CMO Insights – Tyler Lessard, Vidyard

June 10, 2016

Chief Marketing Officers often have a unique perspective when it comes to their business and the role marketing plays within it. The Pedowitz Group has a special opportunity to shine light into the brilliant minds of CMOs around the world for marketers at all stages in their career. Our first installment of the CMO Perspective features an interview with Tyler Lessard, CMO of Vidyard, a platform that helps you turn viewers into customers.

Describe your company and the value proposition it provides to today’s Revenue Marketer®.

Vidyard is the Video Intelligence Platform that helps marketing and sales teams drive more revenue through the use of online video. Going beyond basic video hosting and management, Vidyard helps marketers drive greater engagement in their video content, track the viewing activities of each individual viewer, and use those insights to qualify more leads and track the true attribution and ROI of each video asset.

What marketing programs and campaigns are you investing in to drive demand?

Content marketing and thought leadership continues to be a critical part of our demand strategy at Vidyard. We leverage content throughout a diverse set of programs and campaigns to educate and inspire prospects at each stage of the buying journey. We’re also investing in Account-Based Marketing programs, regional events, community development and, of course, video marketing.

What types of technology does your company leverage internally to drive demand?

Vidyard has a centralized Revenue Operations team that builds, manages and optimizes the end-to-end technology stack that supports the entire customer journey from lead to revenue to renewal. In addition to marketing automation and CRM, we’re leveraging a variety of technologies for demand generation including intent data monitoring and social listening, contact data acquisition and augmentation, account-based marketing, display advertising and retargeting, lead and account scoring, and automating content delivery via multiple online channels.

What systems do your product integrate with?

Vidyard integrates with leading marketing automation and CRM systems including Oracle Marketing Cloud, Marketo, Salesforce, Pardot, Hubspot, Adobe Marketing Cloud and Act-On. We also integrate with content marketing and social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Hootsuite, Kapost, LookbookHQ, Uberflip and SnapApp.

What are several scenarios in which a Revenue Marketer® would use your technology and its capabilities?

Revenue Marketers use Vidyard to track the second-by-second video viewing activities of each prospect and customer to increase funnel velocity and optimize segmentation and nurture programs. By knowing more about the interests and actual engagement of each buyer, they can accelerate lead qualification and deliver more relevant content and nurture streams. They also use Vidyard’s split testing and Personalized Video capabilities to increase click-through and engagement rates on email and content marketing programs, and to drive higher conversions on web properties and landing pages. Finally, Revenue Marketers use Vidyard to track how each video asset is influencing pipeline and revenue so they can optimize their future investments.

How would the sales team benefit from your product?

Vidyard gives sales teams incredible insight into the interests and engagement of each individual prospect. By knowing which videos they have watched and how long they engaged in each, sales reps can quickly identify their hottest prospects and have more targeted conversations. Vidyard also enables sales reps to easily find and shares videos directly with prospects, and be notified as soon as they complete a viewing session with real-time insight into their actual engagement.

What skills are required to maximize the benefit of your product?

Marketers that derive the greatest value from Vidyard have a good understanding of marketing automation tools and demand generation best practices.

What processes need to be developed and/or re-engineered to maximize the benefits of your product?

To maximize the value of Vidyard, marketers will want to consider how to leverage video viewing engagement data as part of their lead scoring, segmentation, nurturing and sales enablement strategies. Often marketers will update their lead scoring models to now account for video viewing data, including the percentage of the content completed, and to identify new segments and nurture streams.

Who are your primary competitors?  What is your competitive differentiator?

Many businesses still host their video content on freemium platforms like YouTube and Vimeo which lack the ability to track individual viewers and do not offer integrations with marketing automation and CRM systems. With Vidyard, marketers can now turn video assets into demand generation tools while tracking video viewing data natively in marketing automation and CRM systems for greater customer insights and ROI reporting.

What kind of business outcomes are typically associated with the successful adoption of your product?

Increase in pipeline and revenue, improved productivity and efficiency, increased closed rates, and increased funnel velocity.

Tyler Lessard is a Marketing, Product and Business Development executive with a passion for customer-centric problem solving, creative storytelling, and data-driven marketing. He has more than 13 years of experience in wireless technology, enterprise mobility and video marketing with a diverse background in Business Development, Marketing, Ecosystem Development and Product Management. Tyler is currently a passionate and proud Vidyardian where he leads their global integrated marketing and has the incredible opportunity to be a Counsellor at Space Camp in October.

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