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May 7, 2020 Best AI Chatbot Software 2020 Real Expert Advice–-Using a chatbot software might be a good solution. They are more personal than a typical contact form, and they can help your customers with the answers of your FAQ’s. Also, you can use them as a lead generation tool to improve the conversion rate of your website.We have reached out to 26 digital experts and asked them which chatbot they would recommend others to use and why. Here are the ones that they recommended: May 4, 2020 Top Marketing Advice We’ve Been Given Method Marketing–-With the lockdown remaining in full force across the UK, we’re continuing our search for inspiration. This month, we speak to our contacts about the best marketing advice they’ve ever been given. May 1, 2020 What is Modular Design? Brett Friedman –-To understand modularity a little more, I asked designers and founders of modular-based businesses to describe real-life examples, starting with a more detailed look at blog modularity. March 18, 2020 Amid COVID-19 Conference Cancellations, Field Marketers Focus On Digital Events, Direct Mail Klaudia Tirico–-While no one knows when the outbreak will stop and business will go back to usual, it’s important to remember that today’s technology allows us to still maintain a human connection. Digital experiences are available to fill gaps in prospect engagement, customer support and thought-leadership content offerings. February 25, 2020 #B2BMX 2020 Day One: Creative Storytelling, Alignment & Accountability Take Center Stage For B2B Success Karen Axelton–-The world of B2B marketing is constantly changing, with new tools, new ideas and new challenges coming at breakneck speeds. Offering a wealth of speakers and sessions to help marketers stay abreast of the latest trends, the 2020 B2B Marketing Exchange focused on offering actionable takeaways as well as creative inspiration. January 9, 2020 Transitioning from Marketing to MarTech in 2020? Try Shoshin Chiradeep BasuMallick–- Martech is a rapidly growing space, demanding attention from every marketer across the board. If you’re looking to adopt marketing technology in 2020, replacing legacy models, you need Shoshin or the “beginner’s mind.” Read on to know what is Shoshin, five ways to leverage it in transitioning to martech, and what’s next for marketers. July 2, 2019 The Biggest Failure of Marketing Leadership Debbie Qaqish—CMOs must unite marketing and sales teams to achieve truly successful business results. If your company has a sales enablement team, I have one way you can tackle this challenge, which might be the best thing you do this year. June 27, 2019 Building a Center of Excellence for Customer Engagement — Part 2 Kevin Joyce—This is Part 2 of our series on how to create and organize a center of excellence (CoE) for demand generation and customer engagement. In this post, we’ll discuss the inputs and outputs to the CoE and what driving for excellence means, in practice. June 19, 2019 Creating A Successful Sales And Marketing Partnership Debbie Qaqish— It’s more than urban legend that sales and marketing alignment is critical for improved revenue production, margin increases, company growth, customer centricity, and even competitive advantage. With perseverance and a little time, you can build a good partnership and gain competitive advantage in today’s digital world. June 17, 2019 Leaders In AI, ABM And Revenue Marketing Sign On As Sponsors For B2B Sales & Marketing Exchange Demand Gen Report—The B2B Sales & Marketing Exchange is attracting some of the top technology brands as sponsors of the new event, which will unite the Demand Gen Summit, FlipMyFunnel and REVTalk conferences under one roof at the Encore Resort & Casino in Boston Harbor, August 12-13. The growing sponsor list will address the hottest areas of revenue marketing for B2B brands. June 5, 2019 What’s Next In Modern Marketing? Kevin Joyce—To get an insider view of how B2B marketers must reinvent their strategies for modern times, Demand Gen Report interviewed 10 industry experts about what modern marketing means to them and the tools and tactics marketing teams need to focus on for the future. May 30, 2019 How to Build a Center of Excellence for Customer Engagement — Part I Kevin Joyce—This is Part 1 of a two-part posting on how to create and organize a center of excellence for demand generation and customer engagement. May 30, 2019 Embrace Change Management as a Marketing Capability Debbie Qaqish—Change is no longer a dirty word for marketers and is now becoming a more common capability. By taking a practical approach, being intentional and by learning a few techniques, marketers are driving change in new ways in their organizations. So, don’t let change happen to you. It’s time to take control. May 28, 2019 Marketing operations as the Agent of Change Debbie Qaqish— Change agents communicate compelling reasons for change, continually explore new ideas, and take ownership with transparency. Today’s marketing ops leadership has a choice. They can be reactive leaders that respond to business requests, or they can be change agents that lead with new ideas, new innovations and new business models. May 16, 2019 The Pedowitz Group Executive Chats Revenue Marketing Maturity In B2B, New Index For Measuring Revenue Transformation Kevin Joyce–- Move over ABM; revenue marketing is the new buzzword taking over B2B as marketers are increasingly pushed to prove ROI. To investigate the state of revenue marketing maturity in B2B, The Pedowtiz Group released its first annual Revenue Marketing Index Report, which reveals that B2B orgs have some room for improvement as overall market maturity rests at a 2.3 out of 4. May 2, 2019 How B2B CMOs Can Give Panicked Salespeople Answers Instead of Discounts Kevin Joyce–-Seasoned CMOs have all experienced it. A downturn in business happens, the sales team is flailing and not hitting their numbers, and the sales EVP comes to the CMO and asks for one or more items. Before we review the counter-offers to the sales VP, let’s quickly review why immediately saying “yes” is a bad idea. April 26, 2019 Demand Generation Is Still Impactful For Prospect Engagement In 2019 Emma London–- After a business develops its strategy and set its technology firmly in place, the next step is overall execution in the form of demand generation. Demand generation stands as a central function in marketing organizations worldwide, and includes the generation and nurture of quality leads, brand awareness, account based marketing, and installed based marketing. April 24, 2019 How to Take Control of Your Marketing Career Debbie Qaqish–- Setting a vision for the future starts by defining your passion, taking a skills inventory and realizing your career barriers and accelerators. With technology and the customer-driven economy, marketers now have more opportunities than at any other point in history, and it is up to you to seek them out and enjoy your exciting and fulfilling career. April 23, 2019 Marketing Trends 2019: Buyer Behaviors and the MarTech Stack Abishek Yadav–-The Pedowitz Group (TPG), the leader in Revenue Marketing ™ helps companies plan, build and optimize their revenue engine by delivering services in MarTech, demand generation and marketing operations. TPG believes that Marketing is the driver of customer engagement that fuels the revenue engine, as explained in their book, The Rise of the Revenue Marketer by Debbie Qagish. April 18, 2019 Revenue Marketing Index 2019 Report: Findings and Tips for Marketers MarTech–- The Revenue Marketing Index 2019 Report was released on March 28, 2019 by The Pedowitz Group, and we are taking a deep dive into the 49-page report to bring the findings to you. Jump in to know what the key takeaways were and how they can impact marketers. April 4, 2019 1 Big Pitfall to Successful Demand Generation Digital Transformation Kevin Joyce–- As marketing leaders, we sometimes inadvertently lead our teams astray. When we delegate the outcomes we want, and simultaneously drive a sense of urgency, our