Outrageous Acts of Marketing: What Demand Generation Marketers can Learn from Brands using Amazon Alexa Skills

Outrageous Acts of Marketing: What Demand Generation Marketers can Learn from Brands using Amazon Alexa Skills

Last month, we kicked off a new 2019 series of blog posts that explore interesting marketing experiences. We are now calling this series “Outrageous Acts of Marketing” and hope to motivate marketing innovation in the industry. No matter who you are in the business world, this series is meant to help you think out of the box for your brand or even your next campaign or customer experience.


The Pedowitz Group (TPG) is a Revenue Marketing™ consulting firm, and we believe that Marketing is the driver of customer engagement that fuels the revenue engine. Everyone at TPG believes in the future of Revenue Marketing and wants to bring Revenue Marketing to the world.


What is Revenue Marketing you ask?

Revenue Marketing is transforming Marketing from a cost center to a Repeatable, Predictable and Scalable (RPS) revenue machine by directly addressing the challenges of digital transformation, customer focus and revenue accountability (Rise of The Revenue Marketer, 2019). Revenue marketing organizations enjoy a competitive advantage, higher revenue, faster growth, improved client acquisition, and retention. Revenue Marketing™ is the combined set of strategies, processes, people, technologies, customers and results that:

  • Drops sales-ready leads into the top of the funnel
  • Accelerates sales opportunities through the sales pipeline
  • Measures marketing based on the repeatable, predictable and scalable contribution to pipeline and revenue
  • Improves the ROI of the sales and marketing continuum



TPG is passionate about Revenue Marketing, and we are always looking for new and innovative ways to bring Revenue Marketing to the world. In steps Amazon Alexa!

Our team has been working with Amazon Alexa to create an Alexa TPG Skill “The Pedowitz Group”.  Recently, we hosted a workshop at the B2BMX conference and gave away Alexa Dots in order to market our skill. The TPG Skill allows you to get a primer on Revenue Marketing, take a quiz on Revenue Marketing and take our Revenue Marketing Assessment. Outside of Revenue Marketing, the TPG Skill allows users to read our latest blog and to contact TPG directly.



If you have ever used an Alexa device, you have most likely found an Alexa Skill. The Alexa Skills over the past couple of years have turned into the future of Alexa and have grown to be popular in the ever-growing marketplace. These Alexa Skills are becoming a huge tool for digital marketing and many companies out there are building skills for their brands.


The Amazon Alexa, known as Alexa to most users and non-users, is a cloud-based virtual assistant which lets brands build capabilities in voice form. The Alexa Skills are, in context, apps used by voice search. Alexa can be used to control multiple devices using only itself as a home automation system. Users nowadays can extend the Alexa capabilities by installing “Skills.” Skills are usually developed by third parties and provide features not already built into Alexa.


The Amazon Alexa Skills are like apps. They can be enabled and added to a user’s Alexa to perform the specific task each Skill was created for. Alexa Skills are still new to the world, but they are becoming huge game changers and are making a big impact in the digital marketing world. Using Skills, a brand can take its customer service or brand awareness to another level. The Skills can be used to build an experience for customers powered by voice. Brands that use an Alexa Skill are now able to create another avenue for brand awareness.


According to Amazon, since Skills were released in 2015, Amazon now has over 30,000 Skills in the US alone. The Skills have grown so much in popularity, Google is trying to compete with Amazon by creating Google Actions which they are marketing as smart home Actions. The biggest reason Alexa Skills are making an impact in the marketing world is they are giving a way for brands to interact with audiences. Skills will provide natural engagement with your audience. The important part of all this: Skills allow you to drive ordinary and evergreen engagement with your audience.


According to Amazon, “As of September 2017, Amazon had more than 5,000 employees working on Alexa and related products. In January 2019, Amazon’s devices team announced that they had sold over 100 million Alexa-enabled devices.” After hearing that statistic, sounds to me like TPG has a true target market with our new TPG Alexa Skill.

About The Pedowitz Group (TPG)
The Pedowitz Group (TPG) is a Revenue Marketing™ company headquartered near Atlanta, Ga. We help our clients change marketing from a cost center to a revenue center. Regardless of where you may be on your Revenue Marketing Journey™, we provide solutions, services and expertise that will get you to the next level and beyond.

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