Marketing Strategy

Embracing Transformation: A Conversation with David Carrel, CMO of Thomson Reuters

In this CMO Insights podcast, David Carrel, CMO of Thomson Reuters, discusses the company's ongoing transformation and the role of marketing in this change.

From ICP to ROI: Turning Ideal Customer Profiles into Actionable Marketing Strategies

Maximize marketing ROI with Ideal Customer Profiles (ICP). Leverage targeted messaging, segmentation, and sales alignment for conversions.

Modernize Your Marketing Structures to Nurture Growth

Outdated marketing team structures will only hinder your ability to retain the right talent ... and drive business outcomes.

Why we acquired BizMark CT, LLC (hint: consulting is evolving)

We've acquired BizMark Consulting. It's because how buyers have changed, and what you rightfully expect consultants to provide. Read more!

5 Key Ways Revenue Operations Makes A Difference

Can revenue operations positively impact employee experience, technology use and adoption, and so much more? Absolutely. Read now!

Revenue Growth In Mergers and Acquisitions

Think through how sales, marketing, and revenue operations thrive in a merger or acquisition ... here's the blog for you!

How To Embrace Revenue Operations

Oh goody, another industry buzzword, right? "Revenue Operations." Well ... it DOES have some practical applications! Read more 🙂

Let’s Talk About Revenue Growth Through Digital Transformation

Dr. Debbie Qaqish digs into a strategic look at lessons we can learn - and what you can take from them into your own organization.

Why Marketing Transformations Fail

Lack of executive buy-in. Unclear direction or accountability. Or maybe worst: Being stuck with a fancy PPT with no actual action? Yep, that'll tank.

Drive Greater Value With Your Marketing Operations

Where does marketing operations drive value? How do you become more mature as an organization? Get winning strategies from Dr. Debbie Qaqish!

Marketing as the Growth Driver in Manufacturing

Smart solutions across production lines, operations, supply chains, and technology integrations represent manufacturing innovations designed to reduce costs.