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For the third year in a row, The Pedowitz Group was the proud recipient of Marketo’s Annual Partner Excellence Award – the Revvie. While I’m exhilarated at our win – we’ve won all 3 years that Marketo has offered the partner award – I also recognize that the only reason we win in any year is because our customers are seeing such amazing success.

In 2012, we had 5 customers win awards. Citrix won for Most Successful Global RPM Execution. This means they really excelled at driving revenue through their use of Marketo – tying their closed won opportunities back to their marketing initiatives and being able to show the ROI on their marketing investments through closed loop reporting.

Also in 2012, Rackspace won Most Innovative Revenue Engine. Not only were they driving revenue, they were truly creative in the way they did it, breaking new ground and setting new standards – while aligning sales and marketing.

I personally got to work with the team at Brinker Capital, winner of Most Dramatic Business Impact – Financial Services. Part of the fun here was seeing how much business could be driven with a small team, in a generally conservative vertical, to make a real difference in the way their company did business, gained customers and changed their strategy for long-range success. They not only improved their business from an internal perspective, they had their customers commenting on how impressed they were with the company. Now that’s success!

Also in 2012: ELT (now NAVEX Global) won for Social Media Maven and Podio won for Most Innovative Integration with Marketo.

2013 brought us another large group of customer Revvie winners: Crain Business Insurance for Most Dramatic Business Impact, Financial Services & Healthcare, Deluxe for Social Media Maven, and Adam Waterson of Planon Software for Most Dramatic Career Growth, among them.

The two that really stand out to me are RelayHealth for Most Impactful Use of Marketing Metrics and Angela Hills at Pinstripe for Most Visionary Executive. These two especially captured my attention because at The Pedowitz Group we’re all about (1) using data and analytics to drive actionable metrics and (2) helping companies create their vision of what marketing can be – and then helping them achieve it. I’d love to see every one of our customers using metrics-driven analysis to make marketing investment decisions that really grow revenues and having strong, inspiring leaders who know how much marketing and sales can achieve together to meet – and exceed! – company revenue and growth goals.

This year the competition was a lot stiffer – word has it that Marketo received over double the number of submissions for awards than in previous years. It’s amazing to see the participation and enthusiasm with which the Marketing Nation has embraced celebrating their achievements. Five of our customers were finalists for 6 awards this year, and one of them became a Revvie winner. If it was going to be one, I’m glad it was this one, because it also shows the way The Pedowitz Group is growing with our customers.

Another Pedowitz Group client won the Revvie for Most Creative Integrated Marketing Campaign – B2C. Marketo’s audience used to be almost exclusively B2B, but in recent years they’ve attracted a lot of B2C customers. What I’m most excited about with this award is that it’s for integrated marketing. It’s not just about sending emails – not that it really ever was – but about meeting consumers in the places where they spend their time, on social media and the web, and also where their hearts are, in this case, with their pets. Integrated marketing programs, for B2B and B2C, are the way forward – we don’t exist only in email and neither should our marketing. There’s still a place for physical mail and in-person events (witness the Marketing Nation with over 6,000 attendees this year!) as well as social, email and web.

I can’t tell you what 2015 will bring – I can only tell you that I look forward to celebrating the continued successes of our customers and all the Revvie winners as we rise to the challenges of our increasingly integrated and connected world.

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About Emily Salus
Emily Salus is the Marketo Practice Director at The Pedowitz Group. She has over 20 years of experience in Marketing, PR and Sales. Emily is a certified Marketo technical consultant, providing Revenue Marketing services and strategy to enterprise clients and best practices and training to the SMB market

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