Marketing is emotional, and should be


Written by Caitlin Culbert Poliska

March 23, 2016

Marketo posted a few weeks back about Donald Trump and my head nearly exploded. Why in the world would you discuss politics, or even mention politics, particularly a political candidate that stirs the level of controversy that Donald Trump does.

As I was feeling this surge of emotion, it hit me, ‘Marketing is emotional,’ and seeing this blog stirred up some serious feels in a lot of readers. Well played Marketo!

Needless to say this blog post got me thinking about emotion in marketing, not Donald Trump. Often in my business I hear, “It’s just marketing,” and, “Don’t get upset,” but isn’t that the point?

Study after study has shown that people purchase for emotional reasons and then justify that purchase later to not appear impulsive.

Marketers target the emotional response. Think of all the brands consumers are attached to because of emotion. Coca Cola, for example, rarely sells soda. No, they sell a lifestyle. Their ads focus on fun and family and togetherness that occur while drinking soda, not the soda itself.

That is the brilliance of emotional marketing, it quietly slips in when we are not looking.

How can you better market to the emotions of your prospects?

  1. Focus on personal value instead of business value
  2. Use storytelling to demonstrate desire to the buyer rather than product positioning
  3. Avoid the fluff, use the language of your target market
  4. Showcase referrals, nothing speaks better to emotions than trust

The next time you feel a surge of anger, or excitement, or happiness, think about the brand or the advertisement that caused it. It was likely on purpose.

How can you apply emotional marketing to your own business? Tell me in the comments below.

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