teams may skip important steps in their drive to achieve the outcomes. Here is a classic example we see all too frequently with clients. March 4, 2019 Marketing Ops is Critical to the Success of Lead Management Debbie Qaqish–- Creating an inter-related framework that forms the foundation for lead management in your marketing operations is important. Here’s why. February 19, 2019 Pedowitz Group Execs Lead Workshop on Operationalizing the CX at B2BMX 2019, February 25 – Jeff Pedowitz to Moderate CMO Panel; Kevin Joyce to Mentor Aspiring Marketers PRNewswire–- Revenue Marketing™ Agency, The Pedowitz Group (TPG), announces its participation as speaker and exhibitor at the upcoming B2B Marketing Exchange 2019 (B2BMX19) in Scottsdale, AZ, February 25-27. B2BMX19 offers a unique platform for those charged with revenue accountability, i.e. marketers and sales practitioners, to network and learn best practices from the industry’s top thought leaders. Register here. February 19, 2019 Sales Lessons for Up-and-Coming Revenue Marketers Debbie Qaqish–- Marketing and sales alignment—excuse me, synergy—is a key success factor of Revenue Marketing success. Take the time to assess where marketing is in their understanding of sales, then follow the guidelines in this article to improve that level of understanding and to begin exhibiting fruitful Revenue Marketing behaviors. February 14, 2019 A Preview of MarTech: Over 50 In-Depth Sessions at the Intersection of Marketing, Technology, and Management Scott Brinker—MarTech is such an expansive and diverse field that it’s impossible to cover all of it, so how do we select only a subset of them to bring the most value to you? February 7, 2019 The Cost Marketing Pays When Sales Misuses the CRM Kevin Joyce — Bad things happen when sales reps ignore all of the insights their organization’s marketers place in the CRM system. From management not being able to discern how pipeline strength correlates to sales activity to them simply focusing on closed deals, erasing CRM’s impact on the sales cycle has consequences. In this post, we will explore why CRM misuse occurs, what the consequences are and what marketers can do about this issue. January 10, 2019 Is Speed Dating a Viable Marketing Strategy During Digital Transformation? Kevin Joyce — Imagine you have a friend who has had no luck at dating. Instead of looking into the reasons why they’ve had bad luck and changing their behavior, they tell you they’re going to start speed dating. Twenty dates a night! Surely they’ll have some luck! But the same behavior, 20 times faster, means 20 times the same results — even in marketing strategy. Embarking on a digital transformation can be compared to adopting a speed dating strategy. January 4, 2019 3 Marketing Transformation Priorities for CMOs: in conversation with Debbie Qaqish Debbie Qaqish — What are the high-priority areas for CMOs to address, when it comes to successful marketing transformation in the digital age? Why is MarTech such a challenge for Marketers? What skillset and mindset changes do CMOs need to make into 2020? All this and more from the queen of Revenue Marketing, Debbie Qaqish. January 4, 2019 Lead the pivot to customer centricity Debbie Qaqish — If a company is going to stay competitive, they must go where the customer goes and create a B2C experience for a B2B buyer. January 2, 2019 2019 Marketing Automation Outlook Guide Kevin Joyce — If my marketing operations leader added “maximizing the use of the marketing automation platform” as a goal in 2019, I’d replace them immediately because, clearly, they don’t get it. Increasing the usage of the technology is a means to an end. The measures of a MAP’s effectiveness include… December 11, 2018 Is It Time to Rebrand Marketing in 2019? Debbie Qaqish — As we look into the beginning of 2019, I’d like to challenge you to provide an honest answer to this question: What does your company really think about marketing? December 6, 2018 Top 8 Traits of the Best Marketing Operations Teams Kevin Joyce — Earlier this week I participated in a Target Marketing webinar with two talented marketing ops guys from Workfront (Jeff Cullimore and Brandon Jensen). The topic covered what traits to hire for and cultivate in a great marketing ops team. In this increasingly digital world that’s creating an increasingly digital — and complex — work environment, expectations for marketing operations have never been higher. December 6, 2018 How to Create a Winning Marketing Operations Playbook in 3 Steps Debbie Qaqish — I bet many of you reading this article are stumped by the question, “What does your marketing operations training program look like?” Why? Because the overwhelming majority of marketing departments do not have such a training program. Any training that does occur is typically haphazard, informal and certainly not measured. December 5, 2018 How to build a marketing operations organization out of chaos Debbie Qaqish — Financial accountability, digital transformation and the pivot to customer-centricity are all important CMO challenges to overcome to get your strategy back on track. November 28, 2018 Top 8 Traits of the Most Valuable Marketing Ops Teams – Webinar Recording Kevin Joyce — As a marketing operations leader, what’s the one thing you fear the most? Being in a meeting where you’re asked a question you don’t know the answer to? Or perhaps it’s more a fear that you or your team lack credibility with marketing leadership? Either way, in this increasingly digital world that’s creating an increasingly digital—and complex—work environment, expectations for marketing operations have never been higher—and you’re surely feeling that pressure. November 23, 2018 What CEOs Need To Know About The Ongoing Marketing Tech Debate Jeff Pedowitz — Last month, Adobe made big headlines when it agreed to purchase Marketo for $4.75B. This was yet another bold chess move by a big software company looking to bolster its suite of offerings and improve its competitive positioning. Adobe, Salesforce and Oracle have all made a series of acquisitions over the past few years to build out their marketing cloud solutions. November 19, 2018 Webinar Revelations on the Rise of the Strategic Marketing Operations Function Debbie Qaqish — Today’s B2B CMO is the hardest working person in corporate America. She is faced with not one or two, but three transformational challenges: 1) running marketing like a business by enabling revenue growth 2) company growth and 3) growth in shareholder value. This CMO is charged with not only digitally transforming marketing, but helping transform legacy company business models for the digital age. Finally, she is responsible for leading the pivot from being a product-focused company to being a customer-centric organization. I’m exhausted just writing this! November 13, 2018 10 Demand-Gen Campaign ‘Gotchas’ to Overcome for Flawless Marketing Automation Execution Majda Anwar — Marketing automation is not a new concept to B2B marketers by any stretch of the imagination, but the extent to which marketers use their marketing automation platform (MAP) is a different story. November 8, 2018 Does Your MarTech Stack Support Your Customer Experience Goals? Kevin Joyce — Your CEO has finally caught the customer experience fever and embraced customer experience as the new competitive battleground. As a result, she is empowering all functions to propose 2019 budgets that induce the organizational transformation from product-centric to customer-centric. As CMO you are naturally elated, but where do you start? November 7, 2018 Walking the CX talk Debbie Qaqish — One of the high-priority initiatives I am seeing B2B companies adopt as we look into 2019 is transforming from being product-centric to customer-centric. From my vantage point, I see this type of transformation as one of the three BIG CMO challenges. The other two are adopting financial accountability and leading wider digital transformation… November 6, 2018 Walking the CX talk Debbie Qaqish — Whether you’re assessing your own company’s status or considering how a