Revenue Marketing Center of Excellence Part 4 – Digital & Content Group

Revenue Marketing Center of Excellence Part 4 – Digital & Content Group

The primary functions of an ideal Revenue Marketing™ Center of Excellence (RMCoE) can be divided into three groups, each led by a director or VP, all of whom report into the CMO.

  1. Marketing Operations group
  2. Demand Generation group
  3. Digital and Content team

Part 1 of a 4-part white paper series gave a high level overview of the RMCoE. Part 2 delved more deeply into the Marketing Operations group. Part 3 provided more detail into the Demand Generation Group. This blog post, and the associated white paper, discuss the Digital and Content group.

The leader of the Digital and Content Team is a VP/Director who works in parallel to the VP/Director of Revenue Marketing leading the Demand Generation group. These two groups must work very closely together as the Digital and Content group provides the fuel for the demand generation engine. Without the content and assets, there would be no marketing engagement of prospects and customers.

Digital and Content Group

The charter of the Digital and Content group should look something like this:

Create compelling content to drive higher customer and prospect engagement resulting in more qualified leads for Sales. In addition, we will create a fluid customer experience, whether it is through inbound or outbound communications, to create a unified customer experience.

The Digital and Content team is where all of the content and assets that engage prospects and customers is produced. This group serves the teams that engage those audiences – Sales and Demand Generation, and focuses their content budget on creating the content that will have the greatest pipeline and revenue impact.

The VP/Director of the Digital and Content Group leads a team comprised of both inbound and outbound marketing professionals. The recommended set of roles for this group are:

  • Website Developer and Producer
  • Content Writers and Journalists
  • Social Media Manager
  • Content Strategist
  • Organic Search and Paid Traffic Expert
  • Traffic Coordinators or Campaign Project Managers
  • Creative Designers

Today’s digital marketing landscape requires a more cohesive relationship with what have been traditional inbound and outbound roles within a marketing department. The content developed must be strategically distributed via various outbound and inbound channels, and subsequently, content strategy may also be guided by inbound activity results. Developing a team where these roles work in partnership provides a more robust and successful marketing outcome.

You might imagine that the organic search and paid traffic experts belong in the Demand Generation group instead of here, but many organizations are keeping them closer to the website content creators and developers. The website is both content and demand generation so which organization is best suited to own it?

Like what you’ve read so far? Download Part 4 of the Revenue Marketing Center of Excellence white paper for more information on the Digital and Content Group and the recommended set of functions within it. You will learn a more about the roles, necessary skill-sets, responsibilities for key group members, and the benefits of an effective Digital and Content Group.

CoE White Paper Part 4

Part 4: Revenue Marketing Center of Excellence – Content and Digital Group

In Part 4 of the Center of Excellence White Paper you will learn the typical charter of a Digital and Content Group; Digital and Content organizational structure including key groups such as Content Strategy; roles, necessary skill-sets, and responsibilities for key group members; and benefits of an effective Digital and Content Group.

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