CMO Insights – Brian Carroll, Speaker, Author and Lead Generation Consultant


Written by The Pedowitz Group (TPG)

February 1, 2017

Jeff Pedowitz sat down with Brian Carroll, speaker, author and lead generation consultant while Brian was still in his role as Chief Evangelist with MECLABS Institute. Brian shares the importance of taking an education first approach with marketing and sales; that solving your client’s problems is critical to building a bridge and subsequently to creating a revenue relationship.

Using technology to isolate key events that show triggers of how an audience member moves through their buyers’ journey is key to creating the right content at the right time for the right people. Behavioral knowledge has increasingly become an important part of the marketing process and plays an integral role in technology acquisition.

The future o marketing requires a new set of skills for marketing professionals. When asked if he felt that students were coming out of college with the requisite skills he replied: “What we are finding, when I talk to CMOs and VPs of marketing, is that the students coming out of college today are less experienced marketers, don’t have the skills they need to embrace today’s customer and some of that has to do with the curriculum. What they are being taught isn’t connected to what’s really working in the community. The most important thing that people need to develop as a skill is really an understanding of how to put their customer first.”




To learn more Brian Carroll and how he helps B2B organizations improve their lead generation capabilities, check out his website B2B Lead Blog.

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