CMO Insights – Edwin Choi

CMO Insights – Edwin Choi

Edwin Choi is a fanatical A/B tester, lover of analytics data and digital marketing enthusiast. He is passionate about digital marketing, online media and bridging the gap between psychology retail.

Edwin is currently the VP of Marketing at Mobovida and, a leading online retailer and vertically integrated “fast fashion” mobile accessory brand. Mobovida is a direct-to-consumer mobile accessory brand embodying the progressive 24/7 lifestyle of our digital generation.

  • Achieved 500% growth in 4 years
  • Built one of the country’s leading, award winning digital marketing teams from scratch
  • Established a heavily data-oriented, testing based culture
  • Built and/or led the business intelligence, purchasing and merchandising teams

In the video below, Edwin chats with The Pedowitz Group CEO, Jeff Pedowitz, about what it takes to foster a “testing” culture and how to build a successful marketing team.

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Edwin Choi - Mobovida

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