Marketing Operations Function – Revenue Marketing™ Center of Excellence


Written by Colby Renton

October 17, 2016


In an idealized Revenue Marketing™ Center of Excellence, one might divide the functions into three groups, each lead by a director or VP, all of which report into the CMO.

The RMCoE is led by a VP of Revenue Marketing and reports into a CMO or EVP Marketing, or EVP of Marketing and Sales. The VP of Revenue Marketing is responsible for the ever-evolving impact marketing makes on revenue, best practices optimization and the building of proper alignment among executive stakeholders in the company.

The division of functions between Marketing Operations and Demand Generation is very clear in some cases and less clear in others. The guiding principle for determining where a team should live is based on whether they offer a service that is more infrastructural and supportive, or more day-today customer and prospect engagement related. Technology, data management, process and reporting/analytics are more infrastructure and support related rather than day-today engagement-program related, and therefore belong in Marketing Operations.

Program and Campaign Management, utilization of technology, and QA & Testing are tied to day-to-day demand generation activities – and therefore sit squarely in the Demand Generation group. Campaign Services includes the left brain, technology power users who login to a technology every day to do their work They could be part of Operations if they also took on the technology admin functions, but if their role is primarily implementation of programs and campaigns, they are more closely tied to day-to-day Demand Generation. They are a resource used by field marketing and campaign management, and depend on the creative services team for content. These functions also interact with sales, field marketing, Digital and Content team, and Marketing Operations on a daily basis.

Marketing Operations

Optimize marketing effectiveness with leading-edge technology, optimized process, clean and current data, and rigorous analysis.

A VP/Director of Marketing Operations leads this group. In larger, multi-national corporations this function will have a centralized group that leads and controls all group operations, and people in offices around the world who have significant marketing presence.

Part 2 of the Revenue Marketing™ Center of Excellence white paper will delve into the recommended set of functions within this group:

  • Marketing Technology Management
  • Vendor Management
  • Data Management
  • Training and Education
  • Marketing Process Management
  • Global Field Marketing Operations Management
  • Reporting and Analytics

In Part 2 of the Center of Excellence white paper you will learn the typical charter of a Marketing Operations group; Marketing Operations organizational structure including key groups such as Reporting and Analytics; roles, necessary skill-sets and responsibilities for key group members; and benefits of an effective Marketing Operations group. Download the white paper today!

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