Demand Generation Function – Revenue Marketing™ Center of Excellence


The primary functions of an ideal Revenue Marketing™ Center of Excellence (RMCoE) can be divided into three groups, each led by a director or VP, all of whom report into the CMO.

  1. Marketing Operations group
  2. Demand Generation group
  3. Digital and Content team

Part 1 of this 4-part white paper series gave a high level overview of the RMCoE. Part 2 delved more deeply into the Marketing Operations group. This white paper discusses the Demand Generation group.

The leader of the Demand Generation group, is either a director or a VP of Revenue Marketing. When one considers the components that comprise any Center of Excellence, a few core items are found here in the Demand Generation group:

  • Best Practices Management and established standards
  • Shared services delivery and creation of templates for a wider audience
  • Reports against goals and tight integration to the field and sales

Program and campaign management, utilization of MAP and CRM technology, and QA and testing are part of the basic daily Demand Generation activities – and therefore sit squarely in the Demand Generation group. On occasion, usually in larger organizations, a team called Marketing Campaign Services, which includes the technology Power Users, is placed in Marketing Operations instead of the Demand Generation group. In this context they are a resource used by Field Marketing, program and Campaign Managers. In this whitepaper we assume that they are part of the Demand Generation group as described below.

Demand Generation Group

The charter of the Demand Generation group should look something like this:

Drive more qualified leads and contacts into sales channels to achieve targeted and forecasted revenue goals and ROI. Increase the velocity of the sales funnel and deliver great prospect and customer experiences with the brand.

The VP/Director of Revenue Marketing manages the lead funnel and must be able to envision effective programs and campaigns to the target markets. They must have a deep understanding of their market, their buyers and how to read prospects’ digital body language. They must understand the processes that drive marketing and sales, and underpin the sales and marketing relationship. They must be data and results driven.

The following is a recommended set of functions within this group:

  1. Program Management
  2. Tele-qualification
  3. Campaign Management
  4. Best Practices Management
  5. Technology Power Users
  6. A matrix relationship with global/regional field marketing
  7. Quality & Assurance testing
  8. Campaign project management

Like what you’ve read so far? Download Part 3 of the Revenue Marketing Center of Excellence white paper for more information on the Demand Generation group and the recommended set of functions within it. You will learn a typical charter of a Demand Generation group; roles, necessary skill-sets, and responsibilities for key group members; and benefits of an effective Demand Generation Group.

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