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You are one download away from hundreds of tips explaining how to optimize your content for SEO. This eBook covers 16 content types, including blogs, infographics, landing pages, and more, and gets into the true details you need for your content to succeed. 

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As more organizations embrace content’s gaining importance for lead gen and revenue marketing, marketing leaders now need to develop and fund many types of content for every kind of buyer at each stage of the buyer’s journey.

Here’s what we see at TPG:

  • Reports show that 80 percent or more of the buyer’s journey is done solely by researching online to develop an initial short list of vendors for the desired service or product. So, your content better be searchable.
  • In order to be searchable and “findable,” you need the right content strategy and talent.
  • A strategy, plan, and content map for each buyer journey stage is essential.
  • Data should drive your content and formats, not opinions or gut feelings.
  • Titles, keywords, page meta, links, and tags can all add up to a higher rank and more visibility. Find out how.

How many words should your blog be for search? It’s not 300. Improve your content in one day with this handy eBook:

  • 16 content formats with tips on how to optimize word count, titles, and more
  • Benefits and advantages of each type of content format
  • Hundreds of tips about how to use data to develop content, place your content online, and tag it

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      Preview of marketing operations bundle items

      Written by TPG Strategy Team Members: 

      • Cathy Veri  
      • Tracy Wehringer 
      • Jon Searle 
      • Mark Palony