Get rid of your Eloqua campaign pre-launch Jitters

Get rid of your Eloqua campaign pre-launch Jitters

Clicking the “Activate” button on your Eloqua campaign can be one of the most nerve-racking actions you take within the marketing automation platform. There are probably disastrous scenarios running through your head as you remind yourself that you have indeed completed all the tasks necessary to launch and run a successful campaign. You’re a pro, and you’ve done this before, but the pre-launch jitters still get to you.

Testing and re-testing your Eloqua campaigns are the two items in your checklist that you never want to skip. It will ensure that you get the best possible performance from your campaign while reassuring yourself, and your team, that all aspects have been reviewed.

First, why do I need to test my Eloqua campaign if I built it right the first time?

There are many reasons to test. Whether you are reviewing individual assets and connectors that make up the campaign, ensuring that the campaign flow is set up properly, or even verifying that the correct contacts are included, testing the details of your campaign ensure that all goals and systems will run properly. I misplaced comma may not seem like a huge deal, but if that comma interrupts a link or automated fill feature, then it can be.

After all of the work you’ve put into defining your goals and building the campaigns, one of the worst feelings is sending the wrong email to the wrong person or not having the paths and action workflows in working order. So even though it seems redundant, it is important to test (and re-test) all aspects of a campaign.

Here at The Pedowitz Group, we have a rigorous process that we follow for pre-launch testing and quality control.

Here are the processes we follow and why each step is important to follow.

Once your campaign is built, you should test the individual assets, including emails, landing pages and forms. This is the time to look at rendering issues, responsiveness, plain-text versions, link functionality and alt-tags.


There are some great tools available for email testing, such as Litmus, Email on Acid, or Eloqua’s email tests. You can send the emails directly to these tools, and it will show how they render on a variety of email clients, browsers and operating systems. You can even test how the emails render in a mobile format.
1. Send a Test Email from Eloqua to yourself.
2. Once you receive the email, if images are not automatically downloaded, check to determine if image alt tags are in place.
3. Inspect best practice items such as the CTA placement being above the fold and that all links, even those in the header and footer, are functional and point to the correct pages.
4. Review the privacy policy and unsubscribe or manage preference links.

Landing Pages

All of your landing pages should be inspected for proper display, quick rendering, functional links and correct asset delivery. Litmus is a great tool for testing landing pages as well.


If a landing page contains a form, submit the form and verify the processing steps are working as they should. Forms should route to the appropriate confirmation page, of course, but you also need to inspect the data. Make sure the form routes the information to your CRM appropriately and maps the fields correctly as well. Ensure that no data is being incorrectly overwritten and that it is forwarding accurately to any additional programs you have set up.

Testing each of your assets and all of the components of your campaign is paramount to a positive user and customer experience. Testing is also the easiest way to rid yourself of those Eloqua campaign pre-launch jitters, because you know you’ve covered all of the bases.

Eloqua Campaign Starter Pack

Eloqua Campaign Starter Pack

Download our campaign starter pack to kick your campaigns into high gear. The starter pack covers everything from campaign planning, creation and strategy, to pre-flight checklists so you can take the nerves out of launching campaigns.

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Monica Quintanar is a Revenue Engineer at the Pedowitz Group. She has the Eloqua Master, Luminary, and Implementation Specialist certifications along with the Salesforce Admin certification. She has been working with The Pedowitz Group for 2 years.

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