Where to go after Marketo training

Where to go after Marketo training

You’ve just completed the Marketo Foundation Workshop (great job!) and are well on your way toward becoming a Marketo Certified Expert. But if you want to become a true marketing automation rockstar, it is essential that you commit to your ongoing education.

Foundation coursework introduced you to Marketo and got you familiar with some of the basic functions and concepts you need to know to get started with the platform; now it’s up to you to reinforce and deepen your knowledge. Where should you go after Marketo training?

To start, check out our Marketo Supplemental Training Guide developed to review core concepts, locate more advanced training documents from the Marketo Community, and gain an idea for the strategic direction you’ll need to take to become a Marketo expert.

Think of learning Marketo similar to studying anatomy; it’s not enough to simply know the names of the parts and their general function – you need to understand how all the moving parts affect each other, how a change in one area can cause another to break, and how optimization is the key to creating a well-oiled machine rather than one that needs to be fixed every few months.

Once you’ve got a sound understanding of the technology, it’s time to familiarize yourself with concepts like lead process/routing, lead scoring, lead lifecycle, automated data management, revenue attribution and closed-loop reporting. The role of the marketer has changed significantly with the dawn of marketing automation technologies. Nowadays marketers aren’t limited to creating content, then setting up and launching campaigns; we play a far more critical role in the revenue strategy than ever before.

This new job isn’t easy. Marketing departments often inherit giant messy databases that have been neglected over the years. Making sense of what’s there and doing some cleanup is important, but more important is committing to changing the sub-optimal processes that got us into that position in the first place. Understanding how Marketo works with your CRM platform from a holistic perspective will allow you to identify cracks in your current strategy and facilitate the changes that your sales and marketing team must make to improve performance.

By combining strategy and process with refined technical skills, you can master Marketo and take control of achieving your revenue goals.

Marketo Supplemental Training Guide

Marketo Supplemental Training Guide

The purpose of this Guide is to supply Marketo users with a list of all the major facts and where you need to go to access key materials. Download this guide to access an overview of Marketo, common terminology, the most common areas of Marketo, the most important concepts, and a link library.

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Alyssa Hewitt is a Revenue Engineer for The Pedowitz Group and a Marketo Certified Consultant, Marketo Certified Expert and Marketo Certified Instructor. With a passion for reporting and analytics, she loves to dissect data in an effort to better understand the genetics and behavioral tendencies of a lead database; knowledge that eventually translates to revenue-driven marketing strategy.

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