channels where your customers engage?

Introducing: The Loop

Any good marketer knows funnels are linear, and almost no customer follows the same linear path.

But other models, like the waterfall, have critical gaps as well. Which is why CEO Jeff Pedowitz introduces you to The Loop in his book, F The Funnel.

The infinity loop ties both net-new and existing customer processes together for happier customers and long-term loyalty.

Jeff Pedowitz takes marketing leaders through new ways of thinking through revenue growth in F The Funnel!

Our Clients Delight Their Customers

They engage more deeply with both prospects and clients to remove barriers and drive significant sales impact.


In the past, we had a limited vision into our nurses, and what are our target audience is interested in.

Through several exercises with Pedowitz Group, we really created a better vision of our buyer so that we can do tighter, more targeted communications.

It really helped us understand who wants to get on the road with us who wants to hit the ground running. 

Lindsey Zelie

Director of Marketing, Fastaff


Marketo Marketing Automation is more than a software platform, it is a digital cultural transformation success tool.

What our partners TPG and the International team have been able to do, is not just expand the platform in record time, but change a Marketing culture so we can connect with our customers in a more timely, efficient and personalized way which helps them succeed in their businesses and the healthcare of animals.

Ed Stening

International Head of Digital, Zoetis

Increase Selling By
Knowing Who’s Buying

Any quality customer experience process reveals a deep knowledge of who buys, why they buy, and how to connect with them.

The TPG Customer Experience (CX) Solution Suite improves customer experience across these areas.

Does sales think marketing's leads are garbage? Our lead management consulting services provide a framework to only send sales the right leads when they're ready for a sales interaction

Developing key personas of your buying center to understand their pain points, goals, triggers and motivations.

Customer Journey Alignment

Taking each persona across the TPG ONE™ Customer Journey to understand the questions and challenges at every stage.

Content Assessment

Assessing current content so you know which content can be repurposed, and understanding the gaps you need to fill.

Having easy-to-understand lead routing rules in place allows for better management. With our consulting, you'll also have sales buy-in which only accelerates lead velocity!
Content Marketing Strategy

Aligning business objectives, buyer personas and customer journey stages to ensure you have the right content at the right time.

Having service-level agreements between sales, marketing, and other key stakeholders ensuring better lead management for all parties involved. Our consulting can help bridge this vital gap!
Multichannel Campaign Design

Get your prospect’s attention online and connect them to the content that resonates on the right channel.

Lead funnel management is a crucial part of identifying gaps and building towards wins
Inbound Assessment

Tracking customers’ journeys to find you, and replicating pathways that bring traffic to your digital door.

Example of a business case for an SEO content audit and why it's worth the investment of time and resources

How content operations supports your marketing (and revenue):

Content operations is more than just marketing – it’s aligning your entire go-to-market strategy around maximizing every customer touchpoint for excellent experiences.

Marketers who keep investing in contet are successful: on average, conversion rates are 6X higher for companies and brands using content marketing (2.9%) than those that aren’t (0.5%). (Aberdeen Group)


Optimize content for better user experiences + organic rankings


Ensure every ABM touchpoint is on-point and leads to more engaged accounts


Uplevel campaigns with more relevant and dynamic pages that warm prospects

our best content:
Customer Experience 

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Executive’s Guide To CX

How To Become More Customer-Centric

Invest In Customer Relationships (Forbes)

Read how we impacted revenue through this major win!

Update Your Customer Journey (The Right Way)

From touch-up to shake up,

TPG consulting evolves your CX

Want happier customers who will spend more with you? Start with us.


Build personas that capture deep information to drive insight


Uncover the content that drives audience engagement


Build strategies and design campaigns based on your key business objectives


Identify channels that ignite conversation, and fuel them with the right content.

Marketing Operations

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Customer Experience

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Digital Transformation

Turn Strategy Into Action

Inbound Marketing

Right Channel, Right Message

Account-Based Marketing

Accelerate ABM Success


Four options. One result: Greater marketing-sourced revenue.

Marketo Engage

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Accelerate Leads to Revenue

Microsoft Dynamics

Optimize Your Instance

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

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Salesforce CRM

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Additional Technology Platforms

Oracle Eloqua

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Adobe Experience Manager

Provide world-class experiences

Revenue Marketing University 

Training for marketers of all skill levels.

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Introducing: The Loop


Revenue models are outdated. Here’s your update.

About TPG

How are we different? Get to know us a bit better!

Case Studies

See real results from customers just like you

How We Work With You

How can we help you?


Learn about some of our Partners.

Introducing: The Loop


Revenue models are outdated. Here’s your update.