REVTalks Speaker Insights – Part 1

In preparing for REVTalks, our inaugural Revenue MarketingTM Summit on January 27, 2014 in San Francisco, I thought I would ask a few of the presenters to share what they view as game changers for 2014, their AHA moment in 2013 and why they are excited about REVTalks.

Laura Hoffman, VP of Global Marketing, Red Lion Controls

What is the game changer for Revenue MarketingTM in 2014?

I have two streams of thought on this…

First, I suspect the increasing attention and higher public profile with customers successful in Revenue Marketing will lead to rising interest in marketing automation technologies and people willing to embark on marketing automation for the first time as they embark to create a Revenue Marketing Journey. The game changer may be the boomerang effect of companies and people joining in who may have unrealistic expectations of how easy or immediate the proven revenue model can be. There may also be a new level of inbox clutter overall as an influx of new companies join the marketing automation revolution experiment with this new campaign functionality such as lead scoring plus nurture paths. It could risk over-emailing people who respond to basic information or get caught up in multiple nurture paths in their system…basically inbox clutter.

Second, I am interested to see how the recent mergers of CRM companies purchasing marketing automation will play out for us end users of the technologies. Will these companies reduce or stop supporting each other’s products to focus on their own? As a customer with MS Dynamics and Eloqua, we are seeing changes to support structure from the Eloqua side, which places more of the services element onto outside external vendors. It is concerning.

What was your biggest “aha” moment in 2013 on your Revenue MarketingTM Journey?

How different of a mindset that Revenue Marketing is if the main context for marketing is more traditional with the arts and crafts side. No matter how passionate or knowledgeable a person is about Revenue Marketing, it won’t carry the team far enough to set things successfully on course. Executive buy-in and having both sales and marketing WANT to take this journey is critical. Those that have professionally experienced Revenue Marketing can get fired up about it and want to take the practice where they go in their career path. But without strenuous education and dogged trust on alignment, it can be challenging for a single person to bring the Revenue Marketing Journey to a new company destination.

Why are you excited about REVTalks?

Because I believe that it is a tremendous learning experience for each and every person present. The Revenue Marketing movement is not created by a technology or an entity. It is evolving and improving with how people are utilizing technologies in their specific business environment to create Revenue Marketing that works for them. Revenue Marketers are idea seekers, sharers of information, and strive to continuously improve whether that be an idea of their own or trying out an idea someone else shared with them. No matter where a marketer is on their path, they will get something out of being present and I am psyched to learn from all of the presenters and executive peers present.

Will Wiegler, CMO (TAS & Exactly)

What is the game changer for Revenue MarketingTM in 2014?

I believe that this RevTalks conference will be a catalyst for wide-spread understanding of Revenue Marketing. The word is out that marketers need to be (and CAN be) more accountable, and as the message spreads, forward-thinking businesses will come to view Revenue Marketing as a must-have rather than a nice-to-have.

What was your biggest “aha” moment in 2013 on your Revenue MarketingTM Journey?

My biggest “aha” moment was seeing that marketers WANT to be more accountable. It’s not as scary as it sounds. Understanding how your marketing team and programs impact revenue gives us a clearer sense of purpose and value.

Why are you excited about REVTalks?

I’m excited to share the story of my journey, and to hear the same from others. It’s not often that I have the opportunity to network and learn from such a large group of talented marketers. I can’t wait!

Liz McClellan, VP of Field Marketing, PGi

What is the game changer for Revenue MarketingTM in 2014?

Having Finance act as evangelists for Marketing – especially when it’s time to cut budget.

What was your biggest “aha” moment in 2013 on your Revenue MarketingTM Journey?

My biggest “aha” moment was when my boss referred to us as Revenue Marketers and stated to others that we weren’t your typical marketing department. We’ve been using the term Revenue Marketer for a while but now he gets it and the language is commonly used and understood in our organization.

Why are you excited about REVTalks?

I am excited to hear what other organizations are doing and how we can learn from them. There are some amazing Revenue Marketers presenting and I’m looking forward to best of breed input from some of the industries leaders. In addition, I think that this level of leadership dialog for marketers moving the dial has been missing for a long time. If we are going to be change agents in our organizations, we need to focus on all the elements, not just technology and tactics. Learning how to lead this change is an imperative.

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