Goodbye Batch & Blast,
Hello Omni-Channel

There is a reason why marketers say content is king, and B2B marketers who don’t invest in it will be beat by the competition.

Customers expect a personalized experience. They expect to be served content that conveys the right message, at the right time that pertains to them. Marketers who invest in content marketing are successful. On average, conversion rates are 6X higher for companies and brands using content marketing (2.9%) than those that aren’t (0.5%). (Aberdeen Group)

Content & Experience Services

Take advantage of higher conversions and quicker sales with these content and experience services. 

Search Engine Optimization

We all know we need to have a digital presence in search, but SEO is much more than that. Optimizing your presence for SEO also means you improve the use of your site and channels, making a better customer experience.

Content Marketing

With more than half of all B2B buyers viewing at least eight pieces of content during the purchase process (Forrester), you need a content marketing strategy to meet them at every stage of the buying cycle. 

Campaign Management

 Create a campaign management process with the right campaign templates that allow you to scale to meet demand and customer expectations.

Account-Based Marketing

Gain the highest ROI possible by focusing on your strategic customers and facilitating sales alignment with account-based marketing (ABM). 

Why Should I Care

Beat the Competition

Your competition is, or already has, started to enhance their customer experience, keep up or get pushed out.

Meet Customer’s Expectations

Use the right technologies to meet and exceed your customer expectations, or you will lose them.

Increase Average Deal Size

Buyers are willing to pay more for a product or service if it’s wrapped in a stellar customer experience…easiest up-sell ever. 

Make the Shortlist

Put your best foot forward and make an impression on your prospects, so you aren’t left off their shortlist of vendors. 

Content & Experience Platforms

While there are thousands of content and experience platforms to choose from, here are a few of our partners that we’ve worked with to create exceptional content and custom experiences.


Pamela Muldoon

Content Marketing World Hall of Famer

Pamela Muldoon is a Senior Consultant with The Pedowitz Group and comes to TPG with over two decades of traditional and digital marketing experience. She is a frequent speaker on content marketing has been described as, “God’s gift to the content marketing world” in her speaker reviews. Pamela is also a professional voice over talent and podcaster.

When not online working on digital marketing strategies, she can be found unwinding at a poker table or hanging out with her two dogs.

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