potential employer is doing, follow these tips to determine whether a business is really dedicated to being customer-centric. October 25, 2018 Are Cognitive Biases Causing You to Make Bad Marketing Decisions? Justing Yopp — A core way to add value to your organization if you are a marketing leader in the knowledge economy is to use data to make informed decisions. Data-derived insights guide marketers to make intelligent decisions, such as which markets to enter and what products to produce. October 22, 2018 Lead Management for ABM Is Not What You Think It Is: Six Key Differences Debbie Qaqish — You’ve worked hard to put your lead management process in place. You have defined your waterfall and you have a well-running execution model for how to treat leads as they stream through the system. Lead scoring is working well. Fields are defined in CRM, and you have a steady flow of Sales-ready leads going to the business-development reps. Your machine is working, and now you are ready to begin an account-based marketing (ABM) program. Surely you can leverage the efficient machine you’ve already built for lead management, right? Wrong! October 11, 2018 A Strategy for Successful Leadership of the Website Team Kevin Joyce — Does your website team try to dazzle you with reams of reports and statistics weekly, so much so that you cannot tell if the website is actually improving in performance? Should you care? If you look at SQLs by source, there is a good chance that the website is the best source of SQLs. So, yes, you should care. If you demand they structure their reports every week as I describe below, the result will be a focused team and an ever-improving website. October 3, 2018 Sales Gets a Big Part of the Content Marketing Conversation at Content Marketing World Pamela Muldoon — 2018 marks the 8th year for Content Marketing World, the world’s largest conference dedicated to content marketing. 2018 also marks my 8th time as an attendee to this conference, and my 7th time as part of the speaker roster. This year, I chose to be a track moderator, introducing all of the presenters in one track on a single day, ensuring sponsors were mentioned and covering some general housekeeping for the attendees. I was assigned to moderate the Sales Track on Day 1, and my four presenters did not disappoint. Here are some key takeaways from my day… October 3, 2018 Should Sales or Marketing Own ABM? Debbie Qaqish — Call me biased, but as an ex-sales professional, I think sales needs to own the ABM practice. Thanks to the tsunami of new technologies and the accompanying power shift to the customer, the worlds of marketing and sales have forever changed. In this evolving business environment, it is time to re-write a few rules including who owns ABM. This article will examine the pros and cons of sales owning the ABM practice and provide guidance for marketing if they prefer to keep this responsibility. September 27, 2018 Breaking Tradition: Re-defining the Modern Sales Team Debbie Qaqish — I recently spoke with a marketing leader who was lamenting the static nature of sales leadership in her company. The CRO (chief revenue officer) was on a hiring tear for a sales profile he referred to as “door knockers.” I was absolutely floored when I heard this! Here we are living in the digital age complete with abundant demographic, behavioral and predictive data about prospects and customers that can be served up in real-time and this guy wants to hire “door knockers.” This particular CRO is running a traditional sales team. So, what does a modern sales team look like and what are the benefits? September 13, 2018 5 Marketing Capabilities for Customer-Centric Digital Transformation Kevin Joyce — A couple of months ago we discussed what marketing capabilities are needed for a digital transformation. We narrowed the scope of the answer to just technology-related capabilities. Let’s now address the additional capabilities required to transform a traditional marketing organization into a modern revenue marketing machine. September 10, 2018 How to Ensure ABM Success via Organizational Structure Debbie Qaqish — The B2B marketing world is so excited about ABM’s potential, that we sometimes overlook a basic business maxim: Structure follows strategy. September 6, 2018 Should Marketing Ops Be Centralized, Field-Based or Distributed? Debbie Qaqish — There is a bit of a tug-o-war going on in terms of where the MO function should sit in large organizations. On one side is corporate marketing. Corporate marketing believes that all MO functions are best kept as a centralized and shared services type of function. In contrast, field marketing believes they should own their own destiny and the technology to go with it. Who is right? It depends. There are pros and cons to each structure that we will examine in this article. September 4, 2018 How to build and budget your 2019 customer-centric MO playbook As you pivot your organization to become more customer-centric, the changes will likely have a significant impact on your budgetary needs. Contributor Debbie Qaqish guides you on what to consider as you plan for 2019. September 4, 2018 9 Steps To Operationalize CX And Achieve Advocacy Kevin Joyce — How can firms operationalize the customer experience and create customers for life? It is great to talk about it, make it a company-wide initiative, pound our fists on the boardroom table and commit to becoming customer-centric, but what are the actual steps marketing operations can take to operationalize the customer experience? August 22, 2018 The next level of marketing maturity on stage at MarTech this October Scott Brinker — The wait is over… here’s the definitive preview of what you can expect at MarTech®. August 20, 2018 The next level of marketing maturity on stage at MarTech this October Scott Brinker — I’m going to declare that, as of August 2018, martech has crossed a threshold in maturity. And by martech, I mean the grand view of martech, the convergence of marketing, technology, and management practices across industries — and the hybrid marketing leaders who are driving the strategy and operations of that convergence. August 16, 2018 4 Biggest Challenges of Content Gating Pamela Muldoon — The debate on whether or not to have gated content as part of an overall content strategy continues. There are definite pros and cons to asking your audience to provide their contact details in exchange for content. However, as a professional marketer, you cannot deny the great potential of using gated content to drive new leads into your database and begin moving them through the customer journey process. August 16, 2018 Should You Centralize OR Decentralize Marketing Campaign Operations? Kevin Joyce — If you are a growing enterprise with regional and perhaps international locations, and you are going through a digital transformation and building out a marketing operations function, you must inevitably decide what to centralize and what to decentralize. For functions like data quality management or vendor management, centralization is an easy decision. The decisions around marketing campaign operations design and development are more difficult. August 13, 2018 MTA WEEK WATCH: adsquare expands in the Midwest, Terminus introduces ABM Command Center, Intercom launches new chatbot tech, Winclap partners with Tapjoy…and more! The most useful features, eBook and news items published on MTA last week, in one handy list – just in case you missed it! Debbie Qaqish is featured in the Top Martech articles. August 8, 2018 Is your organization ready for a dedicated MO function? Maybe you’re eager to get a marketing operations function started at your company, but is it really ready? Contributor Debbie Qaqish explains how to figure that out. August 8, 2018 Should Demand Gen Reside in the MO (Marketing Operations) Function? Debbie Qaqish — As MO (Marketing Operations) continues to thrive and mature as a value-adding function to the marketing organization, the argument rages on: Where should the demand generation function reside within the marketing org