Adjusting Your 2019 Budget for Customer Centricity – Webinar Registration

Adjusting Your 2019 Budget for Customer Centricity – Webinar Registration

Budgeting season is upon us! Spreadsheets are filling our inboxes and the political games are afoot. It’s a season of stress and high blood pressure for marketers everywhere.

To add to the stress, there is a new competitive battleground in the budgeting sphere of the marketing universe: the customer experience. In the last three years, no one has really solved the customer experience budgeting problem. No one is budgeting for it.

Certainly, you have made customer centricity an initiative in your company. Maybe you’ve even added it into your 2019 budget as a line item. The fact, however, is that customer centricity will not become real until it receives funding.

Initiatives are great, but until there’s funding behind it, an initiative isn’t going to happen. Budgeting is power. In this webinar, we’re not going to show you how to develop your entire marketing budget. We don’t want to glaze your eyes over with yet another spreadsheet. What we are going to show you is a straightforward process for ensuring customer centricity drives your budget in 2019.


Budgeting for Customer Centricity Webinar


What this webinar is not about

This webinar is not about learning how to budget. We assume you already know how to do that. In fact, we’re pretty sure you already have some budgeting horror stories under your belt. Justin Yopp, one of the webinar presenters, has a budgeting horror story of his own if you want to check it out and get to know him a little better before the webinar.

This webinar isn’t about the spreadsheets and numbers. We’re not going to walk you through specific allocations for all the initiatives you’re pursing in 2019. If you’re interested in learning how much you should allocate for digital vs. events vs. print, this isn’t the webinar for you.

What this webinar is about

This webinar will teach you how to effectively budget for customer-centricity in 2019. The process is really straightforward, and while not easy, it’s very manageable. Here is a universal truth – there is power in the budget. When you create a budget and get it accepted, that is your clearance to go ahead and take action on something.

Creating a budget for an initiative makes it tangible and real. In this webinar, we will show you how to take the customer centricity initiative from slideware to action. Once you have funding for your customer centricity initiative, you have the ability to make real change in your company.

We’ll also reveal the incredibly common practice that is guaranteed to hinder your customer-centricity transformation. Make sure to register so you can avoid this natural reflex when constructing your budget in 2019. Learning this one lesson is critical for guiding your budget down the right path.

Why you want to attend

Remember that the customer journey is a team sport. It only works if everyone is on board. Budgets are powerful because they create alignment. By agreeing on where to spend money, people agree on where to focus their efforts. When everyone gets on board with customer centricity, they agree to focus their efforts on a complete view of the customer lifecycle. If everyone is on board with customer centricity, this might be a more delightful budgeting season.

Join us September 25th at 11amPT/2pmET for a webinar that’s full of budgeting knowledge and know-how. We’re also going to tell you the number one thing not to do in your 2019 budget, but you’ll have to register to find what. Lock in your seat now!

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