Salesforce Marketo Integration Changes


Written by Whitni Freeman

August 26, 2016

If you’re like me you probably get a lot of emails in a given day, so sometimes it’s easy to miss something important. In case you missed it, Marketo delivered an important announcement last week in the form of an email.

Last week, Marketo announced that changes are coming to the way that the Marketo – (SFDC) integration will work going forward. The short of it, the former requirement to utilize the Marketo Lead Management (MLM) package from the Appexchange has gone away, making the integration much simpler.

Now, the reason this is important to you is because of what that package did, and what you need to do so you don’t experience any data loss during the cutover to the “new way” of doing things.

The MLM package created 36 fields inside of SFDC. As part of a rolling go-live, these 36 fields will no longer work, meaning they will no longer receive information from Marketo.

During your initial Marketo – Salesforce integration, you might have created any number of custom fields (think: Demographic Scoring, Behavior Scoring, and anything unique to your organization); these will continue to function just fine and don’t need any attention.

This is a potentially big deal for you, because these fields include the likes of Lead Score, Original Referrer and all the gold inferred data fields. If you aren’t using these, then no big deal, but if you are (like me!), you’ll want to pay attention. The good news is, the fix is relatively straightforward, and Marketo has done an excellent job providing documentation around what’s going on.

Here’s a quick walk through of what you need to do, and some “gotchas” I discovered as I recently updated my own system.

1. Read the documentation now!

Start here. Pay particular attention to the schedule of the rollout. Based on the FAQs, it is recommended that you wait until your assigned date to make the update. If you address the fields during that timeframe, there is no need to involve support. If you need to request a reschedule, contact Marketo Support and they can assist with that. It’s also a good idea to go ahead and do a full backup of your data, just in case.

2. Keep the processes related to your instance of SFDC in mind.

You’ll need a SFDC Admin to create the new fields, replace the old fields and delete the package (to delete the old fields). Really, there isn’t anything to do inside of Marketo, all the work here is in SFDC. For some of you, you might manage or have admin permissions in both tools. For others, you’ll need to reach out and plan with your Salesforce team for this. Consider what you need to do now, especially if you are in one of the early groups! Additionally, you’ll need to determine if you want/need to recreate all 36 fields, or if you just want to recreate some of them. Your call.

Keep in mind that it is 36 fields because there are 16 on the lead and 16 on the contact objects mapped together, which is always the best practice when creating fields in SFDC.

3. Create the fields that you’ve determined necessary starting with the Contact object when your timeframe comes.

Move on to the Lead object, creating the same there, then map them together. Pay careful attention to the API name required for the fields- all the API names should start with mkto71_. The API name can be different from the Friendly Label displayed.

Additionally, leave them off the page layouts for now and make them read only for all profiles except your Marketo Integration profile, which could potentially be your System Admin Profile. You might notice that temporarily there are two fields by the same name when you map them together, and it can be confusing as to which one you should choose. I’ll give you a hint – the bottom field is the new one!

Choose the 2nd Option

By creating these fields that immediately causes the “backfill process” to begin. What this means is that Marketo will immediately begin mapping your data in those fields to the new field. No need to contact support; no need to do anything to start this process. Marketo will see the new fields and make the shift automatically as long as you do this during your scheduled timeframe.

4. Update and replace any of the old fields with the new fields while you wait on the backfill process to complete.

(Again, the new fields will be the 2nd field by the same name). Think about lead and contact page layouts, views, reports, etc.

5. Uninstall the MLM Installed Package once the old fields are no longer in use.

This will delete the fields from your instance. If any are still in use, you’ll get an error code showing you where they are.

6. One final step, and this is important: Create a view that has the fields you created in it.

Make sure your data continues to update and populate as expected, especially once the backfill is complete. Anytime you throw new fields in the mix, you run the chance of strange things happening on the backend. It’s always a good idea to be proactive and monitor your data. Create a smart list of leads within Salesforce (I like to use the filter “SFDC Created Date IS NOT EMPTY”) and check in on it every few days once your back fill has completed, just in case.

That’s it! Within a few hours-days, you’ll see this message in your Marketo notifications:

Backfill Complete

A few final gotchas that I will leave you with:

  • Know your internal SFDC process when it comes to field creation.
  • Know the name of your Sync profile.
  • Plan time for this. Depending on how widespread the usage of your fields is, it can be time consuming (not difficult, just time consuming). I’m an experienced admin in a medium-size organization, and it took me about 1.5 hours total to complete (me working, not the backfill process).
  • Know the schedule. It’s not advised that you do this ahead of your planned date. (Although you can request a reschedule.)
  • Remember, no updates are needed within Marketo, and this only applies to those 36 fields in Salesforce.

Good luck! If you have any questions, check here and here, and also feel free to comment below.

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