Revenue Marketing Radio Podcast: Claudine Bianchi, CMO, Click Software

Revenue Marketing Radio Podcast: Claudine Bianchi, CMO, Click Software

Few roles in corporate America are changing as swiftly or as significantly as the role of the B2B CMO.  In our digital age where customers make decisions with a click of their mouse and marketers craft customer engagement strategies using the proliferation of marketing technologies, the role of the CMO is now central to firm success.  The CMO has become the Customer Engagement Officer and is now in a position to drive revenue, customer engagement, and competitive advantage for the firm. If your firm believes that customer engagement is a winning strategy, you won’t want to miss this interview with Claudine Bianchi, CMO of Click Software.  We’ll discuss:

  • The impact of customer engagement as a strategy
  • The impact of customer engagement strategy on the CMO role
  • How to operationalize a customer engagement strategy
  • Benefits of a customer engagement strategy

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About Debbie Qaqish
Debbie is a nationally recognized thought leader, innovator and speaker in Revenue Marketing with more than 30 years of experience applying strategy, technology and process to help B2B companies drive revenue growth. She is the author of the award winning book – “Rise of the Revenue Marketer,” Chancellor of Revenue Marketing University, and host of Revenue Marketer Radio (WRMR). Debbie has been at the forefront of the marketing automation phenomenon, first as a beneficiary, and now as an advocate and expert. She is a frequent speaker and writer on topics related to Revenue Marketing transformation, leadership, change management, sales and marketing alignment, ROI, content, organization, talent and marketing operations. She coined the term “Revenue Marketer” in 2011. As a principal partner and chief strategy officer of The Pedowitz Group, Debbie is responsible for developing and managing global client relationships, as well as leading the firm’s thought leadership initiatives. Debbie is also PhD candidate and her dissertation topic is how the CMO adopts financial accountability in an e-marketing environment.

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  • On 09/06/2017

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