How to get ready for the Adobe Digital Experience!

How to get ready for the Adobe Digital Experience!

If you are like me and started your Adobe experience with Marketo in mind, you still often find yourself calling the Adobe Summit the Marketo Summit, and that is because Marketo Summit moved! I mean, honestly, none of us were completely shocked when Marketo announced that their annual user conference ‘Marketo Summit’ was no longer the stand-alone event in October of 2019 as planned. It’s now rolled into the larger Adobe Summit in March. Still, I was slightly caught off guard when the items I was planning for in October 2019 were suddenly upon me in March.


The event staff putting on the Summit have one main goal: they want each guest of the event to “get inspired to become an exceptional experience maker.” If you can’t join the event in person, you can still see the future of customer experience management by signing up to watch the keynotes live online.


During the Summit, you have the chance to learn in over 300 sessions and labs across eleven content tracks:

  • Advertising
  • Analytics & Data Management
  • B2B Marketing Automation with Marketo
  • Content & Experience Management
  • Design-Led Customer Experiences
  • Email & Omnichannel Marketing
  • Experience-Driven Commerce with Magento
  • Marketing Innovations
  • Marketing Nation at Wynn
  • Personalization
  • Platform, Machine Learning & Ecosystem


Marketo Summit has always been a huge focus for The Pedowitz Group, and the pivot of the date and time certainly changed a few things up for me. So how did I prepare for the Summit this year? And how can you? I for one have never attended the Adobe Summit, so there are a few things that I am doing a bit differently this year.


First, the schedule for the Adobe Summit is pretty standard to most conference schedules. If you are looking for your typical preconference training, you can find that on Monday, March 26th, including Marketo training. But you will not find the standard Marketo Advanced track there. That is gone this year. However, TPG is offering a one on one with TPG’s own Jackie Nations, or you can register for one of our online Advanced Classes when you get back from the whirlwind.


Monday is also dedicated to the partners. So, if you offer a service or are a tech partner, it will be important to see what they have to offer.

Tuesday and Wednesday will be full of packed sessions and keynotes and then Thursday will be a very specific Marketo day. I, for one, am dying for the sneak peek session on Wednesday to see how Adobe and Marketo plan to work together in the future.


While at the event, stop by kiosk #187-J to visit The Pedowitz Group and enter our raffle for a Michael Kors tote, an Echo Plus or a $150 AmEx gift card. Enter our giveaway by filling out a ticket with your information and dropping it in the prize bucket of your choice. Show this blog post to our staff at the kiosk and you’ll receive two entries!


Finally, the Summit is in Las Vegas, so staying hydrated in the heat will be important. Bring snacks with you to keep energized, as the days can be long. You will attend sessions throughout the day, and at night there will be hosted events, so if you plan to partake, come prepared.

  • Most of the event is networking, and being on your feet for 12+ hours takes a toll. Soak your feet at night with some salts to help relieve any aches.
  • There is a limit to the information that can be retained when you’re completely exhausted. Exhaustion is productivity’s kryptonite.
  • Of course, don’t forget these basics either: Bring your business cards, sign up for your sessions, and make sure you plan in advance!


What are you most looking forward to at the Summit? Drop a note in the comments below and let us know!


About Caitlin Culbert Poliska
Caitlin is the Marketo Practice Director for the Pedowitz Group. She is a Marketo Certified Solution Architect, Marketo Certified Expert, Marketo Certified Instructor, Salesforce Admin Certified and HubSpot Certified, working with Best Practices and strategies in Marketing Automation, Technology Optimization, Lead Management, Marketing Revenue attribution, Analytics, Social Media, Inbound and Outbound campaigns.

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