REVTalks Speaker Insights – Part 2

In preparing for REVTalks, our inaugural Revenue MarketingTM Summit, I thought I would ask a few of the presenters to share what they view as game changers for 2014, their AHA moment in 2013, and why they are excited about REVTalks. If you missed Part 1, click here for more speaker insights.

Simone Nabers, Demand Generation Manager, ReadyTalk

What is the game changer for Revenue MarketingTM in 2014?

More companies will begin to realize the value of training individuals in the marketing organization on becoming the revenue marketing leader in the group – more Chief Revenue Officers, more Sr. Managers of Revenue Marketing – it needs to be a role added to the headcount if it isn’t already. The investment will pay for itself as the marketing drives more revenue and impacts leads farther down the funnel.

We tend to spend a hefty dollar amount each year on sales enablement tools and training (Forrester says an average 19% of SG&A for most companies) but I think there could be a shift in some of that spend coming back to the marketing team for educational programs & resources that are crucial to building a more holistic/company wide (and accepted) view of what a true revenue marketing department is and how it operates – and why it works, more importantly. How are marketing teams supposed to give best practices to sales teams if we don’t have that knowledge to access and use on a day-in and day-out basis?

What was your biggest “aha” moment in 2013 on your Revenue MarketingTM Journey?

When we totaled the numbers at the end of the year and realized that our team had sourced over 60% of new revenue for the company – and this didn’t include the other enablement tools for sales prospecting that we also impacted. This was also a 20% increase in what we were expected to source from the prior year. Through a better qualifying process (marketing dept. assumed responsibility for inside sales team and standardized processes for capturing BANT criteria), and more targeted campaigns with better segmentation, we saw the average opportunity size for an account executive double from 2012.

Why are you excited about REVTalks?

I love the idea of breaking out of the traditional marketing conference setting and making the session more direct and impactful! With the amount of thought leaders that are presenting, we’re all bound to walk away with some new perspective and think about reworking some of our approaches/strategy for how our teams generate revenue. And hopefully be able to articulate those ideas concisely to the people back in our own organizations whose buy-In we really need to make it work.

Patty Foley-Reid, Director of Product and Solution Marketing, Veracode

What is the game changer for Revenue MarketingTM in 2014?

The biggest game changer is content marketing that is measurable AND mapped to the buyers journey.

What was your biggest “aha” moment in 2013 on your Revenue MarketingTM Journey?

We don’t need to think like a publisher, we need to BE PUBLISHERS!!

Why are you excited about REVTalks?

Can’t wait to hear what “the cool kids in town” are doing to move the dial! 🙂

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