Content Marketing with Kapost

Content Marketing with Kapost

The Revenue Marketing Journey™ as a Content Maturity model in business services

Revenue Marketing™, which is focused on driving customer acquisition and measurable sales, has exploded in the business services industry, and it’s transforming marketing from a cost center to a revenue center.

How does this transformation work, exactly? To explain, I introduced the Revenue Marketing Journey in 2011. This framework has helped thousands of marketers make sense out of all the elements that go into Revenue Marketing – including content.

In this introduction, I will:

  • Introduce Revenue Marketing
  • Discuss the four stages of the Revenue Marketing Journey model
  • Present a Content Maturity model for business service marketers

Part 1: The Pedowitz Group Revenue Marketing Journey Model

The Revenue Marketing Journey model presents four distinct stages to achieving Revenue Marketing status: traditional, lead generation, demand generation, and finally, Revenue Marketing, the stage in which marketing has transformed from a cost center to a revenue center.

Stage 1: Traditional Marketing

As a seasoned business services marketer, you probably don’t need much explanation of what traditional marketing entails. Characterized by the four Ps – product, promotion, placement, and price – traditional marketing is what is taught in undergraduate and graduate programs and what most marketers execute every day.

At this stage, marketing has little political clout in business services organizations, does not have a seat or a voice at the revenue table, and is seen as the “make it pretty” department. Senior executives in this traditional environment don’t even realize the revenue impact marketing could make on top-line revenue growth.

Reporting consists of providing a host of activity-based metrics such as number of ads, number of impressions, number of attendees to an event, and number of visits. For many companies, it is largely a blind spend, representing a huge budget and providing metrics that key executives don’t really care about.

Nearly every business services company leverages elements of traditional marketing, and we estimate that 45 percent of the market is in this stage of the Revenue Marketing Journey.

For immediate access to the content approach at the traditional marketing, lead generation, demand generation and Revenue Marketing stages (and more!), download our white paper – Content Marketing: The Indispensable Guide for Business Services today!

Content Marketing: The Indispensable Guide for Business Services

Content is the fuel for your marketing engine. However, content can be leveraged in a myriad of ways depending on how your audience consumes information. This guide discusses how to market your company’s products and services with content, including information on the Revenue Marketing stages of maturity, the RM6 content matrix, what content marketing is all about, and why it matters for business services.

About The Pedowitz Group (TPG)
The Pedowitz Group (TPG) is a Revenue Marketing™ company headquartered near Atlanta, Ga. We help our clients change marketing from a cost center to a revenue center. Regardless of where you may be on your Revenue Marketing Journey™, we provide solutions, services and expertise that will get you to the next level and beyond.

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