Don’t roll the dice at the Marketo summit

Don’t roll the dice at the Marketo summit

Marketo Summit is fast approaching, and this year’s conference is in Las Vegas. As one of the biggest marketing technology events of the year, Summit attracts people from all over the world to see what is in store for the Marketo Marketing Nation.

You’ve probably read many of these blogs, right? “How to prepare for Summit” or, “5 best things about Summit,” or maybe, “The ideal Marketo Summit experience.” These blogs flood the Internet telling you to…

  • Prioritize your categories
  • Sign up for sessions
  • Make sure to have a checklist
  • Check out the keynotes
  • Check this out, check that out, eat somewhere, and, basically, do everything!

To be honest, it’s a little hectic and this probably isn’t your first conference. You know you should schedule sessions that you’re interested in. If you’re not familiar with coding, you’re not going to attend a session on integrations and APIs.

Marketo Summit has grown over the years, and walking the Summit floor, catching buses to sessions, and making sure to attend those keynotes is imperative. But there are few things that can be easily forgotten in the hustle of it all.

Bring Supplies, Snacks, & Salts

We are in Vegas this year, so staying hydrated in the heat will be important. Bring snacks with you to keep energized, as the days can be long. You will attend sessions throughout the day, and at night there will be hosted events, so if you plan to partake, come prepared.

  • Most of the event is networking, and being on your feet for 12+ hours takes a toll. Soak your feet at night with some salts to help relieve any aches.
  • There is a limit to the information that can be retained when you’re completely exhausted. Exhaustion is productivity’s kryptonite.
  • The Marketo Summit is an amazing experience year after year, and 2016 should be no exception! Remember to take care of yourself so you can retain as much information as possible from the sessions and develop a strategy on how you can best leverage the new enhancements to your day-to-day.
  • Of course, don’t forget those basics either: Bring your business cards, sign up for your sessions, and plan in advance!

Schedule some time to come see me at the The Pedowitz Group Booth (#G 101), or reach out to me on Twitter @raja_walia

Marketo Supplemental Training Guide

The purpose of this Guide is to supply Marketo users with a list of all the major facts and where you need to go to access key materials. Download this guide to access an overview of Marketo, common terminology, the most common areas of Marketo, the most important concepts, and a link library.

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Raja Walia is a ten-year veteran with sales and marketing experience. As the TPG residential marketing technology and integration specialist, he has helped clients integrate and launch marketing automation and CRM platforms. He is an intuitive teacher, instilling in his clients the importance of a good strategy while educating them on how technology fits into their company's vision. Raja is best known for his idiom "Let me try to Sherlock Holmes it." Through expert reporting and analytics, he's capable of putting the "closed" in “closed loop reporting" turning mystery into easily tracked reports. Raja puts his skills to work from his office in Phoenix, Arizona where his wife and lazy cat escape the scorching summer heat.

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