B2BMX: A Slack Chat on Tips, Advice and Stories for Attendees

Join The Pedowitz Group at B2BMX! Our team talks about what they're looking forward to for 2020

Written by Majda Anwar

February 4, 2020

Majda Anwar: Hey everyone! Thanks for joining us. Our team is chatting B2BMX, providing their insider knowledge about this conference for first-time attendees. Before we dive in, a brief introduction from our team participating:

Jeff Pedowitz: Hi Majda, It’s Jeff Pedowitz, President and CEO of The Pedowitz Group.

Laura Yeste: Hola Majda and crew! Laura Yeste, Marketing Logistics/Event Specialist here.

Majda Anwar: (Seriously, if Laura could bottle up her energy and sell it, she’d be a billionaire.)

Scott Benedetti: Scott Benedetti here – Chief Revenue Officer at TPG and I will be attending B2BMX 2020!

Colby Renton: Hi guys! Colby Renton (Vice President of Customer Operations at The Pedowitz Group) joined as well. I can’t wait to see everyone in sunny Arizona!

Majda Anwar: Awesome, thanks to each of you for chatting today.

Before I start asking questions, I wanted to give our readers a little overview of B2BMX. B2BMX (the B2B Marketing Exchange) is a 3-day conference dedicated to B2B Marketers. The 2020 conference is hosted in Scottsdale, AZ February 24 – 26 at the Hyatt Regency. The conference includes panels, workshops, keynotes and up to 6 tracks of content for topics such as ABM, Content, Demand Gen, Digital Strategy, Channel Marketing, and Sales Enablement.

The Pedowitz Group has been going to the conference for five years and we’ve sponsored the last three. We really enjoy going to this conference!

How many B2BMX Conferences have you attended?

Jeff Pedowitz: I’ve gone for the last 5 years.  It’s really a great show and one of my personal favorites.  Great content, smart people, and warm hospitality.

Colby Renton: This will be my second B2BMX

Scott Benedetti: Same for me – #2. Last year they had snow! 

B2BMX 2019 had snow - in Arizona!

Majda Anwar: I thought Jeff said they had WARM hospitality? 😆

Jeff Pedowitz: In the past five years, I’ve seen them really adapt the content.  

Majda Anwar: How So?

Jeff Pedowitz: In the beginning, it was based a lot on demand gen basics.  Then they morphed into omni-channel, ABM, and recently digital transformation and customer experience.

What are your favorite parts of B2BMX?

Majda Anwar: Besides the nice resort venue, Scott Benedetti 🙃

B2BMX is set at the gorgeous Hyatt in Scottsdale, Arizona, and the views alone make it feel right at home

Scott Benedetti: Haha, yeah, the Hyatt is nice. I appreciate the diversity of content and expect an even broader approach this year as they bring together the six different tracks.

Colby Renton: I also love that this event is dedicated to marketers in the B2B space.

Although there seems to be a convergence of strategies of B2B and B2C in the market, understanding how that is happening and what the impact is on how B2B marketers specifically run their business is critical to future success.

Majda Anwar: Jeff and Colby, on a related note, you both have touched a bit about the trends that have been shaping B2BMX (and the B2B marketing industry) and Colby, you just said the magical phrase – DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION.

You’re actually presenting on this at B2BMX this year, right?

Colby Renton: Yes! I’ll be conducting a workshop on Monday at 9 AM – 12:30 PM. It’s called Digital Transformation: Get Onboard or Get Out.

I’m super-excited to facilitate the transformational workshop this year at B2BMX. So many of our clients are undergoing some form of transformation. Some massive in scale, some very small, but even small efforts can feel overwhelming.

The Pedowitz Group is excited to present at B2BMX 2020

I’m using storytelling as a means to demonstrate how transformation occurs over time, incrementally.  I’ll also simultaneously share my own story of how I transformed as a marketer to adapt to the digital marketplace and dynamic consumer. I’ll share client stories and bring their concepts to an actionable place for attendees.

Majda Anwar: Colby’s running a workshop, and Jeff, you’ll be moderating the CMO panel, yes? Can you tell us a little bit more about that session? 

Jeff Pedowitz: Yep, I will be moderating the CXO panel on Monday. The prompt this year is Executive-Level Perspectives: Aligning Go-To-Market Strategies with Evolving Buyer Behaviors.

Majda Anwar: Ah, so it’s not just CMOs anymore…what’s the reason behind expanding the conversation to sales executives as well? 

Jeff Pedowitz: I think there is a healthy awareness now among marketers that MarTech is more than just a collection of tools and software. I am excited about the panel as it will bring both sales and marketing executives together to discuss revenue strategy.

Majda Anwar: Sounds like it’s going to be a very engaging panel!

Candid panel discussions with sales and marketing executives, step-by-step instructions on how to lead digital transformation…I’d like to ask you a few questions about the event to help any newbies who are attending this year. 

