CMO Insights – Peter Herbert, Vice President of Marketing, VersionOne

CMO Insights – Peter Herbert, Vice President of Marketing, VersionOne

Peter Herbert, Vice President of Marketing with VersionOne made the decision 18 months ago to transform how they did marketing and adopt Account Based Marketing (ABM). As a company they moved from a transaction model to one where they focused on the Global 2000 organizations that would use the company’s software to do enterprise wide transformation. As part of the VersionOne marketing transformation they employed ABM.

In Peter’s own words: “We’ve employed ABM to help us target our efforts more effectively, personalize [messaging] and have more success with our ideal customer profile.” When asked what the results of adopting ABM was, Peter replied “Our specific ABM effort where we went through the whole process to select accounts, get alignment with sales, change our marketing stack, and transition all of our campaigns to this new mode; we are about 6 months into it, we converted 20% of our top 100 accounts into pipeline, and we’re currently sourcing about two thirds of the new business.”

Other topics he addresses in this 15 minute video include the reasons why he made the switch to ABM, what processes had to change, what technology stack he adopted to help, and what metrics and KPI changes he had to make.

Peter Herbert has nearly 20 years’ experience in strategic marketing and corporate communications including demand generation, public relations, corporate product positioning, content strategy, and channel development for both global and emerging technology companies.

VersionOne helps companies succeed with Agile software development and they specialize in helping some of the largest organizations in the world scale agile successfully across their entire organizations and succeed with agile transformation.

Watch to learn how VersionOne marketing leveraged ABM to convert 20% of their top 100 accounts to pipeline.

Peter Herbert

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