structure? August 6, 2018 The Secret to ABM Success: How to Use Private Investigator Skills to Build a Winning Program Debbie Qaqish — You’ve probably seen the reports, case studies, and testimonials about the advantages of account-based marketing (ABM). But let’s be honest: Although some marketers are successful with ABM, many struggle to achieve its promised value. Implementing a successful ABM program is a big, complex job requiring new thinking and new processes. It also requires a new role: the account private investigator, AKA account PI. July 24, 2018 Is Your Marketing Operations Team Leading the Customer Journey? Debbie Qaqish — Mapping and operationalizing the customer journey are critical activities for today’s B2B marketer. As more companies turn away from product-centric strategies and embrace customer-centric strategies, the pressure mounts for marketing to lead the transition. Yet, how ready is marketing to step up to the plate and what prepares marketing for this challenge? Based on my work with hundreds of marketing organizations, when marketing has a strategic Marketing Operations (MO) department, marketing successfully leads the transition to being a customer-centric organization. July 19, 2018 The Marketing Tech ROI Meltdown: 3 Trends Impacting Financial Performance Jeff Pedowitz — Much has been written about marketing technology (MarTech), from eight years ago when Gartner first predicted marketing would spend more on technology than IT until now, no one can argue there have been considerable growth and changes to the marketplace. When looking at this through the lens of a CEO, one has to ask the question – “Have we achieved a better ROI because of our focus on marketing technology?” If firms are really honest with themselves, the answer is a resounding no! July 19, 2018 Why Capabilities Trump Skills in Digital Transformation A CMO embarking on the digital transformation of their marketing department recently asked me to prioritize what skills they needed for their fast-growing company.[…]There are hundreds of skills a marketing department could need, from copy-writing for blogs, video editing, podcasting, data analysis, budget management and public relations all the way to campaign design. The answer would not have been apposite. The real question is, “What marketing capabilities do we need to acquire in order to do digital marketing effectively?” July 11, 2018 3 Steps to Cleaning Up Your Dirty Database Does this situation sound familiar? You have been tasked with implementing some new buzzwords in your marketing strategy, which sounds great and very exciting until you begin work on, say, an ABM project and realize very quickly that your database is too dirty and in some cases too lacking to actually support that type of advanced initiative. As you start to dig deeper, you realize the problems extend way beyond the surface, and there doesn’t really seem to be anybody in your organization who can account for why things are the way they are, let alone what needs to be done to fix the issues. July 10, 2018 Customer Journey Mapping in 3 Steps Even with the wealth of customer data available through marketing technology today, few marketers validate critical customer journey work by talking with actual customers. This lack of real customer insight clouds any idea of the customer journey your team might have. You cannot simply sit in a room and make stuff up based on a hunch. Marketers must engage directly with customers to identify their challenges and solve them. July 10, 2018 5 Common Mistakes B2B Marketers Make When Gating Content Choosing whether or not to gate your content has become a big topic of discussion among marketing professionals. There are definite pros and cons to the content gating decision, but once you decide to gate your content for your audience, there are some common mistakes that can be avoided with a little preparation and forethought to your gating process. June 27, 2018 Using Technology As The Basis For Building The “Path To Sales Mastery” May Be A Bit Ambitious The path to sales mastery is filled with ambiguity — largely arising from the role of CRMs and the way sales professionals leverage technology to support the fundamental tenets of selling to the focused-groups. In a candid chat on sales mastery with Scott Benedetti, Vice President of Sales, The Pedowitz Group, we attempt to clearly measure the role of CRMs and sales automation technologies for modern business development teams. June 21, 2018 How to Connect Digital Media Spend to Revenue Results Besides content and labor, digital media spend is likely one of the largest pieces of the budget. But is it being well spent? How can you tell? The media team and their agencies use a lot of new buzzwords to describe where it is being spent, but at the end of the day CMOs want to know exactly how much revenue that budget drove. June 20, 2018 How to Stop Your MO Group from Regressing Debbie Qaqish: Two kinds of MO groups exist today – those who are innovating and growing and those who are regressing. Since I’ve written extensively about the first group, let’s focus here on the second group – the Regressors. June 19, 2018 Expanding Marketing KPIs from Performance to Predictive Savvy marketers understand there are two types of KPIs – key performance indicators and key predictive indicators. Most marketers only concern themselves with performance indicators, missing out on critical data points for effectively managing their marketing. Marketers should refocus their attention on predictive indicators if they want to be effective managers and stewards of the resources under their charge. June 19, 2018 Are Your Communication Skills Hindering Your Marketing Career? One of the key changes in the role of marketing today is how much interaction and engagement marketing needs to have with other functions in order for marketing to attain their own stated goals. New responsibilities require marketers to acquire a new skill set to be successful. While the most obvious skills are technical, a skill set that is largely ignored, but is the foundation of modern marketing is communication. June 18, 2018 Is your customer the unifying thread? How to do martech right How you approach martech is highly dependent on the thread that’s unifying all of your decision-making. Contributor Debbie Qaqish explains how this affects your chances of success. June 7, 2018 How to Unlock ABM Success via Revenue Marketing Debbie Qaqish, Chief Strategy Officer, The Pedowitz Group, discusses how the right adoption of Revenue Marketing principles can improve the execution of an ABM approach May 25, 2018 Rise of the Revenue Analyst in MO As we throw everything but the kitchen sink at the MO group, their responsibilities have greatly expanded beyond optimizing technology for marketing. Yet, 99% of the MO groups I talk and work with, have no direct revenue accountability. May 25, 2018 Webinar: How to Solve Your Most Common Data Problems All too often, it’s not product functionality that’s keeping your marketing automation instance from reaching its full potential, it’s your data. May 24, 2018 How Top CMOs Leverage MBOs to Drive Accountability and Performance Management by objectives (MBO) is a management theory introduced by Peter Drucker in his 1954 book, “The Practice of Management.” MBOs improve organizational performance by defining objectives agreed to by both management and employees. According to its time tested principles, having a say in goal setting and action plans encourages participation and commitment among employees, and aligns objectives across the organization. May 21, 2018 Becoming Customer-Centric – A Tale of a NextGen MO Organization Contributor Debbie Qaqish describes the structure of a company taking marketing operations to the next level. May 16, 2018 The ‘Fearless Marketer’ Captures The Essence of the Marketo Nation Summit 2018 The theme, “The Fearless Marketer”, was a perfect choice as it truly captures the essence of Marketo’s competitive advantage in the marketplace. The marketing powerhouse is currently focused on