Adobe Summit Post Show Recap


Written by Jackie Nations

April 1, 2019


Hopefully, we’re all recovered from a week in Las Vegas at Adobe/Marketo Summit 2019. In case you missed this year’s joint summit showing off the brand new partnership of this power couple, I’ve got a recap of the most interesting moments for you.

There were almost 17k people in attendance, and we heard that about 2,500 were from the original Marketo Nation. Marketo did, however, bring over 5,000 customers, 550 partners and 65k members in Marketing Nation as a whole to the Adobe acquisition. The week kicked off with the spotlight on Adobe and all of its exciting product enhancements. Adobe’s Data Strategy enhancement highlighted “D DOM” which looks like a sophisticated BI interface that focuses on metrics to put customer engagement at the heart of marketing. It will be interesting to see how this is later integrated or translated into the new Marketo-Bizable reporting capabilities on Marketo’s roadmap. Adobe’s CEO, Shantanu Narayen spoke about “B2E Marketing”, taking the focus off the traditional way of seeing marketing as strictly B2B or B2C. In the words of Ann Lewnes, Adobe’s CMO: “Digital transformation is a mandate for every organization.” Shantanu wrapped up the Day 1 general session by giving everyone at the conference a year subscription to Adobe Rush for free – so expect some snazzy videos to pop up in your Instagram feed from those of us in attendance!

Throughout the conference, we learned that Marketo is changing its image a tad, to fit into the Adobe Ecosystem. “Marketo Engage – An Adobe Company” is the what it’s being called now, and I presume that means that in the future there is a chance that “Marketo” could get dropped from the title completed and just become Adobe Engage. Time will tell.

The last day of Summit was focused on Marketo. There was lots of conversation on Marketo Sky and the new capabilities that will become available due to the Adobe partnership. Last year, it seemed like Marketo Sky was mainly just a UI update…this past week heard much more though. Although it is true that with Marketo Sky and Adobe, you’ll now be able to get a rich data export in PDF form with pretty graphs versus raw excel files, this interface and reporting updated was just the tip of the iceberg. Marketo Sky will allow for goal setting for your programs upon creation, and labels for programs, to quickly filter and organize your programs and assets. New capabilities particularly relative to events were unveiled such as the ability to set an event cap for registrants with a landing page redirect to a custom notification page. With the help of AI and Adobe Sensei tools, marketers will gain access to predictive audience filters to help you determine who you want your audience to be for invites and other email communications. I’m sure we all saw this one coming, but new features will be available in Design Studio as well. In-tool image editing, and advanced image search capabilities will be coming soon. Also using Adobe, Journey Automation will look at the content you upload in Design Studio to make recommendations on which campaigns to add the content to.

Overall, it’s very evident that everyone is eager to see all of the new features made available through the new Adobe – Marketo partnership. I look forward to seeing how Marketo’s presence will develop in the Adobe partner ecospace and make an impact on people that are possibly new to marketing automation.



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