CMO Insights – Lauren Pasquale, Vice President of Marketing at Fastaff and US Nursing


Written by Allison Smith

December 15, 2016

Recently we spoke with Lauren Pasquale, Vice President of Marketing at Fastaff and US Nursing. She parlayed a 21 year career in sports marketing to apply digital marketing innovation at her current job with a mission to engage talented nurses in urgent and crucial travel assignments nationwide while fostering a best in class culture for her employees.  From Super Bowls to the Olympics to staffing, Lauren has done it all and brought the digital startup mentality everywhere she serves.

Fastaff finds high acuity nurses in urgent and crucial situations around the country using a database of nurses that marketing helps the firm build. Their biggest challenge is in finding nurses with the right skills, and so we asked her how marketing helps with this challenge. Lauren shared that marketing is taking advantage of some amazing big data technologies such as Oracle Eloqua and Tableau. By using these tools to segment the audience, learn more about them, mirror the behavior of your most highly engaged nurses, and make predictions about what others are likely to do Fastaff is able to attract and recruit great nurses. She also shared that nurses are a highly influential audience, which presents itself as a great opportunity to leverage social media, encourage them to talk to each other, and for Fastaff to practice social listening and observe trends using their social CRM.

Some other questions we posed to Lauren during our 14-minute interview included:

  • What is your approach to training your marketing team?
  • Where does content fit in the mix of things you do?
  • What types of business outcomes is marketing creating?
  • What other advice do you have for CMOs as they start their digital transformation?

Watch this 14-minute interview with Fastaff CMO Lauren Pasquale to hear her responses.

lauren Pasquale

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