Revenue Marketing Basics: It’s Time to Go Back to School

How much do you spend on your marketing team’s professional development? In today’s digital marketing climate, it is a challenge to find the right people to fill those multi-talented spots on your marketing team. What’s worse, the Gartner CMO Spend Report for 2017-2018 reports that marketing budgets have stalled, falling to 11.3% of company revenue in 2017.

What do CMOs do with their budgets? Gartner reports that over half of the budget goes to “internal and external talent resources, but CMOs struggle to get the balance right, increasing agency spend while reducing spend on labor.”

Of course, a lot of the budget (15%) is spent on technology. But CMOs are reducing that spend in favor of digital media and people power.

What is revenue marketing?

Revenue marketing is the development of repeatable prospecting programs that drive customer acquisition and measurable sales.

In short? It’s an evolved version of demand generation that:

  • Ties all marketing activities (and responsibilities) to revenue
  • Is scalable
  • Fosters greater internal team alignment

Your people are important

There’s no doubt about that. Finding and retaining the marketing unicorns takes time and money. For example, It’s not easy to find marketers who know, understand and can implement demand generation. The market for talented demand generation professionals is very competitive.

If the competitive market isn’t enough of a challenge, it often takes a solid 6-9 months to find the right person to fill a job vacancy. Companies need to step up their game if they want to find the right talent. This is why many CMOs prefer to simply outsource their talent needs to agencies – perhaps having neither the time or the money to bring on employees in house. This approach, however, can’t fix your strategy into action.

For those marketers who are lucky enough to be brought on board, it is essential to keep their skills up-to-date. However, finding the right training can also be time consuming and expensive.

You can get platform training or even general digital marketing best practices training, but there are gaps in the current marketing training offerings. Stringing all the necessary training together is a difficult task that can often leave big holes in your employee’s skill set.

Introducing: TPG’s Revenue Marketing Basics course

With this course, your employees will learn all the basics of Revenue Marketing and be prepared to take on their roles not just as marketers but as Revenue Marketers.

What is Revenue Marketing? Revenue marketing is a holistic approach that helps marketers prove ROMI, create optimal customer experiences, and compete in the digital world. Revenue Marketing checks all the boxes for marketers who want to learn how to improve the customer journey, transform digitally, and prove their value to the C-Suite.

At TPG, we’re passionate about Revenue Marketing. We see it as the future of the marketing industry. We’re offering this free class to introduce marketers to Revenue Marketing and to help your team get a jumpstart with where the marketing industry is moving.

This class takes about one hour to complete  – and it’s free! Upon completion, your team will receive shiny badges to show off to their coworkers (and, of course, have useful knowledge to apply to their marketing!)

And stay tuned for more!

This is just the first Revenue Marketing Basics class. We’ve got more classes in the works, which will ultimately lead to a certification in Revenue Marketing.

The Revenue Marketing Certification (RMC) will help individual marketers acquire the knowledge and skills to fill in the gaps and succeed as a Revenue Marketer. It is a rigorous curriculum requiring passing an exam for certification. Revenue Marketing Basics is the first of three courses. It’s step one in achieving the RMC.

The RM Basics course will help your team respond to the latest market innovations and focus on what marketers really need to do to impact their business. It’s important to leverage programs like ours in order to help your team gain an edge in the fast-paced world of marketing.

Sign up for our class to start your Revenue Marketing journey today!

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