Marketo Release July 2014 – A little redecoration

Marketo users everywhere have probably logged in and been startled with this latest release. Even though we knew the new UI was coming, it can be a bit abrupt to walk into your living room after a weekend away and realize that someone moved the furniture – and added a few new slipcovers.

Slipcovers first: The new interface has a flatter, boxier appearance. You may love it or hate it, but essentially the same elements are all there. Included is a bit more breathing room between elements. The pro is that they are more distinguishable. The con is that if you have a lot of flow steps, you’ll find yourself scrolling more.

The wallpaper changed a while ago and you’re probably already used to that. But now the color palette has been changed a bit – you’ll find a lot more of that teal blue – but the orange of triggers and green of filters remain the same.

Now the for the furniture:

You’ll notice that the tabs are gone, replaced by tiles with new icons when you first log in. “What’s New” has moved to the bottom right, but your history is still there in the upper left. No, you’re not missing your “Search” box, it’s simply slipped down to the lower left (and it’s a bit more unobtrusive there). Note: If there are tiles in this screenshot you don’t see in your instance – that’s just because they’re not included in your particular subscription. No worries.

Areas retain their usual names – “Marketing Activities,” “Lead Database,” etc. Once you’re in an area, the biggest question is, “How do you get to what used to be the tabs”? The answer is “Power Ball” in the upper left. That circle with the Marketo logo, aka Power Ball, is now a button that provides you with a drop down to select the area of Marketo you want to navigate to. When you first log in, it should be bouncing up and down to get your attention.

A few of the previous “Treasure Chest” items have been incorporated here as well. When you’re in “Marketing Activities”, you’re now going to see the “Campaign Inspector” and “Campaign Queue” at the top. These are really handy tools and you’ll want to start using them if you haven’t been already.

The “Campaign Inspector” provides you with a look at the trigger campaigns that are active. If you just inherited an existing Marketo instance that is new to you, you’ll be able to start doing your forensic research here to see how your predecessor set up the instance.

You’ve also got the “Campaign Queue” to tell you which of your batch campaigns are launching soon and in which priority. This should help anyone juggling lots of programs and wondering about their processing. There’s more information about the campaign queue prioritization in the community.

Except for some appearance issues, you won’t find much difference in “Design Studio”, “Lead Database,” or “Analytics”.

If you’re an administrator, you’ll notice a bit of redecoration there as well. The “Admin” list of areas was getting kind of long. Now the different admin areas have been split up into groups, allowing you to find what you’re looking for without scrolling.

They’re well organized, which should help any new administrators out there.

All in all, the new UI will take a bit of time to get used to – and if you’re a new user who was acclimating already, it might be a bit disorienting. But no one threw out your favorite chair, your new accessories, or your old bookcase from college – everything you used to have is still there. And you might find you like your chair even better over in the corner with the reading lamp than you did when it was blocking the path to the kitchen.

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Emily Salus is the Marketo Practice Director at The Pedowitz Group. She has over 20 years of experience in Marketing, PR and Sales. Emily is a certified Marketo technical consultant, providing Revenue Marketing services and strategy to enterprise clients and best practices and training to the SMB market

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