The Fuel for Marketing Operations

Data and management platforms fuel marketing operations. All of the martech in the world is meaningless without data. Data is your currency by which you can make decisions.  Your martech stack will produce a heap of data and you need a way to access, manage and visualize it. In addition to data, you need to enable your team to collaborate and communicate better so they can be as efficient and effective as possible.

Data & Management Services

Managing data can feel overwhelming, but it’s well worth the investment. We’re here to help you establish data and collaboration best practices for efficient and effective marketing. 

Predictive Analytics

Stay ahead of the curve and guide future strategies with predictive analytics.

Data Management

Establish a methodology to constantly manage data augmentation, data cleansing and data quality to keep up with execution and production.

Analytics & Attribution

Prove the impact of your campaigns and activities with solid attribution reports. Define Marketing’s attribution to the pipeline so you can manage your demand funnel.

Data Visualization

Tell a compelling story and make the right decisions that generate revenue with data visualization.

Customer Intelligence

Build deeper customer relationships by gathering and analyzing information regarding your customers and prospects.

Collaboration & Workflow

Do more with less. Use project management and collaboration software to enable your team and create scale across your marketing campaigns and initiatives.

Why Should I Care?

Make Accurate Decisions

Make quicker and more accurate business decisions based on data you have already collected on your customers and use these insights to drive revenue.

Avoid Security Risk

Customers and prospects have legal protections for their privacy. Not only do you need to comply with these regulations, but you can use this as an opportunity to gain trust and respect from your target audience.

Deliver More Value

Accurate and up to date data, as well as efficient execution processes, allow your team to move faster and do more with what you currently have.

Maximize ROI

Data management can help your organization avoid unnecessary costs as well as help your team focus on the activities that will matter most to the business.

Data & Management Platforms

While there are thousands of data & collaboration platforms to choose from, here are a few of our partners that we’ve worked with to master data and connect team members.


Steve Nakata

Nasa Scientist Turned Data Architect

Steve is the Chief Architect at The Pedowitz Group, where he manages complex technical implementations and integrations of marketing automation and CRM platforms. Steve oversees the development of technical capabilities into new areas that enhance the customer experience.

Fun fact: Early in his career, Steve was literally a “rocket scientist”, working at NASA on a variety of projects including robotics research for the International Space Station and a return-to-earth unmanned spacecraft. If you feel like you need a rocket scientist to figure it out – we’ve got one for you!

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