these four key areas, which were echoed throughout the Summit: The Engagement Platform; Sales and Marketing Alignment; AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Analytics. May 16, 2018 How to Cure Marketing Fatigue Syndrome Just what you need: another acronym. Yet, I bet this one will resonate. It’s called MTFS and it stands for martech fatigue syndrome. Does this hit a nerve? May 13, 2018 Connecting Content Creation to the Bottom Line SLMA Radio May 10, 2018 7 Key Capabilities for Great Omnichannel Customer Experiences Target Marketing Magazine Educational Webinar Series May 7, 2018 The Role of the Datanista on the Customer Journey: How to Harness Psychic Prowess for Competitive Advantage” There are four types of “Datanistas,” each of which can characterize by the quality of their data, their campaign impact and customer insight impact. May 1, 2018 Nailing the B2B Campaign Optimization Strategies in 2018″ According to Debbie Qaqish, Chief Strategy Officer of The Pedowitz Group (TPG), The “Campaign” Is the Currency of Conversation That Leads to Understanding and Engagement of the Customer April 18, 2018 Are You Riding the Marketing Tech Wave or Just Being Pulled Under? By 2020, voice-activated search will be the number one source of initiated inquiry. April 18, 2018 Who Owns the Pipeline the Creators or the Closers? The pipeline or sales funnel is evolving as marketing becomes more aggressive and sophisticated in the creation of not only sales leads, but qualified leads. April 17, 2018 How the C-suite benefits from a strategic marketing operations function Need ammunition to win budget and staffing for a strategic marketing operations team? Contributor Debbie Qaqish offers a long list of benefits. April 17, 2018 Who Owns the Customer Journey? Why haven’t more B-to-B CMOs recognized customer journey mapping and ongoing optimization as a core strategic capability in marketing in 2018? April 13, 2018 Hey, Big Spender: How CMOs are Transforing Marketing From a Cost Center to A Revenue Driver All this technology, all this data, all this new thinking—all of it is transforming marketing both operationally and strategically. March 29, 2018 CMO Accountability: What’s the Time Horizon? What are CMOs held accountable for at the end of the year? Let’s say we invest 5 percent of revenues in a given year in marketing, what do the CEO and the board of directors expect in return? March 29, 2018 The Wrong Way to Buy MarTech Technology plays a huge role in the ability to successfully make this transformation. That said, there is a right way and a wrong way to buy technology and too many marketers are doing it the wrong way. This article looks at the why, how and who of buying marketing technology to facilitate a successful marketing transformation. March 22, 2018 Exploring Changing Trends in Martech and CMO Roles with Debbie Qaqish CSO at The Pedowitz Group How is the CMO’s role evolving and what new skills will be needed to perform modern marketing tasks better? The questions don’t stop there! Debbie shares her thoughts on all this and more. March 21, 2018 Is Acquisition Tunnel Vision Cutting you CLVs Short? How is the CMO’s role evolving and what new skills will be needed to perform modern marketing tasks better? The questions don’t stop there! Debbie shares her thoughts on all this and more. March 16, 2018 ABM: The CMO’s Silver Bullet It’s no secret that today’s B2B CMO is under a full-scale assault to drive tangible, measurable revenue results. The CEO, executive leadership, the board and the firm’s stakeholders have had it with mega marketing budgets that show no business results. March 9, 2018 Core Organizational Ingredients of the Ever-Expanding MO Function This group has literally exploded onto the marketing scene in the last two years, and rightly so. February 20, 2018 4 Ways to Build a Better Relationship with Your CFO In many companies, the CMO-CFO relationship narrows down to the annual budget brawl. February 1, 2018 A RM Journey: The Conclusion Sixteen months ago, we started the revenue marketing journey together. We defined revenue marketing as the combined set of strategies, processes, people, technologies, content and result measurements across marketing and sales. January 26, 2018 Weekend Reading: Rise of the Revenue Marketer by Debbie Qaqish Are you a B2B marketer with aspirations to remain one for the foreseeable future? You’re going to need to become a revenue marketer if you’re not already. January 17, 2018 3 B2B Marketing Changes that Will Define 2018 In 2018, marketing must take ownership of digital transformation, accountability and customer intimacy. January 4, 2018 Get Revenue Marketing Analytics Right for 2018 6 Steps to Accurate Revenue Marketing Analytics December 20, 2017 B-to-B Marketers Are Having an Identity Crisis Between stubborn misconceptions about marketing’s value and a flood of new technology, marketers face a tough job of defining their role in the modern business November 30, 2017 How Marketing Operations Chooses Wisely Between Bright, Shiny Objects What Outcomes Do You Expect From Marketing Technology? November 2, 2017 Your Prospects Are Multichannel. Are You? Let’s talk about channels for multichannel distribution of your content. October 23, 2017 CEO’s Guide To Successfully Leveraging Marketing Tech The marketing technology (MarTech) landscape is evolving at an alarming rate as breakthroughs like AI, IOT and personalization at scale become yesterday’s news. October 19, 2017 Closing the marketing skills gap: 3 talent acquisition strategies, Part 3 In Part 3 of a series on the strategic marketing operations leader, contributor Debbie Qaqish discusses the challenges of finding the right talent and outlines three strategies to help you build a high-performing team. October 18, 2017 Is the Marketing Funnel Dead As companies begin to pivot away from product-centric strategies to embrace customer-focused strategies, B2B marketers need to reimagine the funnel. October 5, 2017 How to Formulate Your 2018 Content Marketing Strategy In this month’s step of the revenue marketing journey, we cover content marketing strategy and the steps to developing the best content editorial calendar. October 5, 2017 DNA of a strategic marketing ops leader: 3 seismic shifts, Part 2 From Button-pusher to Visionary and Interpreter October 2, 2017 Why Marketing Tech Should be on the CEO Radar Smart CEOs are Keeping an Eye on the Marketing Tech Space September 21, 2017 Rise of the Strategic MO Leader: Part 1 MO leaders are emerging as the new power players in marketing. September 20, 2017 4 Traits B2B CMOs Need in the Digital Era B2B CMOs need to be evermore revenue-minded and customer-centric to excel and lead in the digital era September 8, 2017 Optimizing the MO Function 1:4 MO leaders are emerging as the new power players in marketing. September 5, 2017 50 Influential Women in Content Marketing 50 Influential Women in Content Marketing 2017. August 15, 2017 Debbie Qaqish Published on B2B Marketing 5 Steps to Makeover Your Marketing and Planning Budget August 14, 2017 Debbie Qaqish Published Published on B2B Marketing 3 Reasons Why Marketing Should Lead the Budgeting and Planning Process August 2, 2017 Debbie Qaqish Published Published on MarTech Series The Right Time for the Millenial Marketer August 1, 2017 Debbie Qaqish Published Published on Marketing News 4 Reasons CMOs Are Top Candidates for CEO Succession August 1, 2017 Debbie Qaqish Published Published on CRMI Three Barriers to Integrating CX Into a Company’s DNA July 18, 2017 Debbie Qaqish Published Published on Marketing News 3 Barriers CMOs Face in Becoming Chief Customer Officers July 13, 2017 Kevin Joyce Published on Target Marketing Are You Drowning in Content Chaos? June 26, 2017 Debbie Qaqish Published on B2B Marketing Magazine Leaky leads: How marketing/inside sales partnering across the customer life achieves quota June 16, 2017 Debbie Qaqish Published on B2B Marketing Magazine The 3 Cs of Revenue Marketing: Culture, Customer and Change June 14 & 21, 2017 Debbie Qaqish Published on AMA B2B Marketing Newsletter 