Quick tutorial: Posting videos on Eloqua Landing Pages


Written by Laura Yeste

August 26, 2015

Don’t let fear or a lack of resources keep you from incorporating the latest trend – video content – into your marketing mix.

Did you know that you can post video content on Landing Pages, using the Static Editor (a cloud connector) without posting to social media sites? It’s true, you can. Keep reading to learn how.

As long as you have a place to host your video (most likely your corporate website), Eloqua and the cloud connector, you can get started. Begin by enabling the Static Editor in the cloud components section of Eloqua (Settings > Setup > Cloud Components > Static Content).

Follow this step by step guide to include video on a landing page:

  1. Log into Eloqua
  2. Go to Landing Pages and either “Create a Landing Page” or “Open an Existing Landing Page”
  3. Click on Cloud Content > Search for Static Content
  4. Drag and drop the Static Content App on the landing page
  5. Right-click and edit content
  6. Login to the cloud connector OR first-time users, create a cloud connector credential (this will be separate from your Eloqua login)
  7. Insert the following code:

<video width=”x” height=”y” controls autoplay>

<source src=”https://example.mp4?autoplay=true” type=”video/mp4″>


Use the Screenshot below as a Guide:

  1. Update the video link with the source video
  2. Update the type to the video type to the file type,
  3. Exit out of the cloud content window.
  4. Save the landing page
  5. To test, test the landing page URL to view the content, the content will not preview in the landing page editor.

Tip: to track the page metrics and who’s viewed the autoplay video, insert this landing page link as a blind form submit in emails and other content.

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