Getting The Most From Your 2018 Marketo Summit Experience

Getting The Most From Your 2018 Marketo Summit Experience

Marketo Marketing Nation Summit is just around the corner and it’s promising to be bigger and better than ever.

Getting the most from attending a conference like Summit can feel overwhelming and often clients ask what they should do to prepare in advance. Every year, there are dozens of excellent sessions to attend and this year is no exception. Taking time to review the session agenda and make your choices in advance can really go a long way to providing a more productive conference experience.

Marketo breaks out the sessions by “track”. This year’s tracks are:

  • Marketing Leaders
  • Marketing Practitioners
  • Marketing Operations
  • Information Technologist (IT/Developer)
  • Sales

You can attend sessions from different tracks, which allows for a more well-rounded content experience. There are many hot topics this year, however a few that are going to continue to trend up for this year center around GDPR and ABM. Here is a list of some sessions that you may want to consider:

  • 3 Steps to Launch & Optimize Your Account-Based Marketing Strategy
  • Fearless Marketing In A GDPR World: Tips To Thrive Amidst New Regulation
  • Why GDPR is Good News for Marketers
  • Automation, Personalization, and a Path to a 5X Return on Investment
  • Marketing + Sales = REVENUE
  • Moving from a corporate SPAM program to a corporate GRAND SLAM email program

Here is the full list of sessions so you can plan ahead. Sessions will fill up fast, so take the time to make your list in advance.

Come prepared with questions. What Marketo issues does your team currently deal with day-to-day? What are you hoping to learn that will improve your marketing automation situation? Is there a list of specific people you want to meet or talk to while you are at the conference?

Set specific goals for your trip. Organize your schedule based on sessions you want to attend, but also be open to making some onsite decisions to ensure information you are seeking is aligned to the goals you set up for attending this conference.

Bonus Tip: Bring snacks with you to keep energized, as the days can be long. Between attending keynote and breakout sessions, networking between presentations, visiting vendors to learn about their products/services and checking out the evening social gatherings, putting in a very full day is almost guaranteed.

The Pedowitz Group would love to be on your list of people to visit while you are at Marketo Summit. Stop by booth #883 and say hi to our team of talented Marketo experts. We’d love to see you in San Francisco!

About Caitlin Culbert Poliska
Caitlin is the Marketo Practice Director for the Pedowitz Group. She is a Marketo Certified Solution Architect, Marketo Certified Expert, Marketo Certified Instructor, Salesforce Admin Certified and HubSpot Certified, working with Best Practices and strategies in Marketing Automation, Technology Optimization, Lead Management, Marketing Revenue attribution, Analytics, Social Media, Inbound and Outbound campaigns.

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