Spring Release ’16


Written by Whitni Freeman

March 22, 2016

Spring is upon us! As we prepare to enter the season of flowers, pollen, and flip flops, Salesforce once again gave us an early taste of spring with the Spring ’16 release coming to most instances back in February. So now that we’ve lived with it for a few weeks, I thought I’d share the updates I’ve been using the most. Salesforce is moving ahead so quickly, that the release notes can often be overwhelming (who can really utilize all of Salesforce, plus 470 pages of new stuff?!). So here’s what I’m finding as a great benefit to my team with this release and me:

  1. Ok, so it’s not a new part of this release, but Trailhead has become one of my favorite things. I’m a long time Salesforce user, holder of multiple certifications, and have taken (and teach) multiple platforms courses- but nothing compares to Trailhead. I love the way they are making learning fun, manageable, and reportable. Check out the training on this release, and watch for the ones to come.
  2. Updates to the Lightning Experience – for many companies, including ours, Lighting is pretty slick- but we haven’t been able to make the switch just yet, as key features haven’t quite moved over. This release gets us closer, and makes me even more excited to make the move. With the new global actions, the inclusion of campaigns, and bringing over more features like Opportunity Teams and updated Reports and Dashboards, Lightning is mostly fully functional at this point!
  3. Updates/Upgrades to the sync with Microsoft Outlook – including support for 2016, sync options for private events, and more
  4. Manage Everyone’s reports and dashboards- as an admin, this is a lifesaver. I’m all about a clean environment, and now I can even keep my Reports and Dashboards clean with the new query that lets me delete private reports and dashboards that haven’t been run for more than year (great for all the reports that inactive users built years ago!)

With this release, we see more and more emphasis on getting Lightning on par with Classic in terms of capabilities, and exceeding it in its visual appearance. So welcome spring, both in the cloud and on the ground!

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