MarTech and the Customer Journey (Join Our Webinar!)


Written by Debbie Qaqish

November 28, 2018

Consider this scenario. Your boss hands you a piece of paper that lists all the technologies currently used by your marketing department. “Here,” she says. “We need to cull this list by 50%. I need you to tell me by the end of next week which platforms we can cut.”

Where on earth do you start? How would you begin reviewing, assessing, and restructuring your MarTech stack?

We have a solution for you. Join us December 4th for our live webinar featuring Debbie Qaqish to talk about MarTech and the role it plays in customer centricity.


MarTech and Customer Centricity Webinar


Most MarTech stacks grow organically. Many companies start with a marketing automation platform. Then they find out they need CRM. Then they add other technologies as they find they need them. Soon they have a lumbering, enormous stack of technologies – some of which are used often and some of which aren’t used at all.

This growth is based on point solutions. A piece of technology is added to the stack because it solves a specific problem. Some of these technologies are adopted quickly and used often. Others have poor adoption rates and don’t solve the problems they were purchased to solve.

Instead of point solutions, we suggest you take that piece of paper with the list of all your MarTech technologies and put customer centricity in the middle of it. Consider the customer first. Put your technology in the context of the customer journey.

Now you have a way to review, assess, and restructure your MarTech stack. Instead of point solutions, your MarTech stack becomes touchpoints along the customer journey. The stack is made up of any tech that is used to interact with the customer along their buying journey.

Can you tell the story of your stack? Can you tell how a customer moves through the stack on their buying journey? If you can, then you have a good, viable tech stack. If you can’t, your tech stack probably needs some revision and revamping.

Use the customer journey and customer centricity to re-envision your tech stack and maintain it going forward. You’ll have a leaner, meaner MarTech stack, and your customers will thank you.

Join us December 4th at 2 PM (ET) for more tips about refining your MarTech stack with customer centricity in mind. Register now!

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