7 Things to do at Marketo’s Marketing Nation Summit 2015

With Marketo’s Marketing Nation Summit right around the corner, I’m starting to get questions about what attendees should do while they’re there. Since I’ve been to ALL the Marketo Summits, even that early one where there were about 200 of us in attendance, I thought I’d provide my list:

  1. Consider University Day: Marketo’s University Day on Monday, April 13, promises to provide even more courses that look at different aspects of the technical use of Marketo. If you’re a hands-on Marketo user, try to sign up. This even invariably sells out, so plan early. Did I mention that 3 of my team members from The Pedowitz Group will be teaching? Go introduce yourself to Jeff, Elizabeth and Caitlin!
  2. Become a Marketo Certified Expert: Why become a certified expert? It acknowledges your level of experience with Marketo, looks great on your resume, and can further your career – there are lots of companies out there looking for qualified Marketo users! Or show your current employer just how great you are!
  3. Attend the sessions: Look at the scheduled sessions in advance and make a plan for what you HAVE to attend, what would be nice to attend, and what you will try to make if you have time. This is your opportunity to see what others are doing with Marketo, get inspired, and learn how to implement new ideas in your organization. Don’t forget to check out The Pedowitz Group’s own Caitlin Culbert at “Using Technology to Maximize Social Media Performance” and Jeff Canada at “5 Use Cases of Predictive Marketing”.
  4. Spend some time with the vendors: Of course The Pedowitz Group will be there again with our coaching corner (sign up for a slot and find out what it’s like to work with one of our consultants!), but there will be other partners there as well. They just might have a solution to a challenge you’ve been facing. Take the opportunity to find out!
  5. Attend the keynotes: Last year it was Hillary Clinton for one of the keynotes. This year it’s Ariana Huffington and Salman Khan. These should be great talks, so don’t miss them!
  6. Duh, Go to the Parties! Once again, The Pedowitz Group will be hosting the “after party” with a number of partners. We heard great feedback about this party last year, so attend if you can. Then there’s Marketo’s gala. This is always fun, so even if your feet are tired and your throat is sore, make sure you get there. Last year it was at the Exploratorium, this year it’s at San Francisco’s historic City Hall! Too much fun! (You can sleep later).
  7. NETWORK! It’s an amazing experience to be in a room, whether it’s a classroom, a party, a session or just talking between sessions, with other like-minded, knowledgeable, powerful marketers and Marketo users. This is especially stunning if you’re the only Marketo user at your company or a member of a small team. People will understand what you mean when you say “flow step” or “constraint”. Make new friends, soak up knowledge, connect, and take advantage of the amazing brain power provided by the attendees and presenters at Summit. There’s nothing like it!

I guess I have an 8th: come find me and introduce yourself! I’m looking forward to seeing you there!

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Emily Salus is the Marketo Practice Director at The Pedowitz Group. She has over 20 years of experience in Marketing, PR and Sales. Emily is a certified Marketo technical consultant, providing Revenue Marketing services and strategy to enterprise clients and best practices and training to the SMB market

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