Marketo Next: Advanced Marketo Training


Written by Caitlin Culbert Poliska

March 15, 2017


Over the past 5 years as a Marketo Expert and Consultant, I have had clients tell me how they are struggling to hire Marketo Certified Experts, but can’t find them. Or that when they hire someone who says they know Marketo, what they really mean is that they saw it in action a few times, but never fully understood or built their skills around the robustness of the tool. There are a few reasons for that.

First, in an industry that is only 10 years old, the rate of adoption to digital marketing was slow…but in the last 2-3 years we have seen the industry explode. Marketo has become a super-giant in the space and they have more customers than there are Marketo Experts out there.

A while back in my previous blog, I mentioned that you can solve this problem by hiring. The problem is that is what I mentioned above. Not too many people to pull from. Marketo Experts are in high-demand and as one myself, I get recruited, or asked if I am interested in a job at least twice a week on LinkedIn (I am staying put, I love TPG).

I also mentioned training in my blog. This can still be a challenge because up until recently, the only formal training for Marketo was focused on the beginners. How to get started, but now that the industry and the clients are getting more mature there is a need to have more advanced training. Well, I am proud to say that TPG is the first Marketo Partner endorsed to offer an advanced training for Marketo. Now Marketers can advance their skills to better support their companies in a more advanced way. Learn how to do more than emails and landing pages, learn how to make your system “sing” with Custom objects, Webhooks, Advanced Nurturing, APIs, Integrations and so much more.

This now makes your resource constraints problem a bit easier. A smaller investment in your team, can pay off in great rewards, without the need to hire (or try to) or outsource to help you get there.

If you are interested in seeing what it is all about, I am offering a 25% discount for anyone who signs up for any class in the spring Schedule. Just use the promo code MARKETONEXT17.

The total loss of business from ineffective training is $13.5M per year per 1,000 employees. What are you waiting for?

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