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At a recent Marketo User Group meeting, I was talking to a former Marketo Foundation student, catching up. We traded restaurant recommendations and discussed exercise (as well as discussing Marketo). I was telling him that I’d completed physical therapy a while back (and written a blog about it and marketing) and was now working with a trainer who was tailoring a program to my physical issues and goals. He commented, “It’s great that you’ve found someone who can really be a partner to you!”

Of course, that night as I went walking, I thought about that and the work I do with clients. It’s the same thing: while the exercises may be similar for different clients, there are specifics that you’ll only pick up on if you’re listening carefully and working as a partner towards the same goal. Listening to those cues can make the difference between rapid success and…just ok results.

Here are the parallels:

Exercise Revenue Marketing
Physical Therapy Critical functions not working – need diagnosis and treatment
Personal Trainer – early stages System is stable, but remedial work is needed to maintain health going forward
Personal Trainer – mid-stages Systems are ok, but could be optimized and fine tuned
Personal Trainer – later stages Working towards a specific goal and measuring progress towards it
Advanced Training Picking new goals, and continuing to optimize around them

While it’s still going to be (at least) a few months before I’m allowed to start running again, I’m now in the “systems stable, remedial work” part of my physical training. I’ve made a lot of progress, but there’s a lot more to do!

The same is true of your marketing automation and CRM systems, your business processes, and your strategies. You need to work at sales and marketing alignment, not just give lip service! My trainer tells me that 95% of his clients don’t do the work between appointments on their own to make more, faster progress. And the worst offenders are those who only meet with him once a week.

If you’re looking at your marketing automation, CRM, processes and alignment only when you have an “appointment” (quarterly reviews, anyone?) then you’re doing the same thing – expecting huge results from…not much effort. But you’re going to get to your goals faster and in a more effective way if you have a personal trainer to help you along, monitor your progress, and push your limits – one who has lots of experience, knows best practices, and can use all that to make sure your own unique requirements are being met.

Another parallel? Now when I go to the gym to do my exercises (because I am one of the 5% who does my exercises between appointments), I can tell how awful my form was before I had a trainer, overhear the bad advice amateur lifters give each other (yikes! More business for the physical therapists!), and know that I’m now doing the right things to ensure my future success. I was not using best practices. Now I have a coach and trainer who makes sure I do and continues to push me to improve.

Have you got a partner (or really sharp colleague) who’s listening to your specific needs and adjusting your training regimen? Are you doing your exercises between sessions? As I can tell you from the last 3 months, it’s never too late to start!

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Emily Salus is the Marketo Practice Director at The Pedowitz Group. She has over 20 years of experience in Marketing, PR and Sales. Emily is a certified Marketo technical consultant, providing Revenue Marketing services and strategy to enterprise clients and best practices and training to the SMB market

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