4 Tips for lead scoring with tokens in Marketo


Written by Majda Anwar

June 23, 2015

Warning: The following blog is intended for Marketo power users. If you are not familiar with this platform, this will sound like Klingon. I encourage you to read why you should refresh your lead scoring program.

Lead scoring is an art and a science. This is not a “set it and forget it” process. As a Marketo user, you may find yourself changing lead scoring values as you refresh your lead scoring system. In fact, we hope you are gathering feedback from sales about your lead scoring system to continuously improve your system! In helping manage your ever-changing model, you can use local program tokens as a way to manage your lead scoring values.

Local Tokens are Marketo tokens that are configured specifically for a Marketo program module. Here is a high-level view of how to utilize local tokens to easily manage your lead scoring system:

  • Make sure your lead scoring Smart Campaigns are organized in a Marketo Program with an “Operational” channel. The Operational channel is not out of the box with Marketo, so you will need to create this channel in the Admin section.

  • Make sure you have two fields for lead scoring – one for demographic, and one for behavior. These fields are custom fields that need to be created in your CRM so the fields can be seen in your CRM and in Marketo.
  • Once your Marketo lead scoring program is created, go to the “My Tokens” tab of your program and create tokens to match every single lead score value for your system (It’s a really good idea to document your lead scoring program outside of Marketo for validation).

  • On each of your Smart Campaign workflows, replace the number value with your token values. You will need to copy and paste the code for the local token into the value area, for example {{my.Clicks Link in Any Email}}.

With the use of local tokens, you are now able to change the values for lead scoring on the local tokens tab instead of each individual lead scoring smart campaign! Work smart and continue to improve your lead scoring.

Need help with this? Our team of experts can improve your Marketo instance in a variety of ways!

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