Platform-specific content on a wide range of MarTech used by many mid- and large-sized companies.

Eloqua Data Cleanup Basics

Any Eloqua admin worth their salt knows the importance of clean, validated data when it comes to getting optimal results from the platform. Data management on any marketing automation platform is a lot easier and more accessible - as long as it's done properly and...

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Why Salesforce Flow is a Critical Step Forward

Being a Salesforce admin lately is a lot like being a circus performer. Why? Well, if you aren’t flexible, quick on your feet, and comfortable working in fast-moving conditions….you’re probably not going to get too far. It was just a little while ago that I walked you...

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Eloqua is more alive than ever before

Oracle’s Eloqua is a platform that would find itself well in a game such as Love It or Hate It. In the game, someone names a thing, such as “pineapple on pizza!” and everyone else says if they love it or hate it. No in-between, no waffling … you have to go with your...

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A Massive List of Sales and Marketing Acronyms

Acronyms are an essential part of business culture, and marketing is no stranger to this. With so many long phrases used, it makes sense… unless you have no idea what they mean! The last thing anyone wants to do is admit they need a list of marketing acronyms for a...

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