How to accelerate high-quality lead growth


Written by Captora

August 24, 2016

How are you currently feeding your marketing automation system? With sales pushing you for more leads, more “great” leads, most marketers are constrained with resources and budgets and are running out of ways to continue scaling their top of the funnel (ToFu) results while keeping the quality high.

Marketing automation systems are focused on nurturing known contacts:

  • Lead Scoring
  • Nurture Campaigns
  • Email Campaigns

That is all good! But, you need more leads coming into the funnel. We call this the numerator problem – how do you get more new contacts/leads into your marketing automation system to nurture/score?

Let’s break it up into 2 buckets that most marketers are using.

Organic Search

Oh, the power of SEO. Organic Search is a great channel to help you get quality leads that are ready to buy. Organic search campaigns are strategic because:

  • It’s the lowest cost per lead (CPL) since your cost is time, not paying for for clicks.
  • It helps you identify keyword opportunities before your competition as well as find new keywords that lead to new pools of buyers.
  • Non-Branded keywords result in higher conversion rates and a lower cost. Then you leverage this knowledge to optimize your your paid search strategy – buying less contested keywords before your competition!

Many marketers are not utilizing organic search to it’s full potential. Here are some things to consider when looking at organic search strategy.

  • What is my Alexa rank? This measures your digital footprint on the web. The lower your Alexa rank- the better your digital footprint and the higher your pages will rank on Google. You can find your Alexa rank on
  • How are people searching for my solution? What keywords are they using to find me? Are they branded or Non-branded? There are tools like SEMrush and Google Analytics can tell you what keywords are driving traffic to your site.
  • What content is driving engagement and conversions and what are my content gaps relative to my competition?

Paid Search

Unlike SEO where you optimize for scale and reach, in SEM, marketers focus on bidding, picking the right keywords and driving highly personalized, targeted messaging for those keywords across ads and landing pages. This boosts ROI from existing Paid Spend. Marketers are spending thousands of dollars per year on Google AdWords, and few of them see optimal ROI.

Without a strategy or a platform to deliver personalized landing pages at scale across all of those ads, most marketers are left with the following challenges:

  • No ability to scale creation of landing pages across thousands of keywords, ad groups, etc
  • Poor conversions on landing pages because the content or offer is not aligned with the keywords or ads
  • Poor user experience between ads and landing pages
  • No easy way to think cross channel and share learnings, insights, and execute.
  • Lower quality score within Google AdWords as a result of poor relevance- which implies higher cost of acquiring the customers

Here are a few things to consider when looking at your Paid search strategy.

  • Overall campaign structure – Systematic Campaign Organization builds a solid foundation to expand online advertising effort by creating themed messaging via keywords, ad copies, and landing pages. Google associates this higher quality scores.
  • Content Relevance of Ads and Landing Pages – When you optimize campaigns with relevant content, your revenue will grow along with ad relevance. Landing page and ad copy relevance has a huge impact on quality scores, and click through rates.
  • Landing page performance – Google uses tools such as Page Speed Insights to check page load time on landing pages. Landing pages should load within acceptable load times otherwise they will not be approved by Google.
  • Performance Tracking – Google Analytics should be linked to Google AdWords with the appropriate conversion events to track performance.

The winning marketers are those who use organic search and paid search together and use learnings from the organic channel to influence their paid strategy. Instead of running one off programs in your marketing automation system, think of ways you can utilize search to keep feeding the funnel with quality leads. It’s all about being personalized with each approach to see outstanding returns.

This blog was written by Aya Fawzy, the Marketing Manager at Captora, a top of funnel marketing platform. Just a few years out of college, Aya is responsible for everything from events, to sales enablement, to customer advocacy, and of course all things digital marketing. When not working, she enjoys being outdoors looking for a new adventure.

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