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One of the key benefits of Revenue Marketing™ is marketing’s ability to set up and provide digital intelligence to help sales shape approach and pursuit of business.Yet, it is still the most often overlooked aspect of Revenue Marketing.

Hear Jeff Ramminger of TechTarget discuss the value of this digital intelligence to sales.

Let’s get to the heart of what I am talking about. New tools provide a dashboard, integrated with a salesperson‘s CRM, that ranks the most interested customers – those who exhibit the most desirable buying behaviors. This way, salespeople can easily prioritize their calling activities toward the most qualified prospects. This is a real- time dashboard that salespeople can check throughout the day in addition to receiving alerts vie email, Blackberry or smartphone.

Further, salespeople can easily discern the prospect‘s interest and be prepared to facilitate the education process with the right message at the right time. Prospect digital behavior is displayed in an easy-to-read line-item and graphical format. Before the salesperson picks up the phone, he/she can easily review the prospect’s historical activity and demographic data to determine the overall quality of the lead and basis for the conversation.

“In the old days, when someone told me to call them in 90 days, all I could do was put in a reminder to call them back. Now I can enter them into a nurturing campaign, stand back, and track their behavior.”

The power to have insight into the buyer‘s interests is a game-changing capability for every sales person, no matter what kind of sales cycle. The insight provided by these tools allow sales people to pick and choose who, and how, they will attack, based on empirical evidence of their behavior.

“My cold calling has decreased by 60%.”

Before, cold calling was the only way to reach someone. Now, your sales team can see that they filled out a form, visited your web site, opened their email and researched you online. Sales people can reach 100 people with one message, and can track them individually.

“It‘s like I am my own marketer.”

By reading prospects‘ online behavior, salespeople can also gauge the strength of certain opportunities over others and more quickly determine which prospects are most likely to buy. This insight and automated response reduces lead waste, to which salespeople are typically the biggest contributors. Forecasting also improves, because both the salesperson and manager can now see how interested (or uninterested) an opportunity is behaving.

“It helps me learn to get comfortable with radio silence, which can be a scary thing when you have no insight into what a prospect is doing. But now I have more insight about what is going on behind my back in the opportunity. I can read the signs.”

This kind of intelligence impacts the way salespeople work opportunities. To build credibility within a prospect‘s organization, salespeople can include multiple contacts who are not directly involved in the sales process by adding them to various nurturing campaigns to educate them about their solutions. This is an effective way to gain access to all the key stakeholders and decision makers, especially when working with gatekeepers.


Every year I say this will be the year that marketing and sales begin to work together to effectively use this digital body language in sales pursuits and I do think 2015 will be that year. Providing this kind of valuable information helps build a true partnership between sales and marketing.

What are you doing with sales enablement? I’d love to hear about your experiences.

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