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How a Network Security Giant Unified Global Marketing Operations 

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In 2019-2020, F5, a leading application delivery and security company, was facing new market pressures and adapting its go-to-market approach. They needed a streamlined marketing structure to de-tangle a complex org chart and embrace a major shift in its go-to-market strategies.

The Chief Marketing Officer engaged us to build a Global Marketing Center of Excellence (COE) and transform F5’s marketing from a cost center to a key revenue producer supporting the company’s go-forward mission.

We set out to produce, pressure-test and deploy a COE to perform as a strategic service bureau for business units worldwide. First, we helped them develop their vision, mission, and desired org structure modeled on best-in-class organizational design.

Then, we helped them to:

  • Document current and future-state workflows for campaign intake
  • Define roles & responsibilities across units and functions
  • Optimize comprehensive cross-functional workflows
  • Build a unified intake application
  • Communicate the new processes and their value


decrease in time-to-market for new campaigns

increase in MQL volume


increase in web form fills

"Since working with TPG, our overall productivity of the organization and our ability to get things into market has increased substantially. We now have fully visibility into what our revenue impact is for the organization, an uplift in our relationship with sales… and an uplift in our overall contributions to the company."

David AlexanderVP MARKETING, F5


Orient every part of your marketing operation with business objectives and revenue goals.


Become more efficient with the optimal organizational structure and boost team skillset and morale.


Ensure leads score up and go to sales with smooth handoff and cross-functional alignment.


Maximize investment by creating airtight integrations and proper adoption of best-in-class uses of your tech.
Assess & Map

TPG audited and assessed all F5 marketing units, including:

  • Organizational Design – TPG held F5’s organizational design up against best-in-class enterprise frameworks, identifying efficiency opportunities across units and functions.
  • Campaign Strategy – We mapped the client’s program and campaign development and deployment processes across the globe, identified gaps, then proposed workflows to streamline activities.
  • Multi-channel Delivery – We audited the client’s inbound and outbound channel usage, identified gaps, then led development of a unified intake process using the ServiceNow platform. We recommended steps to reach closed-loop data analysis.
  • Digital Transformation – During the COE design, TPG was invited to prepare a comprehensive three-Year Digital Transformation Plan for F5, encompassing all the best-practice considerations and a clearly defined, actionable roadmap.

Design & Build 


After presenting full-scope recommendations for enhancing F5 systems and capabilities, TPG guided the client through a design and build process.

  • Organizational Design – While F5 realigned their team structures to increase accountability, TPG gathered subject-matter experts into workstreams building linked campaign intake flows.
  • Campaign Strategy – We worked with functional experts to map customer journeys and align content in order to deliver more relevant campaigns.
  • Multi-channel Delivery – We optimized multiple inbound and outbound channels and incorporated them into a unified ServiceNow workflow. We worked with the Analytics team to design closed-loop reporting and visualization that would allow for accurate, actionable data for decision-making.
  • Digital Transformation – We equipped the CMO to present the Digital Transformation plan to the Leadership Committee.

Communicate & Pilot 


With an organization the size and scope of F5 Marketing, COE adoption was very much linked to communication. Working with team leaders, we built and deployed a global Communications plan focused on actions and benefits. At the same time, we launched two key pilots to test the “pipes” and streamline workflows and hand-offs. The pilot teams met regularly to connect every internal step and customer touchpoint.

Optimize & Scale 
As campaigns flowed through the new pipes, we monitored the efficiency and effectiveness, addressing roadblocks and optimizing handoffs. Continuous examination of RACI roles enabled additional streamlining.


The client saw the following results during the first six months:

  • Processes that previously involved up to 30 steps and 60 days were reduced to 5-6 steps and 3-4 days.
  • MQL volumes increased 4x.
  • Website visits increased 62%, and ‘Contact us’ form fills increased 75%.
  • The client realigned roles and responsibilities, creating more organizational accountability.
  • They refocused marketing functions on the customer journey and experiences.
  • They automated closed-loop, decision-enabling reporting and gained control of their revenue impact.
  • TPG was invited to expand upon the global three-Year Digital Transformation Plan for F5 and to provide consulting services across the organization.

Services Used:

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campaign deployment accelerated to just 4 days from 30+

MQL volumes increased four-fold


web form fills increased exponentially

1,500+ Clients and Counting

Enhance Revenue Impact.

Getting more ROI always starts with a quick call.

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Explore our award-winning history.


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