The Marketo Sky Blog Series: How To Use The New Search Tool

Welcome to the Marketo Sky blog series from The Pedowitz Group

Written by Michelle Lewis

June 27, 2019

Marketo Sky is here, and it’s not going anywhere – but we’re here to help guide you along this new adventure! As previously mentioned in our first Marketo Sky blog (where we covered the navigation panel’ and My Marketo), it’s time to try Marketo Sky! In today’s blog, we’re going to cover the new search tool.

Search Tool

The search tool has received a complete overhaul – and there are now two ways to access it. You can access the search tool by selecting the purple tab to open your current workspace and then using the reduced search/filter area, or you can use the Search icon in the navigation panel.

Use the Search icon in the navigation panel to open a full-screen search area where you can search All Marketo, Marketing Activities, Design Studio, Analytics, and Database.

The Marketo Sky search tool allows you to search throughout your instance

If you use the Search icon, search will default to all workspaces. If you use the search area in the tree, search will default to your current workspace.

A screenshot of available list filters in Marketo SkyYou can click on any asset under the Marketing Activities or Design Studio tab and it will open in Marketo Sky. If you try to open a report under the Analytics tab, it will open in Classic Marketo in a new window.

You now have the ability to filter by:

• Date Range
• Asset Type
• Program Type
• Archived Folders
• Labels (this is new!)
• And any combination of the aforementioned

This is a huge step up from previous search capabilities where you could only search by one asset type at a time and date range wasn’t an option.


Labels are also a new function of the Search tool. You can now add Labels – up to 10 per asset – to improve the ability to search assets. For example, add the label “inbound” to all of your inbound programs to easily search all inbound programs at once. Think of labels as meta tags for your assets in Marketo.

But hold on – how do I know what I’m even looking at? The tree and its associated icons look completely different. I’m used to seeing a lightbulb turned off, a lightbulb turned on, a lightbulb with a check mark, etc. There must be a simple way to tell what’s what…and there is!

I snagged this handy dandy visual from the Marketo community (thank you Marketo!) – and it shows each possible new icon with a description beside it. Handy, right? Batch campaigns are still indicated with lightbulbs, but Trigger campaigns are now indicated with lightning bolts (similar to how the Smart Campaign triggers look in Marketo Classic).

Here’s a more in-depth breakdown:

  • Batch Campaigns
    • Lightbulb with a Check Mark = Has run and will not recur
    • Lightbulb with Clock Hands = Scheduled to run in the future
    • Lightbulb with a Circular Arrow = Recurring run
    • Empty Lightbulb = Has never run
    • Lightbulb with a Red Dot = Error in the campaign
  • Trigger Campaigns
    • Lightning Bolt with a Green Dot = Activated
    • Lightning Bolt with a Green Dot/Arrow = Campaign is requested
    • Lightning Bolt with a Red Dot = Invalid
    • Lightning Bolt with no dot = Inactive
  • Local Assets
    • Green Dot = Approved asset
    • Orange-yellow Dot = Unapproved, draft asset
    • Half Green/Half Orange-yellow Dot = Approved asset with a draft

I’ve also included a visual of the different icons for each Marketing Activities asset type currently available in Marketo Sky:

A list of Marketo Sky assets

These new features have improved my workflow in Marketo tremendously! I’m excited for the new releases to come for Marketo Sky. It has been an adjustment using such a vastly different tool than I’m used to, but the best way I’ve learned is to get in and just start using it.

Get Started Today

Ready to get started? Use this how-to guide from Marketo to enable Marketo Sky.

Now, head to part three in our series, talking about some of the must-see new activities features.

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Learn about TPG and meet the team.


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Learn more about TPG’s Partners.

Ready to transform into a digital revenue machine?


Learn how TPG empowers digital revenue delivery through a blend of strategy, technology and execution.