B2BSMX with The Pedowitz Group

Thank You for attending a session with The Pedowitz Group at B2BSMX 2020! Below is a list of our sessions with materials and offers mentioned in each. If you attended any of these sessions, we highly recommend you take the Revenue Acquisition Assessment to get your customized digital transformation plan!  

Get Started With Digital Transformation in 15 minutes

Revenue Acquisition growth is impossible without Digital Transformation. This 15-minute assessment will provide key insights on areas to improve and advance your Digital Transformation.


F the Funnel: How Marketing Loops Will Turn Leads into Lifelong Loyalists

Led by: Jeff Pedowitz

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Monday, October 26th 10-11:30 AM ET


REVTalks Session

How TikTok Can Shape Your 2021 Revenue Strategy

Led by: Dr. Debbie Qaqish

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Tuesday, October 27th 2:00 PM ET 


REVTalks Session

The Marketing Hunger Games: May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor

Led by: Melissa Cales & Caleb Rule

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Tuesday, October 27th 3:30 PM ET 


REVTalks Session

Step It Up, Buttercup: Data, Dashboards & KPIs For Revenue Winners

Led by Lorena Harris & Tracy Wehringer

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Wednesday, October 28th 2:00 PM ET



#NailedIt: Campaign Deconstruction 101 Certification – How to Deconstruct Your Campaign to Build Revenue

Led by Colby Renton

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Thursday, October 29th 12-2:30 PM ET