Marketo Users Rejoice – Spring 2016 Release is here

Marketo Users Rejoice – Spring 2016 Release is here

It’s that time again. Marketo is ramping up for their Spring 2016 Release. As a Marketo user, it’s probably my favorite time of year because there are a few new features that I’m really looking forward to using.

Here are the Top 5 Features from Marketo’s Spring 2016 Release notes that I’m looking forward to:

1. Email Insights

Can anyone say, “Yes! More analytics!” five time fast?

Well I can! This new feature will be released in batches starting June 3. It will allow users to gain awesome insights into email activity and dive deeper into email metrics.

Some things to know:

  • There is a four-week period of time before Marketo will automatically upload your data for Email Insights to use.
    • Use this time for setup. You will need your admins help to set up custom dimension like Industry, State, Segmentation or Program Tags during the four-week timeframe. You should do this before the four weeks are up because custom dimensions are not retroactive and will only be applied to new email activity. FYI – only admins can set up, edit or view custom dimensions
  • After the four weeks are up, Marketo will upload 25 months of historical data into Email Insights.

Interested in Analytics? Check out Reporting and Analytics – Key Drivers in the Revenue Marketing Revolution

2. No Draft Snippets

I have been patiently waiting for this one.

Every time I would make a small edit to a snippet that I was using, I would then have to re-approve the snippet. Then find all the emails and landing pages that were using it and re-approve those as well.

Thank you, Marketo gods for hearing my complaints…I mean prayers…and creating the option to either have no drafts or create drafts after I approve a snippet. I vote no drafts, but there is always a possibility you may need it to go into draft until the update has been signed off on. As a user, you may want to keep that in mind, aside from the fact that your admin will have to give you permission to have this option.

3. Email Template Picker

For those of you who are new to Marketo, or are just looking for the new out of the box templates to use, this feature gives you access to an easy-to-navigate library of starter templates that include any that you’ve created as well. This feature will be gradually released over a two-week period until GA, but you can opt-in early instead of waiting for GA.

4. Email Editing – Reimagined

There was not much information on this in the release, but the screenshots look pretty slick.

From what I can see, the email editor still has a WYSIWYG drag and drop feature for editing, but now it closely resembles the editor for guided landing pages.

5. Limited Time Access

This feature gives Marketo admins an easy way to invite new users for a limited amount of time. Let’s say someone is only contracted for six months and needs access to Marketo. You can have the user access expire after 6 months. I would definitely recommend this feature to any admins who have contractors in their instance so you don’t have to remember to disable a user after their contract is up.

There are seven other features in the Marketo 2016 Spring Release that didn’t make my list, but maybe they made yours! This release has some awesome new features that you should definitely check out. You can find more information about all of these features in Marketo’s product release notes.

Marketo Supplemental Training Guide

Marketo Supplemental Training Guide

The purpose of this Guide is to supply Marketo users with a list of all the major facts and where you need to go to access key materials. Download this guide to access an overview of Marketo, common terminology, the most common areas of Marketo, the most important concepts, and a link library.

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