What’s new for B2BMX 2020 that you’re most excited about? 

Jeff Pedowitz: I’m excited that this conference continues to bring sales and marketing together. More discussions and case studies around alignment and shared outcomes.

Colby Renton: I’m super excited to help marketers learn how to continue to build their careers.

Scott Benedetti: I’m excited about our team’s participation, of course!  I’m also eager to see the variety of other presenters/workshops as well. It’s not often you can attend a single event and cover ABM, Content, Marketing Strategy, Sales Enablement, Engagement and Partner Channels in one place.

Majda Anwar: Says the sales leader, LOL

Jeff Pedowitz: LOL, true Scott. My panel, for example, has evolved from CMO-only to both sales and marketing executives.  It’s such a healthy and refreshing way to approach some of the age-old challenges both groups deal with.

Majda Anwar: We’ve been in this space for 10+ years and WE STILL see sales and marketing alignment challenges. I’d be very interested to see what happens at your panel! 

Jeff Pedowitz: Oh, one thing nobody wants to miss: the outdoor party really rocks. Great food, even better conversations.

A can't-miss event is the outdoor patio and party during B2BMX

Majda Anwar: Thanks y’all! Next question…

What’s something a conference “veteran” would know that a first-timer should be clued into for B2BMX?

Laura Yeste: Be prepared to speak with tons of people who have a good handshake (this sounds simple, but it’s SO important). Of course, SMILE even if you’re jet-lagged 😁

Know who you want to meet and where they will be, and put it on your calendar. Your calendar will be a life-saver at least once!

Jeff Pedowitz: In regards to the content, it can be overwhelming with all the tracks.  For a first-timer, I would recommend picking 1-2 sessions from each main track to get a good flavor of the overall conference vs. going deep on one track

Scott Benedetti: I agree with that – there are over 100 tracks. Pre-planning always a good idea!

I typically like to attend the case study sessions to see specifically how companies approached and resolved challenges. For this event, I plan to take advantage of the multi-track approach and look into the Sales Impact Summit and Channel Marketing sessions. I think there are opportunities for marketing to tighten their alignment and output to those two areas.

Laura Yeste: Don’t forget to dress accordingly. B2BMX is usually business dress, but remember to wear comfortable shoes (you’ll get your steps in) and bring phone/laptop chargers.

Majda Anwar: That brings us to our next question…

What are you bringing with you to the conference? What are you NOT bringing that many others bring, and why?

Laura Yeste: Prepare your “Elevator Pitch” for you and your company. Let others know succinctly who you are, what you do, and what your company does.

Jeff Pedowitz: Everyone there is trying to learn and network.  Don’t be afraid to sit down at a table with strangers and strike up a conversation.  There are a lot of sales and marketing professionals in attendance who are both learning and have a lot to share.

Colby Renton: Download a map of the venue and the expo hall so you know where you are going AND can help out others if they need it. A great way to meet people is to help them find where they are going and walk with them.

Majda Anwar: So – bring your elevator pitch, your networking skills, comfortable shoes, and chargers. 

Laura Yeste: Yes, and for me – my ENERGY – I tend to walk 3-5 miles a day at a small conference and 10 miles at a big one. My energy comes from getting up a little earlier than most and getting in a quick 5 to 10-minute workout, stretching session or just a walk around the resort when it is quiet. Then some high-octane coffee and I am good to go 😇

Majda Anwar: I believe there’s also a boot camp at 7 AM for folks to workout before the conference. Let’s transition to our last question…

What’s your favorite experience from B2BMX?

Jeff Pedowitz: I don’t know if there is one particular story, but I do treasure the time at night, sitting outside in the bar at one of those firepit tables, catching up with old friends and meeting some new people.

The Arizona sky is beautiful; the air is clean; and it is nice to unwind and laugh with people we’ve been working, competing with, and socializing with for 15 years. (And if you’re new, don’t be afraid to say hello. Everyone is friendly.)

Our team will be at B2BMX, and a favorite place is the patio at the Hyatt
The outdoor patio

Majda Anwar: Sign me up for that beautiful sunset!

Scott Benedetti: I don’t have a particular story, but do enjoy the dinners that we host. Having the opportunity to relax and really get to listen to show attendees while breaking bread is always insightful and inspiring.  It really helps us keep a finger on the pulse of market needs and direction.

Majda Anwar: Okay y’all, thanks for taking a few minutes to chat about B2BMX. Have a great time at the conference! 

See you in Scottsdale?

If you’re attending B2BMX, book some time with Scott, Colby or Jeff to talk about your current B2B marketing goals and opportunities!

Also, if you haven’t bought your pass yet, use code 25PEDOWITZGROUP for a 25% off discount!

Let's talk at 2020 B2BMX Conference!

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