3 Steps to Unify Sales and Marketing for Revenue Wins June 12, 2017 Scott Benedetti Published on Selling Power How to Sell from a Position of Strength June 7, 2017 Debbie Qaqish Published on Chief Marketer What CMOs Need to Know About SMOPS May 18, 2017 Kevin Joyce Published on Target Marketing Add Data Operations to Accelerate Your Revenue Marketing Journey May 9, 2017 Debbie Qaqish Published on B2B Marketing 3 duties of a customer-focused, revenue generating SMOPS organization May 4, 2017 Debbie Qaqish Published on B2B Marketing How is the rise of the sales and marketing ops (SMO) function impacting revenue? April 25, 2017 Justin Yopp Published on Wholesale and Distribution International The Bust The Barriers April 24, 2017 Debbie Qaqish Published on America Marketing Association 3 Things Every CMO Needs for a Successful Relationship with the CFO April 20, 2017 Kevin Joyce Published on Target MarketingIs Data-Driven Decision-Making (3D) at the Heart of Your Marketing Organization? April 13, 2017 Debbie Qaqish Published on B2B Marketing 4 elements of ABM activated sales and marketing revenue synergy April 6, 2017 Kevin Joyce Published on How To Untangle The Threads Of Discord Between Marketing And IT April 3, 2017 Debbie Qaqish Published on B2B Marketing 3 surefire steps marketers must take to align with sales March 24, 2017 Debbie Qaqish Published on Marketing News Weekly How to Sell Revenue Marketing to the CEO: Three Proven Steps to Earning Your Seat at the Table March 23, 2017 Kevin Joyce Published on Target Marketing 7 Outrageous Lead Management Errors and How to Fix Them March 21, 2017 Debbie Qaqish Published on B2B Marketing Transformational leadership and the CMO: The defining role March 17, 2017 Debbie Qaqish Interviewed on Dana Barrett Show Revenue Marketing March 17, 2017 Debbie Qaqish Published on Sales Lead Management Association The Issue: C-Level Management Resists Revenue Marketing – Qaqish on SLMA Radio March 13, 2017 Justin Yopp Published on Sales & Marketing Management The Hidden Impact KPI Selection has on Your Team’s Motivation, Morale, and Effectiveness March 7, 2017 Lauren Kincke Published on B2B Marketing How to Scale for Marketing Success: Don’t Bite Off More than You Can Chew Winter 2017 Debbie Qaqish Published on Programatic Marketing Begin Your RM Journey February 27, 2017 Lauren Kincke Published on B2B Marketing Process makes perfect: Stop worrying about the architecture of your martech stack February 23, 2017 Kevin Joyce Published on Target Marketing 5 Core Marketing Processes to Master February 21, 2017 Debbie Qaqish Published on Marketing News Weekly Who Should Close the Digital Skills Gap, Marketing or HR? February 17, 2017 Jeff Pedowitz Published on DemandGen Report DV: The Death of MA & Birth of Customer Engagement February / March 2017 Debbie Qaqish Published on Strictly Marketing Genesis & Evolution of MO & Why Sales Should Care February 13, 2017 Lauren Kincke Published on B2B Marketing What is your technology legacy? How does it impact your martech stack? February 2, 2017 Lauren Kincke Published on B2B Marketing Architech change before architecting martech January 26, 2017 Lauren Kincke Published on B2B Marketing Quit worrying about the architecture of your martech stack January 26, 2017 Kevin Joyce Published on Target Marketing The Digital & Content Team: Is Splintering a Verb? January 25, 2017 Debbie Qaqish Published on MKTGinsight 10 Ways to Guide Marketers Along the Path to Change January 17, 2017 Debbie Qaqish Published on B2B Marketing Three Steps to Inspire Your CEO to Become a RM Advocate January 17, 2017 Lauren Kincke Published on B2B Marketing Shiny Object Syndrome or Planned Purchasing: 4 Questions to Max Your Marketing Budget and Architecture December 22, 2016 Kevin Joyce Published on Target Marketing Driving Demand Generation: Who Belongs on That Bus? December 20, 2016 Lauren Kincke Published on B2B Marketing 2017 Predictions in B2B marketing: Part 3 December 16, 2016 Debbie Qaqish Published on Dun & Bradstreet Perspectives What Kind of Datanista Are You? B2B Marketers Drive Revenue with Customer Data December 15, 2016 Lauren Kincke Published on B2B Marketing 2017 Predictions in B2B marketing: Part 2 December 6, 2016 Lauren Kincke Published on B2B Marketing 2017 Predictions in B2B marketing: Part 1 November 22, 2016 Kevin Joyce Published on Target Marketing Marketing Operations Grows Up: Why Unicorns Rule November 15, 2016 Lauren Kincke Published on Chief Marketer Why Clean Marketing Data is Not Just for CIOs November 14, 2016 Debbie Qaqish was featured on PitchMaps Leaderview Where customer focus is still missing in B2B marketing October 28, 2016 Debbie Qaqish Published on B2B Marketing Magazine The B2B CMO’s second chance: The Dawn of MarTech October 27, 2016 Kevin Joyce Published on Target Marketing An Organizational Structure for Modern Marketing Success October 17, 2016 Angela Sanders Published on B2B Marketing How to: Become an Agile Revenue Marketer October 4, 2016 Debbie Qaqish Published on B2B Marketing The Art of Reframing Marketing Leadership September 26, 2016 Kevin Joyce Published on Target Marketing First Steps in the Revenue Marketing Journey September 13, 2016 Debbie Qaqish Published on B2B Marketing Is it time to build your revenue marketing Center of Excellence? September 9, 2016 Evan Whitenight Published on Mad Marketer How Revenue Marketer Rock Big Data: B2B Learning from B2C September 6, 2016 Alyssa Hewitt Published on B2B Marketing 4 steps to boost your marketing operations health September/October 2016 Debbie Qaqish Published in Strictly Marketing Magazine How to Lead Change in Marketing: 5 Proven Action Guides August 1, 2016 Debbie Qaqish Published on B2B Marketing 3 Steps forward in your Revenue Marketing Journey July 26, 2016 Caitlin Culbert Published on B2B Marketing How to: Create healthy marketing automation habits July 26, 2016 Kevin Joyce Published on Captora Blog Challenges To Inbound Campaign Analytics In B2B Environments – Search to Revenue™ July 14, 2016 Caitlin Culbert Published on B2B Marketing How to manage marketing automation constraints July 12, 2016 Scott Bennedetti Published in SMM – Sales & Marketing Management ABM and predictive analytics: Two nails in the B2B salesperson’s coffin? July / August 2016 Debbie Qaqish Published in Strictly Marketing Magazine Proven Success Formula for Lead Management: How to Overcome Five Common Challenges July 5,2016 Debbie Qaqish Featured in B2B Marketing The power of revenue marketing: What’s in a name? June 10,2016 Jeff Pedowitz Q&A with Scott Brinker How Utilized is Marketing Automation Today? An Expert Weighs In June 2016 Jason Long Featured on DMNews One Tough Question: Mobile Marketing Means Business May 25, 2016 Colby Fazio Featured on Demand Gen Report Advances in Applications Make ABM More Achievable for B2B Marketers May / June 2016 Scott Bennedetti Published in SMM – Sales & Marketing Management 5 Best Practices in Lead Scoring from the Lens of a Revenue Marketer May / June 2016 Debbie Qaqish Published in Strictly Marketing Magazine Rise of the Marketing Operations Function April 22, 2016 Colby Fazio Featured on Demand Gen Report Account-Based Marketing: Four Tips For Developing A Strategic Approach April 20, 2016 Jonathan Searle Featured on Mad Marketer The Reach of Marketing Automation in Digital Experience (DX) March 3, 2016 Debbie Qaqish Published in Strictly Marketing Magazine How to Become a Marketing Superstar February 10, 2016 Kevin Joyce Interviewed by Demand Gen Report B2B Marketers Stepping Up Focus On Message Mapping And Content Sequencing January / February 2016 Debbie Qaqish Published in Strictly Marketing Magazine Lessons from the Digital Trenches: A Sales Transformation December 29, 2015 Debbie Qaqish Interviewed by Direct Marketing News What the Dickens to Do About Marketing Technology December 23, 2015 Bruce Culbert Interviewed by Inside CRM Six Tips for Integrating Your Marketing with Your CRM December 17, 2015 “Rise of the Revenue Marketer” by Debbie Qaqish Referenced in Article by Artillery Marketing How To Estimate Inbound Marketing ROI [Calculator]
September (?) 2020 Client Terex Finalist for Best Customer Experience December 2, 2019 Caitlin Poliska Named TAG Finalist for Marketing Executive of the Year (SMB) December 2, 2019 TAG Finalist for Digital Marketing Agency of the Year October 24, 2019 Caitlin Poliska Named Member of Marketo Fearless 50 March 26, 2019 Client Palo Alto Networks Named Marketing Team of the Year April 30, 2018 Client Advent Named Revvie Marketing Team of the Year April 30, 2018 Client Emily Poulton (Adecco Group) Named Revvie Marketer of the Year April 30, 2018 Revvie Finalist for Partner of the Year December 19, 2017 Debbie Qaqish wins 2017 Top S&M Award for “Rise of the Marketing Operations Function” white paper October 18, 2017 Pamela Muldoon Nominee for Lead Gen October 18, 2017 Kevin Joyce Nominee for Marketing Management October 18, 2017 Debbie Qaqish Nominee for C-Level October 18, 2017 Scott Benedetti Nominee for Software and Web Apps February 23, 2017 TPG Ranke #12 in B2B US Agencies Benchmarketing Report 2017 January 9, 2017 TPG has been named one of Chief Marketer’s 2017 B2B Top Shops, a listing of the top B2B marketing agencies in the United States. December 15, 2016 Two TPG Executives, Debbie Qaqish and Kevin Joyce, Win SLMA’s 2016 Top 40 Most Inspiring in Sales Lead Management Award April 4, 2016 Debbie Qaqish Named One of 20 Women to Watch in Sales Lead Management by SLMA February 17, 2016 The Pedowitz Group Named a Winner on the 2016 CRM Watchlist December 23, 2015 Debbie Qaqish Named in SLMA’s Top Ten Inspirational Leaders in Lead Generation December 22, 2015 Scott Benedetti Named in SLMA’s Top Ten Inspirational Leaders in Sales and Marketing Management
May 13, 2020 Caleb Rule Quoted: May Inspiration- The Best Marketing Advice We’ve Ever Been Given Method Marketing May 7, 2020 Caleb Rule Quoted: Best AI Chatbot Software 2020 Real Expert Advice April 25, 2020 Melissa Cales Quoted: What is Modular Design? Marpipe March 13, 2020 Jeff Pedowitz Quoted: Amid COVID-19 Conference Cancellations, Field Marketers Focus On Digital Events, Direct Mail Demand Gen Report February 25, 2020 Jeff Pedowitz Mentioned: #B2BMX 2020 Day One: Creative Storytelling, Alignment & Accountability Take Center Stage For B2B Success Demand Gen Report January 9, 2020 Dr. Debbie Qaqish Quoted: Transitioning from Marketing to MarTech in 2020? Try Shoshin Martech Advisor June 17, 2019 TPG Mentioned in Leaders In AI, ABM And Revenue Marketing Sign On As Sponsors For B2B Sales & Marketing Exchange Demand Gen Report April 26, 2019 RMI Report Mentioned: Demand Generation Is Still Impactful For Prospect Engagement In 2019 CEOWORLD Magazine April 23, 2019 TPG Quoted: Marketing Trends 2019: Buyer Behaviors and the MarTech Stack Techavy April 18, 2019 RMI Report Mentioned: Revenue Marketing Index 2019 Report: Findings and Tips for Marketers Martech January 22, 2019 Bruce Culbert Quoted: How Martech Is Shifting the Sales and Marketing Relationship CMS Wire January 2, 2019 TPG Referenced: Regulating the Data Industrial Complex DMN November 14, 2018 Kevin Joyce Quoted: Modern Marketers Drive Revenue & Retention Through Post-Sale Nurturing, Customer Communities DemandGen Report November 5, 2018 Kevin Joyce Quoted: How to Launch and Measure Successful Lead Generation Campaigns: As Told By 10 Top Agencies Business 2 Community October 29, 2018 Ep18 | Creative ways to Gate Content and Get more Leads with Pamela Muldoon, The Pedowitz Group DemandMatrix: Sunny Side Up Podcast October 29, 2018 Kevin Joyce Quoted: The Brand Management Playbook Marcom Central & DemandGen Report October 18, 2018 Kevin Joyce Quoted: MarTech Chart: Biggest technology innovation challenges Marketing Sherpa October 17, 2018 Pamela Muldoon Quoted: To Gate Or Not To Gate? New Options And Opinions Emerging In The Debate Over Putting Content Behind Forms DemandGen Report October 10, 2018 Kevin Joyce Quoted: Pipeline Velocity Measurement Becomes Next Stage Of Maturity, Revenue Growth DemandGen Report October 4, 2018 Debbie Qaqish Highlighted: Today’s CMO must tackle these 3 challenges MarTech Today October 4, 2018 Kevin Joyce Quoted: What Do Chief Marketing Officers Do Boston Commons September 25, 2018 Debbie Qaqish Quoted: How Marketing Can Regain Control PPAI Media September 19, 2018 Steve Nakata Quoted: 3 THINGS TO CONSIDER BEFORE DEVELOPING A DATA MANAGEMENT STRATEGY AmEx Open Forum September 13, 2018 Jeff Pedowitz Quoted: Marketo Acquisition Talks Heat Up With Reports Of Adobe Deal Close DemandGen Report September 11, 2018 Kevin Joyce Quoted: 11 Necessary Skills and Traits for the Modern Chief Marketing Officer CMS WiRE August 31, 2018 B2B Content Marketing Trends with Pamela Muldoon of The Pedowitz Group DemandMatrix: Sunny Side Up Podcast July 11, 2018 Kevin Joyce Quoted: 2018 B2B Buyers Survey Report: Sales Representatives Play Greater Role Within Critical 1-3 Month Active Buyer Timeframe DemandGen Report June 28, 2018 Debbie Qaqish Quoted: Industry Experts, Practitioners Sound Off On The Evolution Of B2B Marketing Ops DemandGen Report June 27, 2018 Kevin Joyce Quoted: B2B Marketers Looking To Better Track Activity Across Buyer Stages, Channels & Campaigns DemandGen Report June 27, 2018 TPG Referenced: Advent Surpasses Marketing-Sourced Booking Goals With Revamped Lead Management Strategy DemandGen Report June 11, 2018 Kevin Joyce Quoted: What is Customer Communications Management? EContent June 6, 2018 TPG Mentioned: Greg Mooney Talks about KCA DemandGen Report June 6, 2018 TPG Referenced: Ipswitch Spills Details on How to Craft Award-Winning Content DemandGen Report June 2018 Kevin Joyce Quoted: With Interactive Marketing, Digital Outreach Becomes Bidirectional CRM Magazine May 15, 2018 Justin Yopp Quoted: 6 KPI Strategies Not Directly Tied to Revenue CMSWire May 14, 2018 Pamela Muldoon Quoted: 7 Signs You Need a New CMS CMSWire May 2, 2018 Pamela Muldoon Quoted: Rise Of Millennial Buyers Pushes Marketers To Reevaluate Traditional Tactics Demand Gen April 19, 2018 Jeff Pedowitz, Caitlin Culbert, Bruce Culbert quoted: The Pedowitz Group is a Revvie Finalist for 2018 Partner of the Year Award MarTech Series April 13, 2018 Hey, Big Spender: How CMOs are Transforing Marketing From a Cost Center to A Revenue Driver The Content Standard April 10, 2018 7 Tips to Improve your MarTech RFPs CMSWire March 22, 2018 4 Storytelling Ideas for Social Media MTA February 28, 2018 Pamela Muldoon quoted: The Easy Guide to Content Distribution MarTech Advisor February 26, 2018 Pamela Muldoon quoted: The State of Content Marketing 2018 EContent February 6, 2018 Pamela Muldoon quoted: A Guide to Content and the Digital Experience EContent February 6, 2018 Kevin Joyce quoted: 9 Tips to Consider When Selecting a DX Platform CMSWire February 6, 2018 Debbie Qaqish quoted: What Marketers Should Do Differently in 2018 – OR Not MKTGinsight January 26, 2018 Jeff Pedowitz Fireside Chat with MarTech Series MarTech Series January 26, 2018 Interview with Debbie Qaqish: Rise of the Revenue Marketer Marketing Book Podcast January 20, 2018 Business Interview with Jeff Pedowitz, President and CEO, TPG USA Weekly November 30, 2017 Spooked: How CEOs Are Handling Their Cash Differently Chief Executive Magazine November 10, 2017 3 Digital Transformation Metrics that Work for Everyone November 1, 2017 State of Interactive Content Marketing 2017 DemandGen Report October 25, 2017 Avoiding Analysis Paralysis in Marketing Measurement DemandGen Report September 14, 2017 How to Be an Agile Marketer on a MarTech World MarTech Advisor July 23, 2017 Debbie Qaqish Quoted: Allocadia Partner Network Expands Scope to Help Clients Realize Promises of Marketing Performance Measurement July 10, 2017 Debbie Qaqish Quoted: Meet the New Growth Officer June 29, 2017 Colby Renton Quoted: A Common Sense-Based Approach to Account-Based Marketing CRM Magazine May 31, 2017 Jeff Pedowitz Quoted: What’s The Impact Of The New Demand Unit Waterfall? Hear From 30 B2B Experts DGR May 31, 2017 Steve Nakata, Kevin Joyce Quoted: State of B2B Marketing Technology DGR May 25, 2017 Debbie Qaqish Quoted: 7 Experts Give Advise on Strategic Marketing Planning Allocadia February 27, 2017 Jeff Pedowitz Quoted: The State of Social Media 2017 DMN February 17, 2017 Majda Anwar Quoted: One Tough Question: The Retail Imperative DMN February 13, 2017 Debbie Qaqish Quoted: Reorganizing Around the Digital Experience February 3, 2017 Jeff Pedowitz Quoted: Strategies for more effective lead scoring by Chris Matty ChiefMarketer January 10, 2017 Jeff Pedowitz, Scott Benedetti Quoted: Are Marketing & Sales The New Power Couple? January 4, 2017 Jeff Pedowitz Quoted: State of MA 2017 Outlook Guide Demand Gen Report December 6, 2016 Debbie Qaqish Quoted: Marketing Roles Least Likely to Succeed in 2017 edition by Jason Compton iMeet Central December 1, 2016 Bruce Culbert Quoted: New Uses for Marketing Automation Destination CRM September 7, 2016 Kevin Joyce Quoted: Measuring Marketing Performance To Enhance Future Campaigns Demand Gen Report September 2016 Kevin Joyce Quoted: Marketing Attribution Fueled by Revenue and Buyer Engagement Demand Gen Report August 22, 2016 Scott Benedetti Quoted: For Sales, Content Is Nice, but Context Is Everything 1to1 Media July 7, 2016 Allison Smith Quoted: Productivity Tools Your Marketing Team Need Direct Marketing News July 6, 2016 Bruce Culbert Quoted: Industry Experts Weigh In On Microsoft’s LinkedIn Acquisition Demand Gen Report June 22, 2016 Steve Nakata Quoted: Marketers Share Their Biggest Mistakes and How They Fixed Them Direct Marketing News April 27, 2016 Jeff Pedowitz Quoted: Experts Share Their View On The Current Meaning of Modern Marketing Demand Gen Report April 18, 2016 Colby Fazio Quoted: Why the Pendulum Is Swinging Back to Outbound Marketing Direct Marketing News April 13, 2016 TPG Mentioned: B2B Buyer Personas Gain Positive Boost with Technology Demand Gen Report April 7, 2016 Debbie Qaqish Quoted: Why C-Level Management Resists Revenue Marketing SLMA Blog April 4, 2016 Majda Anwar Quoted: Mind the Gap: Avoid these Customer Journey Mapping Mistakes 1t01 Media April 3, 2016 Debbie Qaqish Quoted: Why C-Level Management Resists Revenue Marketing SLMA Radio April 1, 2016 Bruce Culbert Quoted: New Marketing Automation Hits the Mark Destination CRM March 24, 2016 Debbie Qaqish Quoted: Will Marketing Take Over Sales – Marketing Impact (Episode 33) Legalmorning – Marketing Impact Podcast March 22, 2016 Kevin Joyce Quoted: Don’t Believe (All) the Martech Hype CIO February 18, 2016 Scott Benedetti Quoted: Expert Advice on Lead Scoring BMA’s Smart Brief February 16, 2016 Scott Benedetti Quoted: The Future of Sales: 9 B2B Sales Predictions for 2016 Huffington Post February 16, 2016 Scott Benedetti Quoted: 9 Ways to Score with Lead Scoring Direct Marketing News February 11, 2016 Debbie Qaqish Quoted: CMOs Are Struggling with Cross Channel Personalization Direct Marketing News January 13, 2016 Scott Benedetti Quoted: The Future of Sales: 9 B2B Sales Predictions for 2016 Tenfold
February 19, 2019 Execs Jeff Pedowitz and Kevin Joyce Lead Workshop on Operationalizing the CX at B2BMX 2019 December 5, 2018 Revenue Marketing™ Pioneer Debbie Qaqish Presents: Becoming a Customer-Centric Leader at 2019 SFDC World Tour in Atlanta December 4, 2018 Becoming A Customer-Centric Leader At 2019 SFDC, By Debbie Qaqish December 3, 2018 Revenue Marketing™ Pioneer Debbie Qaqish Delivers Session on Becoming a Customer-Centric Leader during 2019 Salesforce World Tour in Atlanta & NYC – The Pedowitz Group Shines as Platinum Sponsor December 3, 2018 Revenue Marketing™ Pioneer Debbie Qaqish Delivers Session on Becoming a Customer-Centric Leader during 2019 Salesforce World Tour in Atlanta & NYC – The Pedowitz Group shines as platinum sponsor… November 12, 2018 Debbie Qaqish Reveals Vital Impact of STRATEGIC Marketing Operations on Revenue during Pedowitz Group’s November 7 Webinar; 2018 Webinar Series Generates Record Interest … November 5, 2018 Debbie Qaqish to Present Vital Impact of Strategic Impact of Marketing Operations on Revenue November 7th … November 2, 2018 Revenue Marketing™ Queen Debbie Qaqish Reveals Vital Impact of STRATEGIC Marketing Operations on Revenue during Pedowitz Group’s November 7th Webinar via @topsalesworld … October 29, 2018 Qaqish Reveals How Strategic Marketing Ops Impacts Revenue … October 26, 2018 Debbie Qaqish to Reveal Vital Impact of STRATEGIC Marketing Operations on Revenue during Pedowitz Group’s November 7th Webinar 2018 Webinar; Series Generates Record Interest … October 26, 2018 Debbie Qaqish to Reveal Vital Impact of STRATEGIC Marketing Operations on Revenue during Pedowitz Group’s November 7th Webinar; 2018 Webinar Series Generates Record Interest … May 16, 2018 TPG Announces Partnership with Marketo to Provide Marketing Services … April 12, 2018 Revvies press release – Marketing Dive April 9, 2018 Debbie and Pamela of TPG Win 2018 Top Women to Watch March 29, 2018 Bruce Culbert and Debbie Qaqish, Pedowitz Group Principals, Lead Expert Session on Talent & Organizational Design at CRM Evolution in Washington DC, April 10 – MarTech Series February 20, 2018 Pedowitz Group Marketing Innovator Strategist Justin Yopp to Present – MarTech Series December 21, 2017 The Pedowitz Group (TPG) Leads SLMA’s Top 40 Most Inspiring Leaders // Four TPG Executives Win Awards in Four Sales Lead Management Categories December 13, 2017 Top Sales World Selects Pedowitz Group as a 3x Finalist in 2017 Sales & Marketing Awards November 9, 2017 4 TPG Execs on Ballot for 2017 Top 40 Most Inspiring SLMA October 4, 2017 TPG and Allocadia Partner to Guide MO to Revenue Accountability October 3, 2017 The Pedowitz Group (TPG) and Allocadia Partner to Guide Marketing Operations Leaders on Path to Revenue Accountability September 7, 2017 The Pedowitz Group’s Revenue Marketing Coach, Pam Muldoon, Named Top 50 Most Influential Woman in Content Marketing in 2017 September 7, 2017 The Pedowitz Group’s Revenue Marketing Coach, Pam Muldoon, Named Top 50 Most Influential Woman in Content Marketing in 2017 August 1, 2017 Debbie Qaqish, The Pedowitz Group’s Chief Marketing Strategist, Joins the Sales Lead Management Association’s Board of Advisors April 21, 2017 The Pedowitz Group and to Deliver Marketo Engagement Platform Advanced Administrator Training April 17, 2017 The Pedowitz Group and Infor Poised to Help Transform Customer Experience for Global Enterprises April 7, 2017 The Pedowitz Group Hosts Webinar on Marketing Innovation as Growth Driver in Manufacturing on April 12th April 6, 2017 SLMA Names Pedowitz Group Executive Debbie Qaqish a 2017 Top 20 Woman to Watch March 30, 2017 Marketo Names The Pedowitz Group (TPG) a 2017 Digital Services Partner of the Year Finalist March 13, 2017 The Pedowitz Group Ranks #12 in Inaugural B2B US Agencies Benchmarking Report February 15, 2017 Jeff Pedowitz Hosts Season One of Revenue Marketing (TM) Television: CMO Insights Video Series Featuring Intimate Conversations with Top B2B Marketing Thought Leaders December 15, 2016 Double Win for The Pedowitz Group: Debbie Qaqish and Kevin Joyce Earn SLMA’s 2016 Top 40 Most Inspiring in Sales Lead Management Award November 7, 2016 Three Pedowitz Group Executives Nominated for Top 40 Most Inspiring in Sales Lead Management Award – Vote Now October 12, 2016 The Pedowitz Group Partners with Grapevine6 to Deliver Powerful Mobile Content Engagement Platform to Enterprise Clients April 12, 2016 Scott Brinker joins Debbie Qaqish on WRMR PowerTalk Radio for Revenue Marketing Leaders to Discuss Today’s MarTech Explosion February 24, 2016 WRMR – Power Talk Radio Season Two Debuts March 3; Debbie Qaqish Interviews Revenue Marketing Leader, Meagen Eisenberg February 18, 2016 The Pedowitz Group Named Winner of 2016 CRM Watchlist Award, Fifth Consecutive Year; Company Ranks Among Top 3 Consulting Firms for Market Impact December 15, 2015 Three Pedowitz Group Execs Honored by SLMA Among the Top 40 Most Inspiring People in Sales Lead Management December 1, 2015 Four Pedowitz Group Executives Contend for the Top 40 Most Inspiring People in Sales Lead Management Award

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